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Dr. Jean Michel Cohen Launches New Youtube Channel (Feb. 10, 2017)

Savoir Maigrir Now On Orange TV!

A whole new dedicated YouTube Channel of Dr. Jean Michel Cohen has been launched this past month. With this new channel, Dr. Cohen hopes to give another avenue to share with viewers his knowledge and offer practical tips in the field of nutrition.

In the videos that are uploaded regularly, Dr. cohen addresses nutrition relevant topics. You can find them as separate program playlists on the channel. On “Dans mon assiette (On my Plate),” he shares recipes that are well balanced as well as easy to prepare. “Tout savoir sur... avec Jean-Michel Cohen (All about...with Jean-Michel Cohen),” where Dr. Cohen demystifies product labels to help consumers choose better and eat better. “Le grain de sel de Jean-Michel Cohen (The grain of salt by Jean-Michel Cohen),” where you watch a candid Dr. Cohen talk about important nutrition topics and issues. And finally, the "Vous m'avez demandé - Jean-Michel Cohen ("Vous m'avez demandé - Jean-Michel Cohen)," where Dr. Cohen answers questions of viewers in the comments they type in.

Access this YouTube Channel here.

Savoir Maigrir Now On Orange TV! (Jan. 15, 2017)

Dr. Jean Michel Cohen Launches New Youtube ChannelOrange TV, a premier choice for on-demand, cable and satellite television programming in France will make Savoir Maigrir program more accessible than ever before.

Savoir Maigrir, the premier slimming and health and wellness program of Dr. Jean Michel Cohen, has already been made available online and can be accessed through smartphones, tablets and mobile phones. And now through the partnership with Orange TV, people can access the program through their television sets, as well! Truly a fantastic news for all users of Orange TV and Savoir Maigrir clients in France!

Savoir Magrir program comes with Orange TV subscription through an app that subscribers can select with along with the rest of their subscription access. Opening the app will provide them the Savoir Maigrir expertly created meal plans, recipes, and exercise videos. They can browse content and even take their personal diet profile and input their responses simple and fast using their their Orange TV remote control.

Subscribers more importantly, have the option to upgrade their membership to get full access to the services of Savoir Maigrir, including the daily coaching sessions with Dr. Jean Michel Cohen, personalized daily meal plans, and more.

With the subscribers of Orange TV reaching 6,579,000 only in the first quarter of 2016, this is truly an exciting development as more people will be able to learn from expertise of Dr. Jean Michel Cohen and take advantage of the value of the Savoir Maigrir program.

Awesome Savoir Maigrir Community Meetup with Dr. JMC this October! (Oct. 25, 2016)

Awesome Savoir Maigrir Community Meetup with Dr. JMC this October!

Dr. Jean Michel Cohen met once again with members of Savoir Maigrir community this October for another fruitful community sharing experience. In Dr. Cohen’s office in Paris, seven members had the chance to meet with the world renowned nutrition coach and expert to talk about their experience in weight loss and lifestyle improvements.

The community had the opportunity to give testimonials on how Savoir Maigrir has helped them achieve their wellness and weight loss goals. These testimonials is a way members of the community can give their feedback to Dr. Cohen himself, which will also serve as encouragement to those who have yet to try the Savoir Mairgir program. The sharing and talks continued at a charming creperie in Paris. Aside from this, Dr. Cohen also had some book signing session, including his latest book “Guide d’achat pour bien manger”.

The community was joined by Savoir Maigrir Dietitians Delphine Michel, Lucie Picaud, Community Manager, Adrien Lemay and Video Team Manager Stephane Morel.

A Fresh New Look for Savoir Maigrir Launched This October (Oct. 18, 2016)

A Fresh New Look for Savoir Maigrir Launched This October

Last October 13, Dr. Jean Michel Cohen's Savoir Maigrir has officially launched a fantastic new look to its website.

With this update, visitors can find a great collection of personal accounts from people who achieved considerable milestones in their weight loss and overall health by joining the Savoir Maigrir program.

The focus of the new look is to showcase the tremendous impact Savoir Maigrir has in the lives of the people who decides to to join. Browsing from top to bottom of the clean one page site, you'll find accounts from members like Verena, who has lost 40 kilos since she started, and was able to integrate the program in her lifestyle with ease.

You can also quickly know more information about the Savoir Magrir program on the site by watching a video by world renowned nutrition coach Dr. Jean Michel Cohen himself. And as with the previous website version, visitors of the site can choose to take a free diet profile to help get them started with the program.

All this is set against an easy-to-navigate layout, nice refreshing tones, and complete with informative to-the-point content for a worthwhile and pleasant browsing experience.

See the new look of Savoir Maigrir on: (website in French)

Webinars with Online Group Consultations Now On All Programs (Sept. 30, 2016)

Webinars with Online Group Consultations now available on All Programs

To give the best standard of coaching to clients,, supported by Anxa coaching technology and a third party business solution, rolls out regularly scheduled webinars for its catalog of coaching programs.

Through discussions and group consultations made possible through these webinars, clients can regularly hear and learn directly from coach experts like Dr. Jean Michel Cohen of Savoir Maigrir, Jean Michel Gurret of Mental Slim, and Sybille Montignac of Method Montignac, get their inquiries answered, and have a much deeper insight on health and wellness through the eyes of the experts themselves. Schedule with dietitians are also available, to supplement the webinars by the coach. Topics covered are from the basics of the programs explanation on how the program works, to pertinent topics on food, diet, and health.

The webinars are accessible now on Savoir Maigrir through the client’s account through their dashboard on Savoir Maigrir, and on Mental Slim and Methode Montignac on the coach’s blog. Facebook live webinars is also available ale for everyone who are not members of the programs yet. Shopping Launched! (Aug. 15, 2016) Shopping Launched!

A great new update has been launched for! With its effort in making its clients experience easy and convenient, the premiere community for health and well-being in France has launched it’s own brand’s e-commerce website: Shopping.

This new site offers an improved shopping experience to everyone wanting to supplement their weight loss programs with trusted products by our’s partner coaches and companies, as well as those who would simply like to find ideas on how they can begin to lose weight.

Users can browse products under a variety of categories in an easy-to-navigate design: from Partner Coaches’ selections, Books, Healthy and weight loss food items, to connected devices, all made available to assist people in improving their health and well-being, and help in reaching their weight loss goals.

Among the products you can now find on Shoping are Actinutrition’s products WAKA poudre, selection of 9 products from Method Montignac, Jean Michel Cohen’s latest book Guide d’achat pour bien manger (Shopping Guide for Eating Well), and connected devices for health such as the HAPI connected Scale by HAPILABS.

This new e-commerce website can be accessed on

Jean Michel Gurret and EFT featured on Télématin (Jul. 15, 2016)

Jean Michel Gurret and EFT featured on Télématin

Jean Michel Gurret, the mind behind MentalSlim on, and certified Trainer of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has been featured on Télématin, a popular morning show in France, end of June. The feature talked about how freedom from stress using EFT can help a person who experience stress from trauma to find release; such as from traumas experienced in childhood or adulthood, or traumas from war. EFT which had been around in the US since the 90s has been recognized in 2012 as official therapeutic method. And it has now been introduced in France as a form of stress management.

Featured in the show was Jean Michel Gurret explaining the importance and impact of the technique. The feature also showed one-one-one session with a woman who has experienced emotional trauma. Jean Michel Gurret demonstrated the technique of stimulating points of the body as in acupuncture, while helping the client to connect with a distant memory that caused her trauma. Towards the end the session the woman relates an evident and tangible positive impact for her.

The same principle of EFT is also applied by Jean Michel Gurret in the program MentalSlim to helping client lose weight. The method of Jean-Michel Gurret is the result of years of success with thousands of clients. In this approach weight loss is seen as something that has to do with the mind as it does on what the person has on his plate. Through emotional management integrated in a structured coaching program, clients are assisted to effectively achieve their weight loss targets.

Know more about Jean-Michel Gurret and MentalSlim on (program in french):

You can also watch the full feature on the MentalSlim YouTube channel.

Savoir Maigrir Community Meets this June in France! (Jun. 16, 2016)

Savoir Maigrir Community Meets this June in France!

Creating a community that supports and helps each other is an indispensable part of's weight loss coaching programs. Having people who know both the triumphs and challenges in weight loss and lifestyle improvement motivates members, facilitating higher rate of success. But more than that, it is a wonderful opportunity for members to meet each other in person, have fun, enjoy and feel a real sense of community.

This June, two community meet ups for Savoir Maigrir program were organized in France for this purpose. One was held in France with Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, where he was able to converse with a select members of the community. Dr. Cohen got to hear testimonials first hand about clients' journey to weight loss and wellness.

Another event was joined by around 50 members of the Savoir Maigrir community. This day was organised with the help of Philippe Gillet, one of the Savoir Maigrir community’s most active and passionate members. It was a day day spent immersing in culture in Blois, at Chateau de Bois and Chateau de Chambord, dining, spending time and having fun together. Fabrice Boutain, CEO of Anxa together with his entire family, as well with Stephane Morel and Adrien Lemay of, joined the event.

WAKApoudre Featured on Three Top Female Magazines this Spring (May 25, 2016)

WAKApoudre Featured on Three Top Female Magazines this Spring

Actinutrition® ‘s WAKApoudre was featured in three top French glossies this spring: Femme Actuelle, Objectif Minceur and Madame Figaro magazines. WAKApoudre created by world renowned weight loss coach Dr. Jean Michel Cohen, is the the latest product from the Actinutrition line. WakaPoudre is a food supplement developed to help people effectively lose weight. Something that women are looking for especially in preparation for the swimsuit season.

WakaPoudre, with its active ingredient Wakame seaweed, helps people lose weight in three ways. First, it helps suppress appetite by making one feel full, preventing cravings especially in between meals. Second, it helps lower the glycemic index of food ingested by the body, which in effect moderate blood sugar, eliminating unwanted cravings and, as an effect also prevents the feeling of sluggishness normally felt after meals. And third, it integrates well with the meal plans from Dr. Jean Michel Cohen’s coaching program, a program that has been tried and tested to effectively guide clients to lose and keep of the pounds for good. It is also recommended for anyone who follows a nutritional program to ensure success.

And as with all Actinutrition products, WAKApoudre is equipped with the patented ACE BioTechnology that boosts the product’s effectiveness by making sure it is absorbed well by the body.

It is available for purchase in France both on the Actinutrition site and on

Enhanced Customer Experience for Actinutrition Clients this 2016! (Apr. 20, 2016)

Enhanced Customer Experience for Actinutrition Clients this 2016!

Excellent new updates have been launched for Actinutrition clients this past quarter. First is the addition of a web messenger on the Actinutrition website. Now, using a chatbox window directly on the site, clients can send their inquiries to the Actinutrition customer support team and get response within 24 hours. This is a practical new tool that can give users access to information they need to make decisions on their purchases, share their feedback on their experience, and even ask general inquiries on their diet, health and weight loss.

Another improvement is the update to a mobile friendly website. Now with the Actinutrition website's mobile browsing implemented, users will be able to view the site conveniently from any mobile device such as tablet or smartphone and get a fast, light and enhanced experience. This mobile browsing version displays the same content as the desktop version but displays it tailor-fitted for mobile devices, so users can conveniently access what they want, wherever they are.

Actinutrition has also started a partnership with a third party feedback and review aggregator. This partnership is important to Actinutrition team since getting valuable insight and feedback on clients experience will further help the company come up with improvements to continuously deliver an excellent customer experience.

All these updates are targeted to bring users and enhanced and improved experience this 2016.

Actinutrition Laboratories is a project of Anxa Limited CEO Fabrice Boutain with Dr, Yann Rougier neuro-nutrition and neuro-psychiatry specialist.

Make Better Decisions at the Supermarket with Savoir Maigrir’s Food Advisor (Mar. 31, 2016)

Make Better Decisions at the Supermarket with Savoir Maigrir’s Food Advisor

Do you find yourself torn between different brands when buying food at the supermarket? With different items to consider like price, nutritional value, and promised benefits, it would be nice to get some help so we can make an informed decision on what to buy.

Savoir Maigrir solves this dilemma with the launch of the Food Advisor. This new tool is a guide that helps people make the best choice when shopping for food.

With the Food Advisor, you are offered practical information on more than 500 consumer products. These are classified into easy-to-browse categories, so you can find exactly what you want. By opening each product’s profile, you can find its ingredients, nutritional information, user reviews, and most valuable of all, comments by a trusted coach from Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen’s team. The coach’s comment can help you know the advantages of each food item over others, as well as other pertinent diet information. It helps you answer questions like: is the food organic? does it have more added sugars than other brands? does this special brand contain more fat that the regular variety?

Browsing quickly through the information on this tool can help you make decisions better and more quickly especially when deciding between several brands.

This new tool is available for subscribers on Savoir Maigrir (in French):

10,000 Success Stories on! (Feb. 25, 2016)

10,000 Success Stories on!, the number one online portal in France for health and wellness has been helping people live better, fitter and healthier since its launch in 2007. And this quarter, it has made its mark with 10,000 success stories, each client with her own inspiring story to tell. These are thousands of testimonials published by satisfied users on how their journey has been with’s weight loss programs.

You will find stories of people achieving their target weight and breezing through their weight loss programs with ease. But more importantly, you will find stories of real men and women who have had setbacks and frustrations; but with the right motivation from top health coaches, nutritionists, and friends in the community, have achieved success.

This fuels to continue to provide great service and satisfaction, bringing its solutions to more people every year.

Read their inspiring stories on

Dr. Chauchard Launches Paleo-ChronoNutrition (Jan. 20, 2016)

Dr. Chauchard Launches Paleo-ChronoNutrition

Dr. Claude Chauchard, weight loss and anti-aging expert, with Anxa, offers a new weight loss method that is effective and all-natural. Scientific research has proven that it provides excellent nutritional benefits to the body to achieve a better quality of life.

The Paleo-ChronoNutrition method is built on a series of simple rules to follow, derived both from the paleo and chrono nutrition diets. Through his new program Paleo-ChronoNutrition, Dr. Claude Chauchard guides dieters through a diet which is based on a food structure presumed to have been eaten by early humans. This consists chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excludes dairy or grain products and especially processed food.

The modern paleo diet is based on the diet of early humans who hunted and gathered their food, allowing all meat, fish, fruits, and most vegetables, and avoiding dairy and grains. According to paleo proponents, our bodies have not caught up to be efficient in assimilating food that resulted from the rise of agriculture and the modern food revolution, including food with too much sugar, salt content, unhealthy fats and additives.

By replacing these with natural foods that are more suitable to our bodies, we are guided to return to a good general health state and to adopt this into a long-term lifestyle. Doing so prevents and cures chronic and lifestyle diseases brought by change in diet in modern day living.

The program comes in a structure where dieters are closely supported by Dr. Chauchard’s and his team of dietitians, through tools that enable effective weight loss. Dieters are guided through direct exchanges on the Internet, via computer, tablet or mobile phone, and are fully supported with meal plans, coaching sessions, and weight tracking tools, as well community support in case of difficulties, which are all designed to help clients achieve their targets week per week.

Know more about the PaleoChronoNutrtion method here (program in French):

Delta Performance of Dr. Yann Rougier now in HAPIcoach (Dec. 15, 2015)

HAPIcoach now offers Delta Performance, a coaching method targeted especially for top athletes, sports professionals and individuals with higher physical performance requirements, with a more focused goal in mind.

Delta Performance is a method developed by Dr. Yann Rougier, which targets to repair the body completely to be on its top shape taking into consideration 5 factors that affects performance: respiration, nutrition, detoxification, relaxation and emotional management. This method is leaps away from the familiar but now obsolete idea that performance only has to do with physical training and state of the body. In this Delta Performance method, clients will follow a full program with Dr. Yann Rougier to help them be at optimum capacity taking the 5 key factors in mind, as they prepare for a specific purpose like a sports competition.

Dr. Yann Rougier, the expert who accompanies clients in this program, is a long time partner of Anxa, a researcher in neuroscience, nutrition specialist and scientific director of the Forté Pharma Laboratories and ACTInutrition, with twenty years experience in physical mental and nutritional preparation of the world’s top athletes in different disciplines such as tennis, soccer, Formula 1 or swimming.

Learn more about the program by visiting this page:

HAPIcoach Supports Professional Nutritionists and Dietitians (Nov. 15, 2015)

Now professional nutritionist and dietitians themselves can take advantage of HAPIcoach so they can conveniently stay in touch with their clients.

HAPIcoach, the health and diet coaching innovation bringing expert one-on-one nutrition coaching to clients , opens its technology to assist nutritionists and dietitians as well. Nutritionist and dietitians can subscribe to a Pro account on HAPIcoach and can take on up to 50 clients.

This brings the practice of each professional closer to those who need it. Nutrition professionals can interact with each client daily through the platform to provide more effective nutrition guidance. HAPIcoach can also assist in widening each professional’s reach as more people can get their expert advice without needing to physically be in their nutrition clinic. And above all, HAPIcoach also gives nutrition professionals the great advantage of having detailed information on the client's’ meal habits and choices to be in the best position to give expert advice, since they can see the client’s log meal after meal.

To learn more, visit HAPIcoach Pro on:

Pro account is also available on Savoir Maigrir for the French market (site in French):

New Savoir Manger offers 1:1 mobile personal health coaching in France (Oct. 1, 2015)

How would you like to have your own personal nutritionist to help you with your nutrition and diet goals wherever you go?

The innovative health and diet coaching technology project of Anxa Limited founders Fabrice Boutain, Christophe Boutain and Philippe Monteiro Da Rocha, that offers just this, is now available in France with the launch of the Savoir Manger brand. This launch is in partnership world renowned nutrition coaching expert Dr. Jean Michel Cohen.

With Savoir Manger, accessible through, clients will have access to their own convenient one-on-one nutrition and diet coaching in French, with a team of French nutritionists, all using their mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones.

Based on the HAPIcoach technology, Savoir Manger will help clients develop improved eating habits and help them reach their own nutrition and diet goals, by simply taking a photo of their meals and updating it regularly through the meal logging feature. These meal photos with accompanying meal information, and the client’s diet profile, will then be accessible by their personal nutrition coach so they can give advice on meal choices and improvements to guide clients daily. Clients will also be able to consult their personal nutritionist through Savoir Manger for any questions they may have on their nutrition and diet.

Even before upgrading to a paid plan, users will have free access to Savoir Manger’s meal logging feature and at the 10th meal upload, they will get free nutritional analysis. Users then have the option to upgrade their plan for 49.99 a month or 99.99 up to three months.

Access to is optimized for accessing using desktop, tablets and mobile device. The app is now also available for download on the French Appstore.

HAPIcoach Now Available for Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphones (Aug. 31, 2015)

HAPILABS’ HAPIcoach, the innovative health and diet coaching project of Anxa Limited founders, Fabrice Boutain, Chris Boutain, and Philippe Monteiro da Rocha has an exciting new update to their online platform.

With the latest update, HAPIcoach’s 1:1 nutrition coaching can now be accessed through Web browsers on any smartphone, desktop or tablet, which previously has been available only via a downloadable app. With this update, clients are assured of convenience and compatibility—it will work in any web browser.

Its responsive design assures that it will look and act accordingly to the tablet, device, or smartphone. The design and user experience are unified across all devices and operating systems. As long as they have access to a browser and an internet connection, they’ll have HAPIcoach features available to them.

This update keeps to HAPIcoach’s goal of helping clients develop good habits for their nutrition and health. The more convenient it is for them to use HAPIcoach, the more they can acquire improved habits and make changes in their diet, health and well-being, for good.

Patent for Anxa Coaching Technologies in the Works! (July 30, 2015)

A patent application has been set in motion for Anxa‘s proprietary technologies. Over the years, these have been central in the success of Anxa and its partner experts in the world of weight loss and well-being. These technologies are offered on, the leading weight loss and well-being site in France.

The patent is to cover two key technologies in Anxa’s processes, both at the back and front-ends of its web based services. First, at the back-end is the OAES technology (Opening- Access - Engagement - Satisfaction), a technology that assists in the tracking and monitoring of the interest, participation, and commitment of clients from the moment they sign up to a coaching program. Community managers rely on the data this technology provides to promote commitment and active participation of each client in every aspect of their program. This ensures clients get the most out what they signed up for.

Second is Anxa’s front-end technology that allows clients to have access to 5 key health and wellness data that are central to the improvements they will make daily: their target weight and weight over time, the number of days that the user has connected to the program, the average number of steps taken, average connection time, and the number of program related activities performed. This technology enables Anxa to make sure clients do specific steps daily which helps them acquire improved habits.

These technologies, have been developed by Anxa over the past 10 years to enable clients to see actual improvements, and create lasting changes in their weight, health and well-being.

Obtaining the patent for these technologies is an important step for Anxa in its commitment to offering its clients only the best products, services and results, which are not found anywhere else.

Vente Privée Features ActiNutrition Products! (May 31, 2015)

ActiNutrition products are featured from May 31, 2015 to June 5, 2015 at the biggest members-only online stores in France, Vente Privée.

Vente Privée, also the European leader in flash sales, is a website that features products of highly in demand brands and offers them for sale exclusively to its members for a limited time.

All ActiNutrtion products are offered on the website at a special promotional price, available in different product packages, including a special 2-month offer of its Phyto program packaged together with diet coaching.

This is a great opportunity for Actinutrition to be featured on Vente Privée and further expand its market segment for 2015.

ActiNutrition Laboratories is a project of Anxa Limited CEO Fabrice Boutain with Dr, Yann Rougier, a neuro-nutrition and neuro-psychiatry specialist.

Choose your own Dietitian at Savoir Maigrir (Apr. 30, 2015)

Savoir Maigrir has launched the “Dossier Minceur” (Weight loss file) feature, a client file dedicated to contain information important to clients’ weight loss.

Upon registering to the Savoir Maigrir program, clients will be asked to answer important questions about their weight, like their current and target weight, weight loss history, and meal preference; information that are highly valuable for their success in the program. And like a typical file with a physician, client’s weight loss and diet history will be maintained in this dossier for their dietitian to easily consult whenever they have inquiries about the program and their diet.

And as a excellent new update, clients will now be able to choose which dietitian from Savoir Maigrir’s team of expert dietitians they would like to work with together with world renowned nutrition expert and coach Dr. Jean Michel Cohen. Each dietitian has their own personality, coaching style and expertise, and so clients are a given the best start now that they get to select the dietitian who will best suit them. After a 10 day period, clients will be contacted to have their initial assessment.

Both this and the Dossier Minceur feature makes for a Savoir Maigrir Program that is even more personalized in its approach.

Register now and try it for yourself at (site in French)

HAPIcoach Featured on the Gadget Show UK! (Mar. 24, 2015)

HAPILABS’ HAPIcoach, the innovative health and diet coaching project of Anxa Limited founders, Fabrice Boutain, Chris Boutain, and Philippe Monteiro da Rocha, has been featured in the popular UK television program, the Gadget Show, this March.

The show which features promising innovations in consumer technology, presented HAPIcoach app, and HAPI Activity Fitness tracker, in their collection of gadgets for healthy eating.

With the HAPIcoach app, clients will be paired with a coach as a personal nutritional adviser who then will give them one on one coaching through the meals they will upload via the app. The HAPI Activity Tracker which measures important wellness activities such as steps and sleep, works hand in hand with the HAPIcoach app to help clients achieve their weight loss and health goals.

HAPIcoach app together with HAPI devices is set to officially launch in the UK in the coming months.

To learn more about the HAPIcoach visit

Actinutrition's New Package Offerings (Feb. 25, 2015)

Actinutrition is set to offer its nutritional supplements in new package offerings that are formatted to suit clients' specific needs.

Actinutrition Laboratories is a project of Anxa Limited CEO Fabrice Boutain with Dr, Yann Rougier neuro-nutrition and neuro-psychiatry specialist.

The new Actinutrition package offering is composed of 5 sets in its current product line: two diuretic supplements, two weight loss supplements, and one product customized to the client's needs. In addition, pricing for the products has also been simplified based on their category to make them more accessible to clients.

This offering was created following the company’s goal of helping clients take control of their health and well-being.

Actinutrition Laboratories, since its conception in 2010, has combined the benefits of plants and technological innovations to offer food supplements that provide the triple guarantee of Quality, Safety and Efficiency. At the heart of all its products’ formula is the patented Actinutrition "ACE Technology®” which ensures that the body absorbs the different nutrients from the targeted supplements effectively.

Find out more about Actinutrition products on (site in French).

Savoir Maigrir Offers Fantastic Weight Loss Innovations this 2015! (Jan. 15, 2015)

Welcome 2015 with a renewed spirit to look great, feel great and reach your target weight!

Dr. Jean Michel Cohen’s Savoir Maigrir program has been well known to get results by offering no muss no fuss regimen, that have differentiated itself from those difficult to follow diet programs, by offering a diet that is simple, easy to follow and can work for anyone.

And this 2015, to continue to bring exactly what clients need, Dr. Cohen introduces new meal plans with the "2 Meals + 1 Snack" formula. This formula offers two meal plan options: "brunch and dinner" and "no dinner". These new meal plans are also incorporated in the 2015 diet profile update. In this new formula, clients are advised to have 2 normal meals and replace the third one with a light but cleverly structured snack. It is an effective way for people to lose weight and still have a balanced diet.

This diet profile was created to deal with the reality that not everyone necessarily eat three full meals a day; some are used to not eating breakfast, others may just be set on either one of lunch or dinner. Dr. Cohen recognizes that some people have no time, or just have not worked eating 3 full meals into their routine. Dr. Cohen talks about this new weight loss innovation in his new book "J’ai décidé de maigrir” (Flamarrion, 2015).

Also this year, Dr. Cohen introduces a great new way clients can get back to their feet in times of a weight loss plateau. In the technique, dubbed as the “16-hour Cohen Fast”, users are advised to go on a closely supervised 16 hour intermittent fast two times within a two week period. This keeps weight loss on track when clients lose only less than half a kilo in 15 days, even when following the program religiously. Once clients have broken the plateau, they go back to their usual pace following the regular Savoir Maigrir program.

With these new additions, Savoir Magrir delivers its promises to give a program that is simpler, more affordable, and more personalized.

The 2015 Savoir Maigrir program also has the Meals in Photos feature for Savoir Maigrir app where clients can upload their meals to inform their dietitians what food they consume in real time, to get personalized advice from a Dr. Cohen’s team of expert dietitians. And of course, the 2015 program comes with the tried and tested Savoir Maigrir exclusive coaching tools and content, and community support.

Savoir Maigrir Brings Expert One-on-One Coaching to Users' Fingertips! (Dec. 8, 2014)

The popular Savoir Maigrir weight loss program by Jean-Michel Cohen just got better and more personal. With the new service, users can get actual one-on-one coaching through the client’s smartphone app and even with a personal nutritionist over the phone.

Jean-Michel Cohen and his team can now reach users better with the launch of the Repas en photos (Meal Photos) tool on the Savoir Maigrir app. Users can conveniently use their smartphones or tablets to take pictures of each of their meals daily and upload them with the Savoir Maigrir app. Jean-Michel Cohen and his team of licensed dietitians then will be able approve and comment on these meals according to the principles of the Savoir Maigrir program. The dietitians will give sound advice and practical tips daily, which users will find handy to stay on track, especially on “cheat days”.

This one-on-one coaching feature via the app comes on top of all the online tools already available on the Savoir Maigrir program, including personalized meal plans and shopping lists, daily coaching emails and videos, and 15 other weight loss tools designed to help clients reach their target weight.

"One personal consultation with me in my clinic can cost up to 100 euros," says Jean-Michel Cohen, himself a practicing nutritionist. "But with the Savoir Maigrir app, members can get individual check-ups on every meal for only 14.95 euros a month, or only 50 cents a day."

Users also have the option to upgrade their membership for 79 euros to receive personal monitoring by a dietitian throughout the program through one-on-one phone consultations.

With these new plans, Savor Maigrir users have their dietitian’s support literally at their fingertips!

For more information on these new plans, visit

Search Tool and Diet Questions Update on Savoir Maigrir! (Oct. 24, 2014)

Two great new updates have been made live this October for Savoir Maigrir!

First is the addition of a new search tool that will make information even more accessible to Savoir Maigrir clients. With the new search tool, clients can simply type in keywords in a search box added at the top of their Savoir Maigrir page, and immediately be provided with a list of content that matches their search. It’s a fantastic new addition to the program as now, more than ever, clients have the content they need right at their fingertips.

Also, the the program’s Questions diététiques’ (Diet Questions) section has been given a facelift so that clients questions and answers can be viewed clearly, and also be better adapted to smartphone screens. The new design shows a clean layout where clients questions and dietitians responses are shown in a cleaner more compact ‘chatbox’ type presentation. Now, if clients need to go back to an answer their dietitian has posted, they can simply scroll up and browse their previous correspondences shown clearly as a conversation, and easily find what they need.

To find out more about the updates, you can access the program here:

Mobile Site for Methode Montignac Launches this October! (Oct. 20, 2014)

As part of Sybille Montignac and her team’s efforts at providing clients with the best service, Methode Montignac has launched its mobile site this October. Now, clients can now get more convenient access to the entire program, with all the tools and features tailor-fitted to give clients easy, fast and light browsing experience on their mobile devices wherever they are.

The program’s 3 main areas, the My Activities, Coaching, and Community, will be presented immediately upon automatic redirection to this mobile site upon login. These areas are presented in an intuitive layout, using descriptive icons to better help the clients access what they need quickly. In addition, the mobile site’s left navigation menu also makes jumping from one page to the next quick and easy, making different tools in the program as meal plans, graphs, and personal questions even more accessible.

The mobile site is presented based on the Methode Montignac formula that was launched this 2014.

This mobile site uses responsive design to work on a range of screen sizes across smartphones and tablets.

However, if clients still prefer to access the full desktop version, they can still do so by simply scrolling down the end of the page and tapping the link.

You can find out more about the program on the following link:

Kudos for Anxa Coaches’ Programs for Spain and the Philippines! (Oct. 14, 2014)

Dr. Jean Michel Cohen’s La Dieta Bon Appetit and Dr. Claude Chauchard’s Chrono Geno Nutrition both received fantastic reviews from clients in Europe and Asia this past month.

La Dieta Bon Appetit, Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen weight loss coaching program for the Spanish market received a great review from Carol Montfort, a video blogger reviewing different products for beauty, health and fashion. Carol has been trying to lose weight to prepare for pregnancy and was glad that only 2 weeks of trying out the program she has already lost 5 kilograms.

Also, Dr. Claude Chauchard’s Chrono Geno Nutrition Diet was the topic of a two page feature in Good Housekeeping, a leading home magazine in the Philippines.

Featured in the magazine was Lady Mayo, who previously struggled with menopausal weight gain. Being the dean of University of the Philippines’s Home Economics college at that time, Lady already knew the principles of healthy eating yet still had difficulty with her weight; finding that she gains back the weight she loses trying out different weight loss strategies over the years. With the Chrono Geno Nutrition program, a weight loss program revolving around a blood type based diet, she is now in the stabilization phase, and had lost 33 pounds, shrinking her waistline down from 35 to to 29 inches.

She relates that because the program prescribed minimal food restrictions and is both doable and affordable, she has successfully worked the program into her lifestyle. She also mentions that having access to a nutritionist who personally helps in answering her questions like figuring out food substitutes for her meal plans, has helped her success. Mastering the principle of the program has allowed her to be creative with food and help her maintain the pleasure she gets from eating.

You can access Chrono Geno Nutrition Program from Belle Today on this link:

You can also check out La Dieta Bon Appetit program (program in Spanish):

A new and improved La Methode Rougier launches this September! (Sept. 29, 2014)

Dr. Yann Rougier and his team present a new and improved La Methode Rougier this September 2014.

La Methode Rougier on offers their clients a revamped website, which includes tools for them to take advantage of the program, such as:

  • a whole new layout designed to make the site even more easy to navigate
  • a dashboard offering a quick overview and access to all the sections and tools available in the program
  • a whole new section dedicated in making sure clients know how their program works and to make sure they can maximize the use of all tools that is available to them

In this improved program, the “Moi et mes activités” (“Me and my activities”) section enables clients to easily track their progress and know exactly where they are in their weight loss journey. Important items for weight loss as the clients’ personalized daily and weekly meal plans and weight loss graph are also made easily accessible in this section. A special new tool called “ Mes actions minceur” (“My actions for weight loss”) makes sure clients fully understand what their program is about. This guides clients step-by-step until they are fully acquainted with all aspects of their coaching program.

dedicated coaching section is provided to make sure the coach, Yann Rougier, is fully accessible through the daily coaching sessions and coaching videos, and a coaching map that sets what clients can expect from the program everyday. Clients can get answers from their coach and expert nutritionists and dietitians, anytime they need it.

And as an important and indispensable part of a client’s success, support from the community is made easily accessible in the program’s community section through clients’ success stories videos and community forums.

With all these improvements, Dr. Rougier and the Methode Rougier team are optimistic that clients can achieve much higher success rate with the program than ever before.

You can read more about this update on the coach's blog when you sign up for the program (program and blog available in French):

Savoir Maigrir Community Meets Dr. Cohen in Paris! (Sept. 21, 2014)

Last September 20, 2014, Savoir Maigrir community members flew to Paris from all over France to meet with the Savoir Maigrir program’s world renowned nutrition expert and coach Dr. Jean Michel Cohen.

This special meeting was arranged so that the program’s most successful members could talk about their inspiring personal stories and experience. These were captured through videos testimonials and before and after photos to be shared with the rest of the members in the community for motivation. Five clients who each were able to lose significant amount of weight through the Savoir Maigrir program, including a couple who together lost 65 pounds, attended the event.

It was also a terrific chance for Dr. Cohen to stay personally in touch with the members of the community.

The meeting was held in Dr Cohen’s office in a Parisian suburb.

Savoir Maigrir’s Mobile Site Now Live (Aug. 29, 2014)

Members of the Savoir Maigrir weight loss program by France’s top nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen can now access their Savoir Maigrir accounts on any smartphone or tablet, with the Savoir Maigrir mobile site now live this August!

When members visit the site at on their mobile browsing apps, they will be given the option to use Savoir Maigrir’s mobile site, which has been tailor fitted to give clients a more convenient browsing experience on their mobile devices.

The 3 main categories of the coaching program, My Activities, Coaching, and Community, are displayed immediately on one page upon logging into the site. Access is made easy with the clean and intuitive layout and smartly designed descriptive icons. All tools of the program, such as the meal plans, graphs, and personal questions, are even more accessible through the mobile dashboard.

The mobile site presentation follows the program’s new and improved formula that was launched this 2014.

The aim is to offer clients a fast, easy, and light browsing experience on their mobile device. This mobile site uses responsive design to work on a range of screen sizes across smartphones and tablets.

The Anxa Team and Jean-Michel Cohen are continuously working to provide an optimized experience through this mobile site. If clients still prefer to view the site’s desktop version , they can easily do so by scrolling down the page and tapping the link.

For more information, visit

Anxa’s Free IQ Test App Is #1 on the App Store (Aug. 19, 2014)

Anxa Europe Limited’s “Test de QI - Calculez votre QI” has been ranked as the number 1 most downloaded app in the Free Applications - Education category on Apple’s App Store in France last August 18, 2014.

The app also ranked 39th as the most downloaded free app among all Apple’s free app offerings in France. An incredible news for the team as this has put the app just above the hit game Candy Crush Saga and Google’s search engine app.

The application, released this year, from its first version last 2009, offered an optimized design and a new set of 50 questions as an in-app purchase.

Learn more about the app on this link:

BelleToday at Amaia Wellness Talk (Jul. 18, 2014)

It was another beautiful day last July 3 , 2014, as BelleToday participated in a wellness event entitled “Love Your Body” for Amaia, a real estate company under Ayala Land Inc.

BelleToday's participation at the event came courtesy of Asian Life, a B2B partner of Belletoday and Amaia’s HMO provider and sponsor of the event. Nutritionist-dietitian Charmaine Manango delivered a presentation called “My Roadmap to Health” to discuss important principles for health and wellness and how to successfully transition to a healthy lifestyle. With great enthusiasm and reception from the audience, the lecture was also an excellent opportunity for BelleToday to present Amaia's employees with the two premium weight loss programs under The Bon Appetit Diet and Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet.

The "Love Your Body" wellness event was held at Ayala-FGU Building in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

New Formula for the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Program Launched! (Jun. 26, 2014)

Chrono-Geno-Nutrition users can now enjoy the improved program that provides them with:

  • a redesigned homepage (and soon the rest of the site), to provide easier navigation within the program
  • a more personalized experience, with a whole section dedicated to the user, including their own personalized meal plans
  • a new tool to help users monitor their progress and focus on their goals,
  • and a new section to guide subscribers to use the tools and ultimately help their chances of success

On the homepage is a navigation bar that provides easy access to important sections as nutrition, coaching, motivation, community and shop.

The new design also includes a dashboard with different sections to help clients achieve their goals. There is the "Me and My Activities" section, which allows users to see information all about them, including a new progress bar allowing clients to easily monitor their progress. The "My Coaching" section provides quick access to the coach’s videos and other coaching materials providing practical information essential to understand and learn the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition method. In this section, subscribers will also be able to ask the coach questions to help guide them.

The “My Community” section of the dashboard makes motivation and support through the community easily accessible to all members of the program. This includes discussion groups and forums, and a selection of testimonials written by successful subscribers of the program.

With this new formula, Dr. Claude Chauchard and the team provide an optimized way for subscribers to use all the tools in the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition program, making their weight loss program a fun and easy experience.

Find out more about the new and improved Chrono-Geno-Nutrition on the coach's blog when you sign up for the program here (program available in French):

All-New Update to Anxa's #1 IQ Test App! (Jun. 10, 2014)

Anxa’s IQ test app makes a comeback with an all-new version released this 2014.

In 2009, Anxa released its first IQ Test mobile app on the App Store. It was a great success, ranking #1 on the App Store Education's category in 12 countries, including France and Spain. It has garnered over 500,000 downloads to date.

The app released this year offers a new iOS 7 optimized design that is much more intuitive.

In the freemium version of the app, a free 10-question test is offered to warm up the user. This version 3.0 contains an all-new set of 50 questions, available as an in-app purchase for $0.99 or €0.89. Users will also get a personalized report of their result. The paid version of the app has also been updated to the new design to improve the user experience.

The app is available on iTunes on the following links (available in both French and English):

New Homepage for Méthode Montignac Launches this May! (May 11, 2014)

We have great news for Méthode Montignac subscribers this May as Sybille Montignac and team present a new and improved Méthode Montignac homepage on

The new homepage provides better and more intuitive access to the program so that members will be able to:

  • better visualize their weight loss journey, as well as keep focused on their goals
  • have quick access to daily and weekly meal plans
  • find coaching videos easily
  • access each tool in the program in just one click

On this new homepage, clients see their personal information instantly to help them monitor their progress. They can track their weight loss and their level of activity over time, as well as browse through their daily and weekly meal plans. Tools of the program coaching sessions and videos are also immediately accessed anytime according to the user's needs. Users can also enjoy a brand new section, which includes a step-by-step guide to help them optimize the use of the program.

And the community, a vital part of weight loss success, is now in even closer reach. Groups, forums, and clients' inspiring testimonials are now quickly accessible from this page, providing quick source of support and motivation to clients to help them increase their success rate.

You can read more about this update on the coach's blog when you sign up for the program (program and blog available in French):

Better Navigation for Savoir Maigrir Members on (Apr. 15, 2014)

Anxa is continuously working to build a better and more convenient experience for its clients in all its coaching programs. Since January this year, Anxa has been making improvements to gradually simplify access to its coaching tools, so all users can achieve their weight loss goals more harmoniously.

Improvements for the Savoir Maigrir program provide enhanced site navigation and accessibility for all subscribers to the coaching program. The categories are simplified as NUTRITION, COACHING, MOTIVATION, COMMUNITY, and SHOP.

The online Savoir Maigrir program by top French nutritionist Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen was launched by in 2007. It has reached up to 500,000 subscribers around the world.

You may find out more on the coach’s blog (program and blog available in French):

BelleToday at the ABS-CBN Wellness Fair (Mar. 20, 2014)

Photo Credit: Charmaine Manango and MaxiCare

It was a beautiful 2 days last March 17 and 18, as BelleToday participated in ABS-CBN's Health and Wellness Fair for its employees. BelleToday's participation at the fair, with this year's theme “Wellness Starts Today”, was in collaboration with health care provider MaxiCare. ABS-CBN is one of the Philippines' major television and radio networks.

BelleToday’s nutritionist-dietitian Charmaine Manango and product manager Marigine Mendez offered free health and wellness consultations to the events' 1,000 participants. Charmaine also conducted a 2-hour lecture entitled “My Road Map to Health”, a helpful guide on how to live a healthy life. The event was also a great chance for BelleToday to introduce the participants to the Bon Appetit Diet and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet, the two premium weight loss programs under The event garnered an impressive amount of interest, as some 200 were encouraged to complete BelleToday’s free diet profile.

Femme Actuelle Features Savoir Maigrir and Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Successes (Feb. 25, 2014)

Photo Credit:

The French women's magazine Femme Actuelle published a feature of five diet success stories. Included in the feature were two premium programs, Savoir Maigrir and Chrono-Geno-Nutrition.

Marie-France, 68 years old, enrolled in the Savoir Maigrir program by Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen. She followed the 1,200 kcal/day meal plans and reached her target of losing 15 kg (30 lbs). She credits her success to the support on the online program, which comes from the dietitians and peers.

Amandine, 29 years old, enrolled in the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet by Dr. Claude Chauchard. When she removed gluten and dairy from her diet, as advised, her health problems ceased. She felt more energetic and lost weight faster. She too lost 15 kg (30 lbs) on the diet, and hopes to lose even more.

You can read their testimonials on Femme Actuelle's website (published February 14, 2014):

To learn more about Savoir Maigrir, visit

To learn more about Chrono-Geno-Nutrition, visit

Bon Appétit Diet on TV5's Good Morning Club (Feb. 14, 2014)

Photo Credit: Charmaine Manango and TV5's own dietitian Charmaine Manango made another appearance on TV5's Good Morning Club last February 12, 2014. Charmaine showed healthy alternatives for junk food cravings, to popular host Tuesday Vargas. Junk food is a source of "empty calories", which do not contain nutrients. These tips are beneficial for dieters who prefer to snack during the day, rather than feel deprived and hungry. This is one of the principles of the Bon Appétit Diet by top French nutritionist Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen. With the Bon Appétit Diet, dieters can enjoy the pleasure of food and lose weight at the same time.

You can watch the TV appearance here:

To learn more about the Bon Appétit Diet, visit:

New Year's Treat from Jean-Michel Cohen & Savoir Maigrir Exclusively on (Jan. 29, 2014)

This January 2014, Anxa partners once again with, one of the leading and trusted online catalogues for fashion, decor and lifestyle in France, to reintroduce the Savoir Maigrir online coaching program by France’s foremost nutritionist Dr. Jean Michel Cohen. It’s a perfect time to offer the program to help clients get back into shape after the holidays.

Clients can take advantage of Savoir Maigrir, which promises lasting results without depriving oneself of any type of food. clients can access a free trial and enjoy €10 off on the new improved program by Jean-Michel Cohen.

Jean Michel Berille, in charge of co-branding for Anxa, notes that this move has been very well received by clients, based on the impressive boost in sales this January.

You can access the Savoir Maigrir online program on through this link:

A New and Improved Savoir Maigrir launches this 2014! (Jan. 15, 2014)

As a New Year treat to Savoir Maigrir users this 2014, Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen offers a new and improved program that promises to be easier, more affordable, and more personalized.

The revamping of the Savoir Maigrir program on includes:

  • a brand new homepage layout,
  • a new weight loss coaching tools so clients can plan their actions for weight loss better, and
  • a new navigation bar for easier access to essential weight loss information.

Users of the Savoir Maigrir will also have a dedicated page that provides personalized information to help them monitor their status and progress. On this page, users will have access to their daily and weekly meal plans, and information to track weight loss over time. This program also has an exclusive feature called "Mes actions minceur" (My weight loss actions), which includes a step-by-step guide to fully optimize the use of the Savoir Maigrir program.

And as an important part of the new formula, there is the coaching section that helps users understand the program. Users can access their daily coaching sessions and videos, including a new coaching dashboard that can be consulted anytime according to the user's needs, covering important topics to help them in their weight loss journey.

And as a tried and tested method in the Savoir Maigrir formula, support from experts as well as the community is made easily accessible with only a click of a button in the program’s community section.

Find out more about the new and improved Savoir Maigrir on the coach's blog when you sign up for the program here:

Anxa wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! (Dec. 23, 2013)

ANXA news Your Regular Dose of WAOUW - OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2013 VOL 4 ISSUE 6
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ANXA news Your Regular Dose of WAOUW - OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2013 VOL 4 ISSUE 6
Click n' share! Like us on facebook Follow us on twitter View our profile on LinkedIn ANXA news Your Regular Dose of WAOUW - OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2013 VOL 4 ISSUE 6
Anxa wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
Anxa wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
Anxa Supports Relief Goods Operations for Typhoon Victims - Training Sessions at LP4Y
Web Meets World at the RHQ Waouw Web Meets World at the RHQ
Web Meets World at the RHQ
Happy Birthday

BAD Community Meets Dr. Jean Michel Cohen at the Anxa RHQ! (Dec. 12, 2013)

December 12, 2013 was a very memorable event for Bon Appetite Diet Clients and guests at the Anxa RHQ, when they were able to meet up with Dr. Jean Michel Cohen, and learn about the program from the celebrated coach himself.

The event was organized so that Dr. Jean Michel Cohen can personally reach out to the community and impart knowledge about how one can be successful in his weight loss journey . It was also a chance for the Bon Appetit members to connect with one another and at the same time for guests to witness how helpful it would be for them to share their experience with like minded individuals and gain additional motivation and support.

Clients enthusiastically shared their thoughts about the program and also had the chance to get their questions answered by Dr. Jean Michel Cohen. One client came to personally thank Dr. Cohen for for helping him lose 43 lbs in a period of six months.It was a lively discussion, which included an interesting topic on how members can manage being in the program even during the holiday season.

The community was also joined by Anxa CEO Fabrice Boutain who met the guests and thanked members for their participation.

Anxa Supports Relief Goods Operations for Typhoon Victims (Dec. 4, 2013)

ANXA news Your Regular Dose of WAOUW - OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2013 VOL 4 ISSUE 5
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Click n' share! Like us on facebook Follow us on twitter View our profile on LinkedIn Training Sessions at LP4Y
Anxa Supports Relief Goods Operations for Typhoon Victims Waouw Training Sessions at LP4Y
Anxa Supports Relief Goods Operations for Typhoon Victims Training Sessions at LP4Y Training Sessions at LP4Y
Anxa Supports Relief Goods Operations for Typhoon Victims - Training Sessions at LP4Y
Anxa Supports Relief Goods Operations for Typhoon Victims Waouw
To Paris Office with Love - Beauty Channel Enriched
To Paris Office with Love Waouw Beauty Channel Enriched
To Paris Office with Love
To Paris Office with Love - Beauty Channel Enriched Waouw Beauty Channel Enrichede
From Online to Printed Publications
From Online to Printed Publications Waouw From Online to Printed Publications's Coaches Weigh In's Coaches Weigh In Waouw
BelleToday Dietitians at the Forefront of Wellness Campaigns
BelleToday Dietitians at the Forefront of Wellness Campaigns Waouw
BelleToday Dietitians at the Forefront of Wellness Campaigns
Actinutrition Waouw Actinutrition
Actinutrition Waouw
HAPPY BIRTHDAY presents Gourmet Steam Cooking with Marie Borrel! (Nov. 8, 2013)

To add to its catalog of free 15-day self-improvement programs, has just launched a new 15-day program on gourmet steam cooking.

This program is based on her Marie Borrel's book "Cuisine vapeur gourmande en 15 etapes" (Gourmet Steaming in 15 Steps).

Marie Borrel is a health and well-being writer with 15 years of experience in publishing and 10 years culinary expertise.

In this 15 day program, subscribers will learn how to take advantage of steaming as a healthy way of cooking, in true gourmet style, that is both inventive and infused with flavors. People will see steaming, as way of cooking, in a new light. In this program, one can find tips, tricks, cooking news, and easy to make recipes that people can integrate in their daily cooking. This program is intended for people who enjoys flavorful dishes but at the same time want to keep healthy, those who wants quick cooking meals, and also those who are just learning how to cook.

In the first part of the program, subscribers will learn the basic rules in steam cooking, from food choices, cooking time, the right utensils to use with cooking, the different flavors it offers, to its nutritional qualities. The second part will include experimenting with different types of dishes and cuisines.

The program includes coaching through e-mails and videos, and is accessible through the use of smartphones. Marie Borrel herself will give you practical advice on recipes. People will get to learn the book Cuisine vapeur gourmande en 15 steps, have hands-on information, and develop steam cooking skills that will allow them to create healthy and flavorful cuisine based on their tastes and lifestyle.

Learn and follow the program here:

Astrology Coaching with Valérie Darmandy Launches on! (Oct. 18, 2013)

A new free coaching program in astrology has been launched this October on! Want to enrich explore self-discovery through the stars and planets? This might be the coaching program for you.

This coaching program is offered on the premier health and wellness platform Aujourdhui,com to let people take advantage of astrology as a tool for better living; namely, to help with self-discovery, to let people discover their potential, and to better understand relationships (family, romance, friends). members can follow the program for free and get 15 daily sessions to discover themselves through their zodiac signs. This program was created by Astrology coach Valérie Darmandy, who brings 14 years of experience in traditional astrology to

Access it now on Aujourdhui,com through this link:

CEO's spotlight in TekDope Magazine (Sept. 30, 2013)

ANXA news Your Regular Dose of WAOUW - AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013 VOL 4 ISSUE 4
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CEO's spotlight in TekDope Magazine Waouw
CEO's spotlight in TekDope Magazine - HAPIfork Review in Oprah Magazine
CEO's spotlight in TekDope Magazine Waouw HAPIfork Review in Oprah Magazine
Behind The Scenes of the HAPILABS movie Waouw Brand New Channel On!
Behind The Scenes of the HAPILABS movie - Our first B2B Deal in the Philippine Market!
Behind The Scenes of the HAPILABS movie Waouw
Dr. Chauchard  Visits the RHQ
Dr. Chauchard  Visits the RHQ Waouw
Astrology hits! - Freemium Program Updates
Astrology hits! Freemium Program Updates
Astrology hits! Astrology hits! Waouw
Astrology hits! Freemium Program Updates
Astrology hits! - Freemium Program Updates
Astrology hits! Waouw Freemium Program Updates
CEO's Visit in Montpellier - Product Offerings Expanded
Waouw CEO's Visit in Montpellier - Product Offerings Expanded
CEO's Visit in Montpellier - Product Offerings Expanded
CEO's Visit in Montpellier - Product Offerings Expanded Waouw
Running for a Good Cause Running for a Good Cause Parlez-Vous Francais?
Running for a Good Cause Waouw Parlez-Vous Francais?
Running for a Good Cause - Parlez-Vous Francais?
Running for a Good Cause - Parlez-Vous Francais? Waouw
Happy birthday - New faces

BelleToday Provides Premium Weight Loss Programs to MaxiCare Employees (Sept. 26, 2013)

Photo Credit: MaxiCare

BelleToday was invited by MaxiCare Healthcare Corporation, one of the pioneer health maintenance organizations in the Philippines to participate in their nutrition event this September.

BelleToday/s registered dietitians Faith Gaco and Charmaine Manango offered free consultation and free diet profiling to 45 of MaxiCare’s employees. BelleToday also showed testimonials from people who successfully achieved their weight loss goal through BelleToday's two coaching programs. This has received tremendous response with the majority of the participants who signed up for Dr. Jean Michel Cohen's The Bon Appétit Diet and Dr. Claude Chauchard's Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet.

"The event was very fulfilling as it was another way for the company to extend its reach and have the its coaching programs available to more people helping them to achieve their weight loss goals through the expertise of its coaches," says BelleToday's Product Manager Marigine Mendez.

The event was held in MaxiCare Tower, in Makati City.

HAPILABS and Chrono-Geno-Nutrition featured in Men’s Health France (Sept. 12, 2013)

Photo Credit: Men's Health

Dr. Claude Chauchard’s Chrono-Geno-Nutrition and HAPILABS’ HAPIfork, Anxa CEO Fabrice Boutain’s venture into the activity tracking and quantified self market, have both been featured in the September issue of Men’s HealthFrance.

Journalist Thomas Heteau, in his 3 page feature of the Chrono-Geno Nutrition Diet, talked about the diet's core principles and how people following this program need not necessarily eat less and deprive themselves of food to lose weight, but instead choose to eat the right food at the right time and follow a diet that takes account of a person's blood type.

Jasmine Saunter, talked about the HAPIfork in her quantified self movement feature, along with a roster of technological devices for fitness. Such products have been gaining popularity, with the current trend of people wanting to gain knowledge about themselves through the use of connected activity trackers.

You can learn more about Chrono-Geno-Nutrition on

Know more about the HAPIfork on

Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet on GMA News TV’s Kape at Balita (Aug. 27, 2013)

Photo Credit: GMA News TV

BelleToday was live on the air on Kape at Balita (Coffee and News), a morning television show on GMA News TV this August. The hot topic was blood type diets, of which the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet (the CGN Diet) by Dr. Claude Chauchard is one. The CGN Diet is available in the Philippines through

BelleToday's licensed nutritionist-dietitian Charmaine Manango had her morning coffee with respected news reporters Mariz Umali and Susan Enriquez on the show’s Kapihan at Balita segment, and talked about the basic principles of the blood type diet, the different food that is right for each person’s blood type, and how following a diet that is right for each blood type helps you deal with naturally occurring lectins in food, that otherwise can have different adverse effect on the body.

Also a guest on the talk show was Ami Carillo, a mom already on her 6th week of the Chrono-Geno Nutrition program. Miss Carillo has already lost 20 pounds on the CGN Diet. She stated how different it is from others she tried, as she is not deprived of the food she enjoys, which contributes to her success.

Later that day, Charmaine was also a guest on Susan Enriquez's AM radio show on GMA Super Radyo DZBB 594.

You can view the segment here:

Learn about the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet Program here:

BelleToday Celebrates Nutrition Month with the Philippine Commission on Women (Aug. 15, 2013)

Photo Credit: Philippine Commission on Women

BelleToday was at the "Nutrition and Wellness for a Healthier You" event hosted by the Philippine Commission on Women in celebration of Nutrition Month last July.

BelleToday's licensed nutritionist-dietitian Charmaine Manango held a fun and interactive talk in front of 60 of the organization's members. Charmaine talked about the principles of a healthy diet (variety, moderation and balance), and the value of following sound nutrition practices and healthy lifestyle. "In the talk, BelleToday showed how even small choices that women make today will have big impact on their health later," she explains.

As a company that encourages women to achieve their desired weight loss goals through healthy diet, BelleToday is glad to be able to share this information to the Philippine Commission on Women, the country's authority on women's concerns.

The whole day event was held at Malacañang Complex in Manila and participated with other institutions in the field of health, such as Pfizer, Inc., and Acebedo Optical.'s New B2B Partners and other Waouw news! (July 31, 2013)

Gamification Launches on Savoir Maigrir(July 25, 2013)

Jean Michel Cohen, one of France’s premier weight loss coaches, last June, has launched a brand new way to further encourage his clients to reach their weight loss goals! With the new gamification app on his website, he introduces fun as a way to ease clients into their program and motivate them to follow it through until their weight loss goal is achieved.

The gamification involves a series of challenges in the areas of both coaching and community. The challenges involve completing a set of tasks which will both familiarize the client with the principles of their coaching program, and have them explore the available tools. The clients are then encouraged to use all the tools to better support them in their weight loss journey. The challenges will also help integrate them to their Savoir Maigrir community so they can gain additional support.

Clients will garner trophies and points with each action completed, and more as they move up to the next challenges. Each challenge was designed to help clients lose weight while having fun.

To know more about the program log on to:

A New Beauty Channel launches on! (July 17, 2013)

Now French women can enjoy’s insights on beauty, with the launch of its new Beauty channel this July! This new channel is filled with tips and tricks for daily beauty. There are also answers to questions about beauty regimes and a whole range of topics to make a more beautiful you.

With categories such as "make-up", "hair", "anti-aging", "natural / organic" or "facial & body" , it aims to share information on how readers can feel good about themselves regardless of their age, and to feel attractive everyday. Readers can find what they need whether they are after information on natural beauty or glamour, latest beauty trends, cosmetics, and reviews.

Beauty has increasingly been viewed as synonymous with well-being , especially in the French market. And as the first French portal dedicated to well-being,, gives this latest addition to their users, to further their commitment to always provide the solutions to help them achieve their best self.

Visit this channel now on:

Gamification Returns for La Methode Montignac (July 1, 2013)

This April, La Methode Montignac announces the return of gamification on its website The entertainment value and challenges that gamification offers is an effective method for motivating clients to progress in their weight loss program.

The gamification app, provided by Badgeville, helps users take advantage of all the tools available in their program. It features challenges and tasks that users have to accomplish to earn points and move up their rank. A to-do list is presented with a number of tasks, which relates to site tools such as watching coaching videos and consulting meal plans. Each time the user fulfills a task, it is marked as completed in their to-do list. There are 10 levels, represented as the to-do lists, that users can discover as they progress in the rankings.

The actions involved help users learn the principles of the Montignac Method. It also helps them gain support by integrating them into the community, to meet other members of the program that strive for the same goal. The idea is to help them achieve their weight loss goals while having fun.

Users of the program can consult the team in a forum to ask questions and give their feedback.

La Methode Montignac launches its Gluten-Free Diet Profile (June 14, 2013)’s La Méthode Montignac has launched its Gluten-Free profile last April 22, 2013.

Gluten sensitivity is increasingly common in France. With this in mind, the Gluten-free diet profile was developed to offer meal plans san gluten, including and these 5 grains: rye, oats, wheat, spelt (variety of wheat), barley, triticale (hybrid between rye and wheat).

It’s a further step at personalizing meal plans to cater to the specific diet requirements of La Méthode Montignac’s clients. This comes shortly after the launch of the Vegetarian profile last March 2013, and the Pork-free, Soy-free meal plans in October 2012 .

As with the other profiles in the program, this Gluten-Free diet profile conforms to the key weight-loss concepts already established by Dr. Michel Montignac, and will complement the diet preferences of the client upon joining the program.

Within just a couple of clicks, client will be able to switch from their current meal plans to this gluten-free profile.

For more information visit

HAPIfork Inventor Meets the AnxaTeam! (June 7, 2013)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - APRIL - MAY 2013 VOL 4 ISSUE 2
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HAPIfork Inventor Meets the AnxaTeam Like us on facebook Follow us on twitter View our profile on LinkedIn HAPIfork Inventor Meets the AnxaTeam
HAPIfork Inventor Meets the AnxaTeam
HAPIfork Inventor Meets the AnxaTeam Waouw
Two Score & Two Years for our CEO
Two Score & Two Years for our CEO Waouw Two Score & Two Years for our CEO
Two Score & Two Years for our CEO - Customer Service 3.0 Documentary
Customer Service 3.0 Documentary Waouw
Breaking News
Breaking News Waouw Breaking News
Breaking News
Waouw Going The Extra Mile
Going The Extra Mile
New Anxa University Training Programs Waouw
New Anxa University Training Programs - Happy Birthday - New Faces

Live Chat with Dietitians! (May 29, 2013)

Last April 2013, launched the Live Chat feature for the Bon Appétit Diet and Chrono-Geno-Nutrition weight-loss programs. This new feature allows visitors of the site ask questions and get immediate response from the customer service team.

The BelleToday Team has always pushed for proactive customer service, and what better way than to have site visitors ask questions and get real-time answers from the functional customer service and the dietitian team? Available Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 5 pm, the tool is FREE and easy to use. Simply click on the Live Chat button found on the header of the Bon Appétit Diet and Chron-Geno-Nutrition websites and a chat window will immediately pop up with a member of the customer service team. Here, you can ask questions about the program’s method, tools, community, and the doctors themselves. You never know, it may be Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen or Dr. Claude Chauchard talking to you!

To try out the Live Chat and know more about the programs, visit: and today!

Vegetarians go B.A.D.! (May 14, 2013)

Vegetarians rejoice! Continuing with the trend of specialized meal plans, the Bon Appétit Diet with Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen recently launched the Vegetarian meal plans for the Philippine market.

The meal plans were inspired by Dr. Cohen’s latest book, The Parisian Diet, which made it possible for octo-lavo-vegetarians to enjoy healthy, balanced food with a Parisian twist! Clients can now choose between the 900, 1200, and 1400 kcal variations and enjoy refreshing salads, filling entrées, and sinfully tasting desserts.

Vegetarians in the Philippines have been steadily increasing in number throughout the years, following the trend in western countries. Many assume that going vegetarian will automatically help them lose weight and become healthier. However, lots of vegetarian grocery items and dishes still pack a lot of calories, fat, sugar, and salt. Not only that, but not all recipes are nutritionally balanced, resulting in unhealthy weight loss.

With the Bon Appétit Diet, clients can be assured they have access to well balanced, nutritious, and exciting meals that will help them lose weight and keep it off for life! Best of all, they have access to a team of registered dietitians who have all trained under Dr. Cohen’s program.

To find out more about the new vegetarian meal plans and other news on the Bon Appétit Diet and Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, visit: or call (02) 491 7676 to get your free diet profile today! partners with BDJ Box! (April 17, 2013)

Feeling good usually equals to looking good, hence the natural partnership of popular beauty samplers BDJ Box (sister company of Belle Du Jour Power Planners) and premiere online weight-loss coaching publisher

Beauty sample boxes are the latest rage for many beauty and wellness enthusiasts. Subscribers can look forward to a surprise every month; goodies range from the latest makeup products to popular wellness programs.

The sold-out April 2013 box featured many exclusive products to its subscribers, including a special offer from the Bon Appétit Diet with Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen. Various “un-boxing” blogs, tweets, and status updates came fast on the heels of the BDJ Box delivery. As the warmer months descend, many clients were excited to try out the latest weight-loss coaching program from France’s foremost nutrition expert Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen.

This was the just the latest move from the team as they continue to experiment with like-minded local brands and partners.

To get the latest news from the Anxa-powered publishing company, go to

Photo Credit: BDJbox

Vitamin Cafe Talks (April 4, 2013)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 VOL 4 ISSUE 1
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Vitamin Cafe talks Like us on facebook Follow us on twitter View our profile on LinkedIn Vitamin Cafe talks
Vitamin Cafe talks
Vitamin Cafe talks Waouw Vitamin Cafe talks
Chrono-Geno Nutrition Upgrade - launches the DietFinder
Chrono-Geno Nutrition Upgrade Waouw Chrono-Geno Nutrition Upgrade Waouw launches the DietFinder
Anxa Engages In Competitive Team Sports
Anxa Engages In Competitive Team Sports Waouw Anxa Engages In Competitive Team Sports
JMC Appearances on abc
JMC Appearances on abc Waouw
JMC Appearances on abc Good Morning America Good Morning America
JMC Appearances on abc Nightline News Nightline News
Growing Customer Service Team - Anxa University Graduation
Growing Customer Service Team Waouw Anxa University Graduation
Growing Customer Service Team - Anxa University Graduation
Growing Customer Service Team - Anxa University Graduation Waouw HAPI corner
HAPI corner
New Paris Office - HAPI corner HAPI corner HAPI corner
New Paris Office - HAPI corner
New Paris Office Waouw HAPI corner
New Paris Office - HAPI corner
New Paris Office Waouw NEW FACES
Happy Birthday - NEW FACES
Job Openings - NEW FACES
Job Openings - NEW FACES Click Here NEW FACES

Vegetarians Can Now Enjoy La Méthode Montignac!(March 21, 2013)

Last March 18, 2013,’s La Méthode Montignac launched its Vegetarian Diet Profile. This comes in the heels of the Pork-Free and Soy-Free meal plans launched last October 2012.

The Vegetarian diet profile maintains the key weight-loss concepts established by Michel Montignac, while offering meal plans that utilizes fish, eggs, and plant-based proteins. The new program caters to the prevailing types of vegetarianism, namely pescatarians (those who omit all meat except for fish) and octo-lavo vegetarians (those who omit all meat except eggs and dairy products). Clients want to further adjust their meal plans to completely omit any animal protein or byproduct can turn to the program’s team of trusted dietitians that can help assist them in their needs.

This diet profile, like other profiles already in the program, will complement the coaching and diet preferences of the client upon registering.

A Parisian in New York (March 11, 2013)

Photo credit: ABC News

Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen and The Parisian Diet were the focus of two popular American shows: Nightline and Good Morning America.

Famed television journalist Juju Chang followed Dr. Cohen around New York City and discussed his new weight loss program on both shows, showing how Parisians stay slim and fit through equal parts good eating habits and joie de vivre!

"‘Parisian Diet’: Just Savor Food, Author Says"

"Dieters Enjoy Favorite Foods, Still Lose Weight"

The 5 simple rules highlighted in both episodes showed how time-honored Parisian traditions can let Americans have their cake and eat it too—or in this case—a Big Mac from McDonald’s.

Also in the programs was Rachel Yohai, an American woman who had been following The Parisian Diet for 5 weeks and had already lost 11 lbs. Her story was a testament how pleasure-- enjoying one’s food-- is key to losing weight, keeping it off, and enjoying the process!

For more information about the Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen and The Parisian Diet, visit and get a FREE diet profile! Launches Chrono-Géno-Nutrition 2.5 (February 20, 2013)

On February 18, 2013, launched version 2.5 of the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition. It was optimized to be more user-friendly in order to help clients reach their weight loss goals more easily.

In this new version, the Chrono-Nutrition and the Geno-Nutrition parts of the program are arranged in succession, different from the previous version where both were integrated for the duration of the entire program.

In the first four weeks, the program will focus on the Chrono-Nutrition diet, which is based on the physiological rhythm of the body. This phase is about eating the right food at the right time in order to aid digestion. At the end of the 4 weeks, clients will be asked questions about their weight loss to determine their compatibility and preference.

Clients will have the option to either stay in Chrono-Nutrition or move on to the Geno-Nutrition diet, a program based on one's blood type.

This new version is also equipped with brand new sessions and more than 157 new recipes!

Check it out now: Launches the Diet Affinité (January 21, 2013)

So how do you know what the best diet is for you? Do you get one that checks your blood type? What about one that is all natural or one that lets you eat carbs? Well worry no more as the Diet Affinité checks your lifestyle and weight loss preferences in order to recommend to you the best type of program to follow. has launched its new revolutionary tool Diet Affinité that allows users on to finally find the weight loss method that is tailored to their needs! This free test is simple, innovative, and fast. With just a few questions users will be able to determine the best program for them based on their profile, habits and lifestyle.

Studies have shown that different methods of slimming could have positive effects on weight loss but the effect is largely determined by the ability to follow the program. The Diet Affinité lets users discover the best method that applies to their profile and expectations allowing them to increase their success in the long term.

How does it work?

The first step is to answers a few questions, as honest as possible, to create your diet profile. Once you have provided responses to all the questions, the tool will highlight two programs that best matches you according to your profile, requirements and expectations. After that, you will receive additional information about the two approaches highlighted to help you make your choice. You will find, for example, the three main principles of the method explained, and a video of the doctors and coaches to give you an idea of what the program offers. Information that is provided enables you to make your final choice.

Diet Affinité matches users to the six tried and tested diet programs by world renowned expert doctors and coaches featured at The programs that will be matched to you are:

  • Dr. Jean Michel Cohen's Savoir Maigrir
  • Sybille Montignac's Methode Montignac
  • Dr. Claude Chauchard's The Chrono-Géno Nutrition
  • Dr. Jean Michel Gurret's Methode MentalSlim
  • Dr. Yann Rougier's Methode Rougier
  • Olivia and Alessandra Mori Buronzo's La Methode Naturelles

"With the Diet Affinité technology, we succeeded to give a powerful tool to help people choose the best weight loss method, targeted for their needs and profile. It's not you trying to fit into a diet, it's finding the right diet for you," said Project Manager, Sebastien Gilbert.

The Parisian Diet has launched in the U.S. (January 8, 2013)

It’s a wonderful start for 2013 for ANXA, with the official launching of The Parisian Diet in the U.S. last January 1, 2013.

Now the US market will have access to France’s No. 1 weight loss diet, with the launching of both The Parisian Diet program, and The Parisian Diet book by France’s best known nutritionist and long time ANXA collaborator Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen.

The Parisian Diet is Dr. Cohen’s expertise on weight loss that is tailored to Americans. Clients from the US can take advantage of this proven weight loss method with the same quality coaching techniques by the author, excellent customer service and motivation, specially adapted meal plans, and recipes featuring ingredients readily available in the United States but often featuring an easy French twist to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

The Parisian Diet offers three flexible diet phases: Café, Bistro and Gourmet, which allows readers and clients to combine different menus, give themselves a weight-loss boost, or choose the solution that best suits their lifestyle. The program focuses on both mind and body by teaching clients and readers how to adopt a healthy attitude to eating. It also includes practical advice for everyday diet situations as grocery shopping and eating out.

The launching of The Parisian Diet book in the U.S. Market, with the long time French publisher partner Flammarion, will give readers access to the same program that has grown to be well loved by the French.

And even better, people in the U.S. can take their online program with them anywhere, analyze their eating habits for free and create their diet profile with the launch of The Parisian Diet iPhone application. The application also includes diet tips and information about the expert Dr. Cohen himself.

The Parisian Diet is expecting to rouse extensive media exposure in the coming months. Feature has already been published by NBC’s Today show, and the book has already received rave reviews from both and Barnes and Noble.

ANXA is thrilled that this partnership has continued to bring this Jean Michel Cohen’s expert coaching to the United States, to help people achieve both their life and weight loss goals.

"It is the most advanced coaching program ANXA has ever produced, and ANXA is excited to bring the French lifestyle to the US Market" says Thomas Poulain, ANXA’s Online Marketing Manager for The Parisian Diet Program.

Christmas Parties Across All Anxa Branches!(January 5, 2013)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - DECEMBER 2012 - JANUARY 2013  VOL 3 ISSUE 6
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ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - DECEMBER 2012 - JANUARY 2013  VOL 3 ISSUE 6
Sleigh Like us on facebook Follow us on twitter View our profile on LinkedIn Sleigh
Christmas Parties Across All Anxa Branches!
Christmas Parties Across All Anxa Branches! Waouw
Christmas Parties Across All Anxa Branches!
Christmas Parties Across All Anxa Branches! Christmas Parties Across All Anxa Branches! Christmas Parties Across All Anxa Branches!
Christmas Parties Across All Anxa Branches!
Meetings in the Big Apple - Happy 2nd Birthday Montpellier!
2012 Core Value Awardees Waouw 2012 Core Value Awardees
Waouw Viva España!
Viva España!
Viva España! Viva España! Viva España!
New faces - Happy Birthday

La Dieta Bon Appétit launches in España! (December 5, 2012)

Spaniards and other Spanish-speakers can now join the 500,000 people who have lost weight with world-renowned nutrition expert Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen. Through La Dieta Bon Appetit, eating well in Spain has never been this good!

The popular diet program has 6 months worth of personalized coaching videos and sessions with Dr. Cohen, as well as healthy, simple-to-follow, and delicious recipes especially adapted to the flavors of España. "This was a challenge for the team, as it was the first program that we did that was neither French nor English—our native languages in Anxa”, said Project manager Vincent Ruiz. “But we’re happy with the results. We have a local team in Spain that helps us ensure that our clients will experience the same world-class service we give to all of our clients."

Dr. Cohen shot all the videos in Spanish, a language that is close to his heart. This is the second program that Anxa and Dr. Cohen have released in their 5-year partnership, and there are plans to create more. As always, customers can expect the same quality coaching techniques by the author, 24/7 customer service and motivation, and specially adapted meal plans and recipes. For now, Spain can now relish an early Christmas present from Dr. Cohen and the team—the first 500 to registerhave the chance to experience the program for free!

For more information, please visit: partners with Congrès des Thérapies Quantiques et de la Nutrition (Nov. 20, 2012) partnered with Congrès des Thérapies Quantiques et de de la Nutrition, which ran from November 17 to the 19, 2012. The event was the third of its kind and was held in Reims, France.

The conference was organized by bio-nutritionist Marion Kaplan. A former student of Dr. Catherine Kousmine, Kaplan was joined by other well-regarded personalities in the health and sciences, including philosopher of science Erwin Laszlo, American physician Dr. Leonard Laskow, psychoanalyst Dr. Willy Barral, philosopher Arouna Lipschitz, and oncologist Dr. Henri Joyeux; lastly, nutritionist and representative of the French Doctors Dr. Yann Rougier.

HAPIfork inclusion in the CES Innovation Awards (November 15, 2012)

Level Up Montignac Engagement Project (September 28, 2012)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - SEPTEMBER 2012 VOL 3 ISSUE 4
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ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - SEPTEMBER 2012 VOL 3 ISSUE 4
Like us on facebook Follow us on twitter View our profile on LinkedIn Watch out for exciting company updates that will be shared at the ALL HANDS MEETING later!(6PM Manila / 1215PM France)
Watch out for exciting company updates that will be shared at the ALL HANDS MEETING later!(6PM Manila / 1215PM France)
Level Up - Montignac Engagement Project Waouw
Level Up - Montignac Engagement Project
Sporting Event  - Little Time Makes A Big Difference Waouw
Sporting Event  - Little Time Makes A Big Difference
Sporting Event Waouw Little Time Makes A Big Difference
Christmas Party Theme
Christmas Party Theme TAKE THE SURVEY Christmas Party Theme
Age Better Live Better Train - A Slice of Asia
Age Better Live Better Train - A Slice of Asia Waouw Age Better Live Better Train - A Slice of Asia
Age Better Live Better Train - A Slice of Asia
Age Better Live Better Train Waouw A Slice of Asia
Age Better Live Better Train - A Slice of Asia
Happy birthday - Vitamin Cafe Waouw
Happy birthday - Vitamin Cafe
Happy birthday - New faces
Job Openings
Job Openings CLICK HERE Job Openings
Job Openings Partners with Le Train Bien Vivre Pour Bien Viellir (September 12, 2012 )

The team is partnering with the grand Le Train Bien Vivre Pour Bien Vieller (The Age Better Live Better Train). From 18 September to 3 October, will be on the road, sharing advice and solutions on how to grow old gracefully.

With the help of anti-aging expert Dr. Claude Chauchard, they have created a unique coaching program entitled, "Aging Well, Living Well", which will be available for everyone who is looking to live their golden years to the fullest.

The team will also be holding contests and offering gifts to participants. Of course, customers will also get the chance to meet members of the team and some of the experts behind one of the premiere well-being solution-providers and communities in France. So what else are you waiting for? Join and let's go full-steam ahead to wellness! Welcomes the Shanghai Team (September 1, 2012 )

Anxa Alabang recently welcomed two of its newest members, Xiaolin Zhu and Cecile Qu. The ladies are the first members of the Shanghai team, as Anxa prepares to expand its services to China in 2013.

Both Zhu and Qu have vast international experience, having finished their studies and begun their careers in Europe and the United States respectively. They have since come to Shanghai and started to prep the groundwork for one of the company's most ambitious moves to date.

As obesity rates go up and the trend of wellness increases in China, will offer its unique products of well-being coaching programs, services, and products.

Jean-Michel Cohen and Yann Rougier Visit Alabang (August 31, 2012)

Happy 5th Birthday Savoir Maigrir! (August 13, 2012)

Renowned nutrition expert Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen capped off his visit in Manila with a joyous celebration of Savoir Maigrir's 5th birthday. The event, streamed live on Google+ Hangout, was celebrated in Anxa's Vitamin Cafe with over 80 of the company's employees and partners.

"We're very happy to celebrate this milestone with Dr. Cohen." says Special Projects Manager and Anxa co-founder Philippe Monteiro da Rocha. "Not only did we see the result of our partnership grow bigger and reach more people through the years, but our company's relationship with Dr. Cohen has also deepened over time."

Dr. Cohen echoed this statement during his turn on the spotlight amidst the night's celebrations, thanking everyone for their unwavering support and hard work. He also rallied the group to take on the international markets, a journey that the he and Anxa stared this year with the release of the Bon Appetit Diet in the Philippines.

Versions of Savoir Maigrir will be released in Spain and the US later in the year.

Life After 50! (July 15, 2012)

Successful aging is accessible to everyone. According to Dr. Claude Chauchard, "Today, growing old is a choice and no longer an obligation." The program called, "Living Well After 50" is now available for free on The French program shows everyone how to adopt good daily habits in order to add more life in their golden years.

The program provides:

  • Daily coaching
  • Video sessions with renowned anti-aging expert Dr. Claude Chauchard
  • Tips and tricks to succeed in key anti-aging factors such as memory, physical fitness, and sleep!
  • Questionnaires, vitality test in order to track one's progress
  • Tools to interact with the community in order to stay motivated and positive!

For more information or to sign up for the program, please visit: celebrates its first Wellness Weekend (July 1, 2012)

The BelleToday team welcomed 10 of its clients from the Bon Appétit Diet and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet, along with over 60 of its team members to its first ever BelleToday Wellness Weekend.

The 3-day affair was held at the First Pacific Leadership Academy in Antipolo from June 8 to 10, 2012.

Clients were treated to all-day massages courtesy of the SPA and workshops by Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, Coach Pia Acevedo of One Core, and blogger Ria Tirazona (Fat Girl No More). They also had their pick of fitness workouts by Barre3, coach Angelo Falcon, coach John Jay Cuay (Zumba), and David Montecillo (Qi Gong).

"The goal of the event was to bring together all our communities, from our clients, to the team, and the best local experts in well-being, in order to share our knowledge and experiences," says Trina Epilepsia, Communication and Content Manager. "As BelleToday is primarily an online wellness provider, it’s important to us that we meet our customers in the flesh and make a deeper connection with them."

The event was held in partnership with the SPA, Barre3, the Natural Shelf, and KS Make-Up. Celebrate Their Well-Being in Montpellier (July 1, 2012), the first online community in France once again chose Montpellier for the 3rd edition of their yearly Rencontre Nationale. This event brings together 150 people from June 9 to 10 in order to celebrate wellness and better living. Launches a New Solution in Well-Being (June 8, 2012), the premiere community for health and well-being in France, launched its newest line of coaching programs last June 4, 2012.

This new catalog targets the needs of individuals to improve in other areas of wellness, such as beauty, cooking, motherhood, personal development, sexuality, health, fitness, nutrition, and career.

These exclusive programs will be available through the and for all its members.

The New and Improved! (June 8, 2012)

At, there’s something for everyone looking for a well-being solution. To better relay this message, the new and updated homepage was released shortly after the portal celebrated its fifth anniversary on June 1, 2012.

The update reflects a clean and fresh look to the homepage and immediately presents visitors with three specific offers:

  • Weight loss coaching: programs under license by coaches like Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen and Sybille Montignac (14.95 euros/month)
  • Better living coaching: The brand new offer. These are short 15-day programs created by coaches from all over France, under various well-being topics such as fitness, cooking, nutrition, and more. (5.95 euros/month)
  • Features and news articles that are accessible to visitors and the community.
  • A short tutorial video, also on the homepage, gives an overview of the three offers.

    "Our goal is to help people develop and improve themselves further, to be the best they can be," explains Fabrice Boutain, founder of Anxa (’s publisher). "When an individual loses weight successfully, the recurring question after reaching the goal is 'what can I do next?' Through our technology, at whatever time of the day, we can give you a solution to truly live better!"

All-New Low-GI Recipes from Sybille Montignac (April 24, 2012)

Sybille Montignac, licensed dietitian and daughter of the founder and online coach of La Méthode Montignac (The Montignac Method) on, has released her latest book, Mes petites recettes minceur Montignac (My Montignac Diet Recipes), published by Co-édition First/Santé Magazine. The launch was held last March 6, 2012 at Fnac in Lille, France.

25 years of helping millions in France lose weight
The Montignac method is a way of nutritional reeducation, based on low glycemic index (GI) foods; and an easy-to-follow program without any quantity restrictions. These tenets are essential to the program’s success.

In the book Mes petites recettes minceur Montignac, Sybille Montignac gives a fresh look to the method created by her father, Michel Montignac. This is culled from her experience as a nutrition expert and coach on, which offers weight loss programs adapted for modern men and women. The book is a perfect complement to the loyal followers of the online program, and it also serves as an introduction to the Montignac method for the uninitiated.

120 delicious and creative recipes
Sybille has developed 120 new "Montifriendly" recipes according to the principles of the Montignac method, so that meals are always healthy and balanced. The recipes make use of healthy products such as stevia and agar-agar.

Exercises and fitness tips are provided by Guillaume Devilliers (physical trainer) and Patricia Paisant (expert in alternative medicine and dietary supplements).

To learn more about the Montignac method:

A new, revolutionary way to lose weight: The Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet by Dr. Claude Chauchard (April 23, 2012)

Dr. Claude Chauchard, weight loss and anti-aging expert, offers an entirely new and revolutionary weight loss method that is effective, fast, and all-natural. Dr. Chauchard’s program is detailed in his latest book, Maigrir autrement avec la Chrono-Geno-Nutrition (Slim Down Differently with the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Method), published by Michel Lafon on April 5, 2012.

The weight loss method that is adapted for every individual
The Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet is the fruit of many years of practice and research to which Dr. Claude Chauchard has dedicated himself. It allows an individual to lose weight according to his or her tastes, blood type, and genetic makeup. This method goes deeper than a simple "diet" can and can overcome even the most stubborn excess weight. It promotes the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition lifestyle to guarantee good health and well-being for a lifetime.

The four pillars of weight loss

In his book Slim Down Differently with the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Method, Dr. Claude Chauchard explains the four pillars that constitute the success of the program.

  • Choosing the right foods and the importance of eating them at the proper time, according to the rules of chrononutrition. In effect, foods are either burned or stocked, according to the time of the day at which they are consumed.
  • The importance of genetics in knowing that there are foods to favor or to avoid, depending on one’s genetic makeup.
  • The elimination of toxins from our surroundings, from our bodies, and even from our plates.
  • Refraining from excess sugars, starches, and high glycemic index foods that cause "bad fats" that in turn cause insulin resistance.

A new dimension through the online community
When print and the Web converge, following the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet is easy. Pages are given life online through, the community portal dedicated to well-being. Together, we’ve created the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet: It is supported by a dedicated team and a community of users who share the same goal—to get rid of excess weight. This commitment and this group dynamic play huge contributions towards reaching one’s target weight. The site provides additional help in one’s weight loss journey with personalized guidance, meal plans adapted to specific needs, recipes, and a variety of online tools that are essential for success. at Salon Du Bien Être! (February 29, 2012)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - FEBRUARY 2012 VOL 3 ISSUE 2
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ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - FEBRUARY 2012 VOL 3 ISSUE 2
Like us on facebook Follow us on twitter View our profile on LinkedIn Click n' share! at the 2012 Salon Du Bien Être! Waouw at the 2012 Salon Du Bien Être! at the 2012 Salon Du Bien Être!
Unified Customer Management System Console - Community Challenge Waouw Unified Customer Management System Console - Community Challenge
Unified Customer Management System Console - Community Challenge
Unified Customer Management System Console - Community Challenge Waouw Share the Love in Anxa - Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
Share the Love in Anxa - Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
Share the Love in Anxa - Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports Waouw Share the Love in Anxa - Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports Waouw Share the Love in Anxa - Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
Happy Birthday - Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
Happy Birthday - NEW FACES on YouTube Reaches 2.5 Million Views (January 19, 2012) opens 2012 by reaching an exciting milestone. The well-being portal’s video channels on YouTube has reached a total of 2.5 million views in the first week of January 2012. The portal was launched in 2007, and its YouTube channel was launched concurrently as a means to complement and promote the brand.

"The key to the channel’s success? Not only are the videos fun and interesting, but people also learn to take care of themselves by looking after their health and well-being,” muses founder and Special Projects Manager Philippe Monteiro da Rocha. “There are exercise and cooking demos, which everyone loves. There are exclusive interviews with experts in well-being and health, which you can’t find anywhere else. There’s something for everyone. Video on the Internet is now an integral part of the way people find information and entertainment."

The video channel on YouTube has reached 1.5 million views. also manages YouTube video channels for their catalogue of premium coaching programs, each featuring an expert weight loss coach. The YouTube channel for Savoir Maigrir with Jean-Michel Cohen has already reached 985,000 views; MentalSlim with Jean-Michel Gurret, 91,000 views; and Méthode Montignac with Sybille Montignac, 52,000 views.

In addition to YouTube, also boasts a dedicated branded video portal, at
Explore: on YouTube:

The Revolution will be Online! (January 12, 2012)

Last December 2011, French Doctors Jean-Michel Cohen, Claude Chauchard and Yann Rougier met with Anxa team members in Anxa RHQ to formalize their partnership and goal of bringing their coaching expertise in health, well-being, and nutrition to the world.

"We are also unveiling a new tagline for Anxa," says CEO Fabrice Boutain. "This version is more in line with Anxa's and the French Doctors' vision to offer everyone the chance to live a full and happy life. We now encourage them 'Eat Healthier, Live Longer, and Love Better' with us!"

This new tagline also underlines the different specialities of each of the French Doctors. Dr. Cohen is a leading expert on nutrition and weight loss in France, while Dr. Chauchard has authored 10 books and maintained an international practice on anti-aging. Lastly, Dr. Rougier is a highly regarded as one of the top 10 distinguished neuroscientists in the world, specializing on the emotions of people and its effects on their health and relationships.

"People can soon look forward to accessing the French Doctors' expertise in health and nutrition alongside Anxa's expertise in personal development, customer service and technology. We are all excited for this online revolution!" Boutain shares.

The French Doctors catalogue will be released on the Anxa Coaching and Community Technology (AcCT) platform worldwide, starting with Asia and the US in 2012.

1 million Anxa smartphone applications downloaded (January 5, 2012)

Anxa celebrates a milestone figure at the start of 2012 by reaching 1 million smartphone application downloads. The IQ Test app is Anxa's runaway hit, accounting for almost half a million downloads since the company released the app, its first foray into mobile apps, in 2008.

"Mobile is the future; it’s really changing the way we are using the Web," says General Manager Christophe Boutain. "That’s why it’s important that we establish the presence of our brands and our coaches in mobile apps. Not only that, but it’s also the next frontier in generating leads."

In 2008, Anxa launched its first smartphone app by porting its popular Web IQ test for Apple’s popular iPhone device. Anxa since developed a variety of apps related to well-being for Apple’s proprietary iOS platform, which also runs on the iPod touch and iPad. In 2010, Anxa also delved into apps for Android-powered devices, also starting with the IQ test.

To date, Anxa has 61 apps on the App Store and 11 apps on the Android Market, available in 8 languages. Among the apps Anxa has also developed are coaching apps to allow subscribers to follow their coaches, and Actipod, which turns one’s phone into a pedometer and syncs data online.

Experience it for yourself. Simply search “Anxa” in the App Store or the Android Market.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly! (December 22, 2011)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - DECEMBER 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 11
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ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - DECEMBER 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 11
‘Tis the Season to be Jolly! Waouw Fitbug Activity
‘Tis the Season to be Jolly! Fitbug Activity
‘Tis the Season to be Jolly! Waouw Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Reaches its First Thousand
‘Tis the Season to be Jolly! - Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Reaches its First Thousand
Waouw 4th Quarter All Hands Meeting 2011
4th Quarter All Hands Meeting 2011
4th Quarter All Hands Meeting 2011 Waouw B.A.D. on Groupon
4th Quarter All Hands Meeting 2011 - B.A.D. on Groupon
SMS to Clients_ Waouw SMS to Clients_
SMS to Clients_
Christmas Party Waouw Christmas Party
Christmas Party

Anxa Christmas Party: Staying Alive in the Disco Inferno (December 16, 2011)

The groove of the 70's was6 definitely alive during the Anxa Christmas party held last December 1. Team members from RHQ, Paris, and Montpellier offices arrived at the Bellevue hotel dressed in their grooviest disco outfits, adorning afros and too much polyester. Of course, the night got even better thanks to the surprise performances by the founders Fabrice and Christophe Boutain and Philippe Monteiro da Rocha as the Bee Gees and other members of the team.

The whole event was streamed live via Ustream and shared with the Paris and Montpellier offices, whose members also came to work in costume! The night was a roaring success with everyone toasting to 2011 and showing how Anxa stayed alive and kicking!

Anxa All Hands Meeting 2011 (December 16, 2011)

This year's All Hands Meeting was well recieved by Anxa employees, as the founders discussed our triumphs despite the challenges experienced at the beginning of the year. The founders called on representatives from each team, ranging from the Tech team to the Welcommunity team. Each manager described the achievements their team has reached and lauded the efforts of all their members. Representatives for each of Anxa's key markets - France, the Philippines, and soon China-- were also on hand to give the team a snapshot of 2011.

In the end, it was clearly seen that there is nothing a positive team spirit, and hard, hard work cannot accomplish. Anxa is wrapping up 2011 with a bang!

A Very Good Deal (December 14, 2011)

Last December 13 marked the release of the Philippine market's first ever Groupon deal. The Bon Appetit Diet was offered to Filipinos at 75 % off (3 months at Php 990.00).

The initial acquisition project proved to be a boon with over 170 Groupons sold to date. This bodes well for the official launch of the Bon Appetit Diet with Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen on January 2012.

Remember It's Always Day 1 (November 30, 2011)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - NOVEMBER 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 10
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ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - NOVEMBER 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 10
Remember it's always Day 1 Waouw Fitbug Standings
Remember it's always Day 1 Fitbug Standings
Waouw Marion Kaplan in Lyon
Marion Kaplan in Lyon
Sybille Montignac for Méthode MONTIGNAC - SOIRÉE BEAUJOLAIS Waouw
Sybille Montignac for Méthode MONTIGNAC - SOIRÉE BEAUJOLAIS
Sybille Montignac for Méthode MONTIGNAC - SOIRÉE BEAUJOLAIS Waouw Sybille Montignac for Méthode MONTIGNAC - SOIRÉE BEAUJOLAIS
Sybille Montignac for Méthode MONTIGNAC - SOIRÉE BEAUJOLAIS
ESL and Tagalog Classes Waouw New faces
ESL and Tagalog Classes - New faces
Employee of the Month Waouw Happy birthday
Employee of the Month - Happy birthday
Employees of the Month Employees of the Month - Happy birthday
Employees of the Month - Happy birthday with Marion Kaplan (November 15, 2011) with Marion KaplanThis month, welcomes Marion Kaplan to our team of coaches. Marion Kaplan is a bionutritionist, specializing in gluten and lactose intolerances. According to Kaplan, most people are either lactose or gluten intolerant. In her book, Alimentation Sans Gluten ni Laitage, Kaplan provides readers with simple and practical solutions for dealing with these intolerances.

Last week, sponsored the “Congres Therapies Quantiques”, organized by Marion Kaplan herself. This conference was attended by doctors and wellness experts from all over the world. Among these professionals were Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, an English biologist; Emmanuel Ransford, physician and researcher of morphic vibrations; and Dr. Olivier Soulier, researcher of microbes.

Anxa x Microsoft Partnership (November 10, 2011)

In order to keep abreast with technology, has partnered with Microsoft to implement Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 R2, a set of tools ready to help users make the most of information derived from our websites . With this technology, Anxa is able to provide better customer service thanks to Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 R2’s ability to manage sizable amounts of information and increase efficiency.

Welcome to the 4th Quarter! (October 31, 2011)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - OCTOBER 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 9
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ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - SEPTEMBER 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 8
Welcome to the 4th Quarter! Waouw Fitbug Standings
Welcome to the 4th Quarter! Fitbug Standings
Welcome to the 4th Quarter! Waouw
Ring ring - Breast Cancer Awareness on
Waouw Ring ring Breast Cancer Awareness on
Ring ring Breast Cancer Awareness on
Life is beautiful at Anxa - 2nd year running
Life is beautiful at Anxa 2nd year running
Life is beautiful at Anxa - 2nd year running
Life is beautiful at Anxa Waouw Life is beautiful at Anxa - 2nd year running
Life is beautiful at Anxa - 2nd year running
Life is beautiful at Anxa - 2nd year running Waouw 2nd year running
Happy birthday

The Bon Appétit Diet launches in the Philippines! (September 28, 2011)

January 2012 will mark the official launch of Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen's Bon Appétit Diet in the Philippines. This is the first international version of Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen's famous Savoir Maigrir program and the first foray into the Philippine market for Anxa.

After many months of translating, editing and quality control, the content team has successfully finished the project, and the design and tech teams brought it to life. The sales and marketing people have also been hard at work forming prospective partnerships with agencies that share our vision and values. This much anticipated launch has already attracted more than a thousand inquiries on the program, including a following of a little over a hundred Facebook fans and a handful of followers on Twitter.

So what's the next step? Well, the entire international team has taken on call center training, including actual live sessions with prospective clients to prepare them for the launch in 2012. This is part of Anxa's vision of keeping the customers top of mind at all times, and providing them with the best service via various platforms.

It's Getting Better All The Time! (September 27, 2011)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - SEPTEMBER 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 8
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ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - SEPTEMBER 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 8
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ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - SEPTEMBER 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 8
It's Getting Better All the Time! Waouw Fitbug Standings
It's Getting Better All the Time! Fitbug Standings
Savoir Maigrir Part Deux Waouw Anxa's New Look Waouw
Savoir Maigrir Part Deux Anxa's New Look
Savoir Maigrir Part Deux Anxa's New Look Anxa's New Look
Savoir Maigrir Part Deux Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
Mooncake Festival 2011: Develop a taste for travel and Asia! Waouw Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
Mooncake Festival 2011: Develop a taste for travel and Asia! Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
Mooncake Festival 2011: Develop a taste for travel and Asia! Waouw Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
Mooncake Festival 2011: Develop a taste for travel and Asia! Anxa All Star Weekend: Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
Employees of the Month NEW FACES
Employees of the Month Waouw Happy birthday
Employees of the Month Happy birthday
Employees of the Month Employees of the Month - Happy birthday
Employees of the Month - Happy birthday

The Bon Appétit Diet featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Lifestyle (September 1, 2011)

The Bon Appétit Diet featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Lifestyle section

Last August 23, 2011, the Bon Appétit Diet was awarded the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s lifestyle section. Writer Anne A. Jambora tells her readers all about the diet and why it will work for the Philippine market. Read all she has to say about losing weight and rediscovering the pleasure of eating here (

Going International (August 26, 2011)

ANXA news Your Monthly Dose of WAOUW - AUGUST 2011 VOL 2 ISSUE 7
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Going International! - Fitbug standings
Going International! Waouw Fitbug Standings
Going International! Fitbug Standings
 Going International! Waouw
Going International! Signed, Sealed, Delivered!
Our Very Own Super STAR! Waouw Signed, Sealed, Delivered!
Our Very Own Super STAR! Signed, Sealed, Delivered!
Our Very Own Super STAR! goes all out video
Our Very Own Super STAR! - goes all out video
Our Very Own Super STAR! goes all out video Waouw
Our Very Own Super STAR! - goes all out video
Party Rock Body Jam Anxa's Research & Development Team celebrates... Waouw
Party Rock Body Jam - Anxa's Research & Development Team celebrates...
Party Rock Body Jam Waouw Anxa's Research & Development Team celebrates...
Party Rock Body Jam Waouw Party Rock Body Jam - Anxa's Research & Development Team celebrates...
Party Rock Body Jam - Anxa's Research & Development Team celebrates...- NEW FACES
Happy birthday Employees of the Month
Happy birthday Waouw Employees of the Month
Happy birthday - Employees of the Month
Happy birthday Employees of the Month
Happy birthday - Employees of the Month

The Philippine Star features The Bon Appetit Diet (August 9, 2011)

The Philippine Star features The Bon Appetit Diet The good BAD Diet
JOYFUL HARVEST By Joy Angelica Subido (The Philippine Star) Updated August 09, 2011 12:00 AM

When you take pleasure in what you are eating, you can diet successfully," says Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, French physician-nutritionist, bestselling author, and television personality. This is the basis of the Bon Appetit Diet (BAD.) While fad diets that involve tasteless food and limited choices can result in quick and dramatic weight loss, the excess pounds are, more often than not, quickly gained back.

"The idea here is learning how to use food correctly," explains Dr. Cohen who was in Manila recently. "We take into account different cultures and habits, and I am here to tell you that there is no room for guilt."

What exactly is the BAD diet? "The Bon Appetit Diet helps people make wiser choices," says Dr. Cohen. "By developing strategies to manage calories regardless of circumstance and situation, avoiding slips no matter how small, and learning how to develop one’s own diet and menu according to personal needs and tastes, the program teaches people to learn and adopt certain eating habits necessary for a better lifestyle and weight loss." Precisely because there are no restrictions, the diet is pleasurable. It employs a variety of ingredients, and may be enjoyed by the entire family. "There is no such thing as a miracle diet. There is only a well-balanced diet," adds Dr. Cohen.

"The good way to lose weight is not to starve," shares the doctor. "A diet does not need to be too restrictive; it is flexible so that you can eat what you want." It is a calorie-based diet plan that focuses on the consumption of nutritious, low- calorie meals. Feel like binging on a chocolate bar? Certainly, you can do so. Just remember to eat a low calorie meal later in the day so that you do not consume more calories than required. "I want people to like my diet. I don’t want to give them pain or misery," Dr. Cohen continues.

He enumerates the basic principles of the Bon Appetit Diet: "First, you don’t have to be hungry; second, you have to find pleasure in the food that you eat; and third, you have to lose the extra weight progressively. Finally, you have to reeducate yourself with respect to your eating habits. The time spent while gradually losing weight serves to prepare you to acquire good eating habits so that you will be able to stabilize your weight for life."

Perhaps, the revolutionary aspect about this diet latest regimen by Dr. Cohen is that it is an individualized coaching program that makes use of the Internet. The process begins when a participant fills up a questionnaire during the on-line registration so that his or her specific needs are determined, and a customized diet regimen can be devised. "The Bon Appetit diet is customized for each individual’s needs, and to further accommodate the differences in people’s capabilities and levels of discipline," relates Dr. Cohen.

Following successful enrollment in the program, a 'welcome video' has Dr. Jean Michel Cohen explaining the main principles of the program and his approach to weight loss. Following this, an individual will have immediate access to his/her account, weight loss plan and Dr. Cohen’s book. And to keep dieters on track, they will receive daily motivational video advice and email coaching from Dr. Cohen. The subscriber will have full access to meal suggestions and shopping lists that are set up two weeks in advance, so that a member has enough time to put together a meal plan. And should a participant have specific concerns or questions regarding issues that are not addressed in the coaching videos, he/she may email these to the coach and team of registered dieticians who monitor online subscriptions to the program. A reply from the team is forthcoming two days at most.-- Think of it as having access to your dieting coach every single day.

But for Filipinos, the good news is that Dr, Jean Michel Cohen’s Bon Appetit Diet will soon be available locally through The website is a free online guide to a healthy lifestyle with a mission to provide an accessible, easy to follow online weight-loss guide for the modern Filipina who is eager for actual results. While "helping to educate women what it means to be healthy inside and out," it is an online community where women can share experiences and offer support. "The Bon Appetit Diet will be customized for Filipinos; with a diet plan using local ingredients to make local dishes," Dr. Cohen assures us. A team of qualified Filipino dieticians and nutritionists will provide vital support.

To check out the article itself, please click here.

BAD Press Dinner (August 7, 2011)

BAD Press DinnerBAD Press Dinner

The Bon Appétit Diet was officially introduced to Philippine press last July 28, 2011 at Old Manila, The Peninsula Manila during a press dinner with selected company representatives and journalists from top publications in the country.

Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen himself was present to talk about his widely acclaimed French diet. Always charismatic and charming, he spoke about all the benefits of dieting, the importance of finding pleasure in what you eat and the reasons why the Philippine market will accept and love his program. Everyone present showed great interest in what he had to say.

Among the attendees were: Cheryl Tiu, Managing Editor of Lifestyle Asia; Michaele Torres, Editor-in-Chief of Metro; Camyl Besinga, Managing Editor of Cosmo Philippines; Candice Lopes-Quimpo, Contributing Writer for Preview; Anna Jambora, Health and Food Writer for Philippine Daily Inquirer; and Joy Subido, Health and Food Writer for The Philippine Star.

To further emphasize the benefits of the program, everyone was served a 600-calorie 5-course meal following all the rules and guidelines of the Bon Appetit Diet. Needless to say, everyone was sufficiently shocked and impressed by the menu and its nutritional value.

All in all, the night was a great success! All the members of the press left with newly acquired knowledge on the Bon Appétit Diet and satisfied tummies full of yummy food.

The Farm + CGN (July 15, 2011)

ANXA news
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The Farm + CGN
The Farm + CGN Waouw Fitbug Standings
 The Farm + CGN Fitbug Standings
 The Farm + CGN Marche de Paris
 The Farm + CGN Marche de Paris
Waouw Marche de Paris
 CS letter Marche de Paris
CS letter Waouw Marche de Paris
 CS letter Marche de Paris
The Grand Challenge Launch
Anxa's 2nd Badminton Tournament Waouw Happy birthday
 Anxa's 2nd Badminton Tournament Happy birthday
Anxa's 2nd Badminton Tournament Waouw Anxa's 1st Badminton Tournament
 Anxa's 2nd Badminton Tournament Employee of the month
Anxa's 2nd Badminton Tournament Employee of the Month
 Anxa's 2nd Badminton Tournament Employee of the month

Anxa helps Filipinos live better, healthier lives through Microsoft technology (July 5, 2011)

Anxa helps Filipinos live better, healthier lives through Microsoft technology, an online coaching and community management company for well-being resources that focuses on well-being and self-improvement, has recently deployed Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. This will help the organization to more efficiently address health and wellness concerns of individuals, groups and companies all over the world to ensure that they receive the right kind of information, motivation and community support to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. began by offering online services such as personal and career development tests and quizzes with the main business objective of engaging millions of online users in an automated manner yet retaining a highly personalized feel. Over the years, the company saw that its customers wanted more and more personalization and real human interaction, and eventually decided to expand its online services to include personalized coaching.

A large amount of user data is gathered by profiling the visitors who access their online sites. Users are asked to complete a series of personal questions and provide background data regarding their needs and concerns. Anxa had various database servers connected to web servers, and they also had other data mounted on other platforms, which made it difficult for the company to efficiently manage its information database and avoid system downtime. Anxa relied on proprietary and native reporting tools of different business systems to pull out information and trends which could result in long wait times to obtain relevant reports.

While Anxa has been operating on the Microsoft platform from the onset, the company considered upgrading its IT infrastructure to keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of technology and efficiently meet the demands of its clientele.

The company needed the right set of tools to facilitate more efficient customer servicing with an integrated IT infrastructure, and Anxa found that Microsoft has the exact solution to address these requirements. They engaged dB Wizards, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in providing world-class solutions and services, to build a flexible, high-availability infrastructure that would help Anxa understand its clients and ultimately provide them with better products and services.

The project began with the deployment of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 R2, a complete set of enterprise-ready tools designed to help users derive the most value from information. It is a business intelligence tool that allows Anxa to consolidate its archive of information, simplify client profiling, and strengthen business continuity by gaining valuable insights from its database.

"Technology plays a crucial role in every industry and we at Anxa believe that choosing Microsoft as our partner to take on this endeavor was a natural choice, considering that Microsoft is a market leader with huge global reach and exceptional international knowledge to help us achieve our objectives," said Matthew Edmunds, Vice President for Marketing Operations at Anxa.

"Microsoft database management solutions provide enterprises with mission-critical functionality and reliability. By migrating to SQL 2008 R2, Anxa is now equipped with an optimized business intelligence platform which allows them to manage huge amounts of information, increase speed of time-to-market, produce comprehensive reports, as well as gain significant insights about the needs of the market," said Tovia Va’aelua, Server and Tools Business Group Lead, Microsoft Philippines.

"We are fully committed to help Anxa maximize its archive of information to ensure that the company stays in line with its business objectives – which is further self-improvement in the local market," added Va’aelua.

Since the company has already been using Microsoft technologies, it was easier for Anxa to leverage on the foundation to build a stable data warehousing infrastructure in order to centralize all information gathered from its own websites and from various 3rd party solutions and gain a better understanding of the complete life cycle of their customers and prospects.

Since the implementation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Anxa has vastly improved the reliability of its infrastructure which greatly benefitted the company as a whole. Deploying Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 has enabled Anxa employees to easily determine business trends such as user demographics, most visited web pages, most popular packages and whether or not users click on advertisements. With this, Anxa is taking advantage of the capability to listen to its customers and identify their needs. Anxa now utilizes this information in developing personalized products and services in a much faster and more accurate manner.

"We are very pleased with the installation and deployment of our data warehouse simply because we now have a much more complete picture of our user behaviour, and more importantly, we can run custom reports and extract the exact information we need in 1/10th of the time that it may have previously taken. Microsoft and dB Wizards have helped us to establish an efficient data mining strategy, create a high-availability environment and improve responsiveness, which allow us to build appropriate offers to meet the specific needs of the market," concluded Edmunds.

Réncontre Nationale 2011(July 1, 2011)

ANXA news
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Waouw Fitbug Standings
 Réncontre Nationale 2011 Fitbug Standings
Réncontre Nationale 2011
Réncontre Nationale 2011 Réncontre Nationale 2011 Anxa coaching Friday
Waouw Anxa coaching Friday Gets a Makeover Gets a Makeover Waouw Gets a Makeover - Anxa coaching Friday
The Grand Challenge Launch
Waouw The Grand Challenge Launch
The Grand Challenge Launch
Happy Birthday,! - Anxa's 1st Badminton Tournament
Happy Birthday,! Happy Birthday,! Anxa's 1st Badminton Tournament Waouw
Happy Birthday,! Happy Birthday,! Anxa's 1st Badminton Tournament
Happy Birthday,! Waouw Anxa's 1st Badminton Tournament
Happy Birthday,! - Anxa's 1st Badminton Tournament
Happy Birthday Employees of the month Waouw
Happy Birthday - Employee of the month
New faces Employees of the month
New faces Employee of the Month
New faces - Employee of the Month Preps for its Annual Members Meet-Up! (May 16, 2011) Preps for its Annual Members Meet-Up!, Anxa’s online community portal for well-being, is on the last stretch of preparations for its annual Member’s Meet-Up on June 11 at Montpellier, France.

Members from the team and the various coaching programs will be flying in from all over the world and converging in the south of France. Celebrity coaches like Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, Dr. Claude Chauchard, and Sybille Montignac will be present of course, to meet clients and give talks on their field of expertise.

While the team is keeping the specific events hush-hush, we can expect a lot of crazy, out-of-the-box activities, as well as learning and healing sessions on health, nutrition, and positivity. Members can also expect to see a lot of their online activities seeping into real life!

Says CEO Fabrice Boutain: "I am very excited about our upcoming members' meeting. The buzz is all about gamification, customer service and web-meets-world. Our clients will be in for a big, fun surprise!"

We can hardly wait! See you all there soon!

JMC Prepares International Launch (May 15, 2011)

ANXA news
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ANXA news
JMC Prepares International Launch - Anxa Step Up Competition Fitbug Standings Waouw JMC Prepares International Launch - Anxa Step Up Competition Fitbug Standings
ANXA news
JMC Prepares International Launch - Anxa Step Up Competition Fitbug Standings Waouw
JMC Prepares International Launch - Anxa Step Up Competition Fitbug Standings
JMC Prepares International Launch - Anxa Step Up Competition Fitbug Standings Waouw's 2nd annual Rencontre Nationale
Anxa Conquers Donsol... Again! -'s 2nd annual Rencontre Nationale
Anxa Conquers Donsol... Again! Anxa Conquers Donsol... Again!'s 2nd annual Rencontre Nationale
Waouw Anxa Conquers Donsol... Again!'s 2nd annual Rencontre Nationale
Anxa Conquers Donsol... Again! -'s 2nd annual Rencontre Nationale
Anxa Technology Relaunch: Gamification and Connected Devices Waouw Anxa Technology Relaunch: Gamification and Connected Devices
Anxa Technology Relaunch: Gamification and Connected Devices
Take our Employee Satisfaction Survey! Waouw Take our Employee Satisfaction Survey! Waouw Take our Employee Satisfaction Survey!
Take our Employee Satisfaction Survey! Employees of the month
Take our Employee Satisfaction Survey! - French Employees of the month
Take our Employee Satisfaction Survey!  - english Employees of the month
Happy birthday Employees of the month
Employee of the Month Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month

Chrono-Géno-Nutrition Launch 2011 (April 29, 2011)

Chrono-Géno-Nutrition Launch is pleased to announce the launch of its latest premium coaching program, Dr. Claude Chauchard’s Chrono-Géno-Nutrition weight loss program. Having acquired the license in late 2010, the team behind the online well-being portal has since been hard at work adapting Dr. Chauchard’s anti-aging and weight loss program for the Internet.

Last April 28, 2011, Thursday, held a press conference at the Hyatt Regency Paris-Madeleine to inform the media on this great new license. Journalists gathered at the Hyatt’s M Cafe at 9:00am to enjoy a breakfast created to the specifications of Dr. Chauchard’s program. This was followed by a press conference.

Guest speakers Jean-Noel Berenger, VP of Sales of, and Jean-Michel Cohen, best-selling author and weight loss coach, were present to speak about the brand and the benefits of promoting a weight loss program through the platform.

Succeeding them was Dr. Claude Chauchard. He spoke of his unique program that targets weight loss and anti-aging on a cellular level. Through a comprehensive food intolerance test, followers of his diet can identify which foods are okay to consume at the proper frequency and time of day to reach their goals of losing weight, looking younger and living better.

Dr. Claude Chauchard’s Clinique de Paris has been in operation for over a decade and has catered to a number of different celebrities and famous personalities. is the perfect platform to present this diet to the public. With its weight loss and community tools, it can deliver personalized programs that are equally efficient and convenient to a larger number of people beyond the reach of his clinics.

Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen to Shoot English Market Videos (April 27, 2011)

ANXA news
Let us WAOUW you! If you like what we have to say, please click to let us know! Waouw Let us WAOUW you! If you like what we have to say, please click to let us know!
ANXA news
Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen to Shoot English Market Videos Waouw The April Fool's Quiz
Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen to Shoot English Market Videos The April Fool's Quiz
Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen to Shoot English Market Videos The April Fool's Quiz
First The April Fool's Quiz
Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen to Shoot English Market Videos Proceed The April Fool's Quiz
Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen to Shoot English Market Videos
Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen to Shoot English Market Videos Waouw
Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen to Shoot English Market Videos Anxa Steps Up to the Challenge
Waouw Chrono-Géno-Nutrition Anxa Steps Up to the Challenge
Chrono-Géno-Nutrition Anxa Steps Up to the Challenge
Chrono-Géno-Nutrition Waouw Recontre Nationale
Chrono-Géno-Nutrition Recontre Nationale
Deliver the WAOUW Service! Recontre Nationale
Waouw Deliver the WAOUW Service! Recontre Nationale
Deliver the WAOUW Service! Recontre Nationale
Employee of the Month Waouw Happy birthday - New faces
Employee of the Month Happy birthday - New faces
Employee of the Month Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month - New faces

March Madness: Food and More FOOD! (March 20, 2011)

ANXA news
Let us WAOUW you! If you like what we have to say, please click to let us know! Waouw Let us WAOUW you! If you like what we have to say, please click to let us know!
ANXA news
March Madness Waouw How do you step up? OUR ANXA STEP UP SUCCESS STORY
March Madness How do you step up? OUR ANXA STEP UP SUCCESS STORY
March Madness How do you step up? OUR ANXA STEP UP SUCCESS STORY Waouw
March Madness How do you step up? OUR ANXA STEP UP SUCCESS STORY
Salon du bien-être 2011 How do you step up? OUR ANXA STEP UP SUCCESS STORY
Salon du bien-être 2011 How do you step up? OUR ANXA STEP UP SUCCESS STORY
Waouw Salon du bien-être 2011
Salon du bien-être 2011 Anxa Guns for International Expansion
Salon du bien-être 2011 Anxa Guns for International Expansion Waouw
RHQ launches its subsidized lunch program at Prime Café, B Hotel Happy birthday
RHQ launches its subsidized lunch program at Prime Café, B Hotel Waouw Happy birthday
RHQ launches its subsidized lunch program at Prime Café, B Hotel Happy birthday
RHQ launches its subsidized lunch program at Prime Café, B Hotel Employee of the month
New faces Waouw
New faces Employee of the month
New faces Employee of the month
New faces Employee of the month
New faces New faces
New faces Employee of the month

Fabrice Boutain - Interview Journal du Net (March 3, 2011)

Fabrice Boutain - Interview Journal du Net"Our goal is to become the Facebook of Well-being" has generated 12 million euros by selling subscriptions to health plans and other programs. Its founder Fabrice Boutain, founder of the portal PageFrance, gives an update on its activities.

Posted on 10/02/2011

Launched in 2007, is still a relatively unknown site. What is it? is the continuity of The latter site was created in 2003, offering premium tests on psychology and brain maintenance. In 2007, we launched as a woman’s well-being portal containing free content. Users can find information and coaching programs on seven different channels: weight loss, nutrition, cooking, psychology, shape & health, pregnancy, and mom & baby. Each program has a community where its members can exchange questions and encourage each other. Our goal is to be the Facebook of well-being.

Why this transition to free service?
We are not abandoning the premium programs. We have shifted to the freemium economic model. Customers can access limited free content for up to a few months and then are given the option to subscribe if they want to continue. 400,000 people subscribe to a coaching program on our site, including 80, 000 in the premium programs.

What are these coaching programs?
These programs are based on the weight loss methods of leading experts and nutritionists, of which we have the exclusive rights as Internet publishers. We operate with a licensing model in which 8 to 12 % of the annual sales is returned to them.

Speaking about freemium, the choice of offering free content isn't directly related with the development of advertising?
90% of our revenue comes from subscriptions, our original model. Even if there is advertising on our site, through partnerships with agencies, its share will never exceed 20% of our profits. Advertising cannot fund our offers even if the site attracted 1.5 million unique monthly visitors in late 2010.

Is you business profitable?
Yes, we’ve had a profit of 12 million euros in 2010 and we have been profitable since the beginning in France.

In France only?
We encountered difficulties abroad. After PageFrance [the French portal founded by Fabrice Boutain in 1996 and sold in 2000 to Spray / Lycos, ed], I aimed for an international business in the future. This is why we have chosen to base ourselves in London, with offices in Hong Kong. This proved to be a letdown and we have since moved to France, where we also hold offices.

You always have a team in Asia. What is its role?
This is the technical team, with 25 engineers who developed our community management technology. The technology helps in managing the conversations and exchanges between visitors in the site, identifying opinion leaders, animating the community and generating usage reports. We have also begun offering this technology to B2B brands such as Danone who want to create online communities.

Have you abandoned your international ambitions?
No, international development is our priority, but we are now more cautious. We're going to target China and the United States in 2012, accompanied by well-known doctors in these countries with whom we have signed exclusive licenses. These are two countries where obesity is a major issue. Afterwards, we will be focusing on two dozen more countries.

To do this, do you intend to raise funds?
Our development has always been solely on equity. For us to launch in China and the United States, we do not need additional resources. Beyond what has already been set, we may have to raise funds, for example by becoming an IPO.

Beyond, are your programs available elsewhere on the Internet?
Yes, we have partnerships with several large white label portals, including Orange, Yahoo and L'Internaute [belonging to CCM Benchmark, the editor of the Journal du Net, ed]. These partnerships existed before’s launch. It accounts for between 10 and 20% of our revenue.

Fabrice Boutain, 39, lives in France and Asia. An avid sportsman, he practiced athletics, including the pole vault with Jean Galfione. After graduating from the business school INSEEC de Bordeaux and finishing his studies in the U.S. (Ohio State University), he began working in Guangzhou, China in the international trading of raw materials, which allowed him to learn Mandarin . In 1997, he founded, which was acquired by Lycos in 2000 via spray. In early 2003, while living in Asia, he founded

ANXA welcomes the year of the rabbit! "Gong Xi Fa Cai !" (February 3, 2011)

ANXA welcomes the year of the rabbit!
Letter from the CEO

Fabrice CEO

Dear all,

I would like to wish you an excellent Chinese New Year this February 3! 2011 will be the Year of the Rabbit and it is said to be a great year for well-being and social activities.

2010 was a fantastic year for our company -

We grew from 65 to 100 employees and I am very proud of our team performance and strong culture. Our growth and performance in the last 3 years were amazing and it is our goal to revolutionize the Nutrition-Well-Being-Heath online world.

Why video We released ALL our figures during the Anxa 2010 All Hands Meeting, including how we reached almost 100,000 subscribers at 15 Euros a month. You may watch the videos for our key numbers as well as the 3 reasons why we sell coaching programs and why our business is booming.

Founders You may also read a transcript (in French) of the videos on my blog. This post garnered hundreds of comments from our community of clients!

OUR VISION IS SIMPLE: WE WANT TO BECOME the FACEBOOK of Well-Being; the online well-being REFERENCE connecting the best authors and coaches with their users through the AnxaPlatform.

We have been doing it in France for the past 10 years. Thus, our goal for the next 10 years will be to look for the best partners all over the world and to open in 20 countries. We will be sharing our expertise and technology for community management, engagement and gamification.

Thank you ALL for being great team mates and partners. We are building together the strongest eco-system to make our world a healthier and better place.

Lastly, we are participating in the annual Well-Being Congress in Paris from February 3 to 7. For those of you who are able, please come visit us! You may find out more about it on as well as read the latest news and press releases about the company.

Fabrice Boutain, Chief Executive Officer

new faces new faces
new faces
new faces
new faces
new faces at the 2011 Salon du bien-être (January 26, 2011)

Anxa’s well-being community portal will be joining the Salon du bien-être. Also present in the weeklong exhibit will be’s celebrity coaches and various members of the community.

This Salon du bien-être, will be held in Paris from February 3 to 7, 2011 at the Porte de Versailles. The exhibit will be a relaxing getaway and an opportunity to discover and interact with key players in the well-being market.

Community members and clients of have been invited to this event to share their experiences as followers of the chosen program and as opinion leaders within their communities.

Best-selling authors and renowned diet coaches such as Jean-Michel Cohen, Sybille Montignac, Yann Rougier, Jean-Michel Gurret, Claude Chauchard, Patrick Serog, Daniel Sincholle and Alessandra Moro-Buronzo will also be present at the booth. They will be there to meet their communities and answer any questions their members might have.

Lastly, Fabrice Boutain, CEO of, and the team behind the portal will be there to share and promote their passion for Well-Being.

The booth location:
Porte de Versailles - Hall 2.2
Stand A7/B8
Maps available at the exhibition entrance

Coach appearance schedule:

Thursday, February 3, 2011
  • Claude Chauchard, nutrition expert
  • Jean-Michel Cohen, nutrition expert
  • Daniel Sincholle, pharmacologist and expert in herbal medicine
  • Friday, February 4, 2011
  • Yann Rougier, nutrition expert and founder of Forté Pharma Laboratories
  • Patrick Serog, nutritionist
  • Saturday, February 5, 2011
  • Jean-Michel Gurret, EFT practitioner and diet coach
  • Alessandra Moro-Buronzo, naturopath
  • Chat with Sybille Montignac, daughter of the founder of the MontignacMethod and
         state-registered dietitian
  • Anxa Celebrates the Holidays and Toasts to the New Year! (December 21, 2010)

    In celebration of the holidays and the wonderful year that was, Anxa threw a magnificent Christmas party for all of its employees. In the grand ballroom of the Bellevue hotel, the Anxa team members ate, drank and boogied the night away!

    The party kicked off on a very promising note. Anxa’s three founders, Fabrice Boutain, Christophe Boutain and Philippe Monteiro da Rocha gave a retrospective presentation of all the team’s accomplishments for 2010. From a great first quarter which included the release of our coaching program applications on both the iOs and Android platforms, the release of our 8 core values, and new licenses signed, everyone present was made to feel proud of a job well done.

    Anxa: 2010 Retrospective - PART 1

    Anxa: 2010 Retrospective - PART 2

    Anxa: 2010 Retrospective - PART 3

    Anxa: 2010 Retrospective - PART 4

    While it is always good to look back, the team was also reminded that we must keep moving forward. CEO Fabrice Boutain introduced his plans for the coming year, starting with the question "Why do we sell coaching programs?" More than knowing what we do, success comes from believing in WHY we do what we do. With big plans for 2011, the founders of Anxa reminded each person present of their purpose in the company and their contributions to its mission.

    This wonderful and motivational presentation set the mood for the rest of the night. Everyone was in high spirits as friendships were formed over good food and wine, and bonds were strengthened with exciting games and contests. The whole night embodied the true spirit of the holidays.

    Anxa wishes you the happiest of Holidays this 2010 and an amazing year ahead!

    Top Coaches Visit Anxa (November 15, 2010)

    anxa news anxa news
    Dr. Cohen visits Anxa headquarters anxa news
    Dr. Claude Chauchard Meets Anxa Team team waouw shirts
    anxa university graduation anxa university graduation
    Anxa trains with Cécile Neuville happy birthday
    Anxa trains with Cécile Neuville New faces
    Anxa trains with Cécile Neuville click here New faces
    anxa introduces a new CMS tool: OAES New faces
    anxa events anxa events

    Anxa Opens in Montpellier (October 15, 2010)

    anxa news anxa news
    Anxa Opens in Montpellier Anxa step-up
    Anxa Opens in Montpellier press me
    Anxa University Birthday
    Anxa University Birthday
    Vivolta Birthday
    AJ Info Apps New faces
    AJ Info Apps New faces

    Anxa Releases iPad Applications for La méthode Montignac and MentalSlim (September 7, 2010)

    Following the release of Anxa's iPad application for Savoir Maigrir on the Apple App Store, Anxa has also launched its coaching applications for La méthode Montignac with Michel Montignac and MentalSlim with Jean-Michel Gurret. With the fairly recent launch of the iPad by Apple, the company saw the development of compatible apps as a priority to provide their customers with the best and most comprehensive service possible. As a result, they created these universal apps that are compatible with and can be downloaded to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    The updated versions of the apps offer the same extensive content with a new design. Using a more user-friendly interface, Anxa hopes to provide a more enjoyable experience when following its coaching programs. Users are given two options for the app: the free version and the paid version. In addition to the diet profile and results, option to view the community forums, and embedded videos available on the free version, clients have access to their personal account, meal plan, recipe database, coaching tools and videos, a blog updater, weight graph, option to post on the forums, and profile page upon purchasing the paid applications.

    Anxa remains at the forefront of technological developments to achieve their mission of encouraging their members, clients, partners and employees to live better together.

    Anxa's 8 Core Values (June 30, 2010)

    Anxa Welcomes the Year of the Tiger

    Anxa’s 8 Core Values is the definitive list of principles that guides every member of the team and of company as a whole.

    Company values have long been part of corporate life, but in the case of Anxa, the company took its cue from young, progressive and radical companies like Zappos and Amazon. In these companies, the values are not just meaningless plaques on walls, but dynamic and relevant articulations of the company’s true nature.

    So why does Anxa have 8 core values, and not say, 10 or 3?

    The number 8 represents happiness and good fortune in Chinese culture, and this is very indicative of Anxa’s priorities, starting with the very first one:

    1) Sharing our Happiness with our Communities
    Anxa’s primary goal is to ensure the long-term happiness of each of its three core communities: Anxa team members, authors and experts, and customers. As such, we orient every aspect of our work towards community management and take great care and consideration in creating fruitful and longstanding relationships with every member of every community.

    Putting a premium on happiness entails us to try out inventive ways in measuring and promoting it to our different communities.

    From providing team members with free access to life coaching programs to giving the full spectrum of community management for each brand and program, Anxa’s services can only exist if these three groups are satisfied and involved in the quality of offerings and customer service.

    2) Do more with Less
    Anxa looks up to several role models for business, culture, and service. Our biggest influences are companies like Zappos, Amazon, and Google. These brands are known for their unique take on corporate culture and customer service, all under the belief of doing more with less.

    Like those companies, we here at Anxa take on every endeavour with a goal of greatness in sight and strive to do our very best in order to achieve it. Anxa team members are called to always "do more" and never settle for "good enough". Our mindset is such that our work is never finished and we are never satisfied.

    3) Be Passionate for Well-Being and Sports
    The founders of Anxa are former athletes, as are many others in its ranks. This nurtures a strong sports culture among the team members, which champions the values of effort, passion and self transcendence; it also reinforces the belief in coaching as a way to develop people.

    Well-being is also a value that goes hand-in-hand with athleticism and sports. As we prioritize commitment and discipline during work, we also value personal time and creating a relaxed and centred frame of mind. Anxa instils this value to the team by helping them gain access to gyms and spas, encouraging them to get the most out of their rest periods, and spending quality time on weekends with their family.

    4) Focus on Personal Development
    The company's catalogue of personal development tests are made available to employees in order to give them the opportunity to know themselves better. Under the program "Wheel of Life", the company provides each employee access to a qualified psychologist for personal assessment (family, hobbies, career, money, etc.). All this is done in an effort to assist in the continuous improvement of every member and their growth.

    As Anxa nurtures every individual’s personal development, the company also dares them to be different, to think out-of-the-box, and to come up with ideas that are unexpected, fun, and yes, even a little crazy. Read more.

    Rencontre Nationale 2010 celebrated its first ever Recontre National in Montpellier, France. Together with partners Editions Leduc, Savoir Prod, and Zen Pro and the hundreds of community members and clients, the team celebrated a weekend of well-being and happiness.

    Swimming with the Sharks!

    Last April 23 to 24, the Anxa Team embarked on an exciting journey to Donsol to swim with the majestic whale sharks. Every moment was an adventure, from the plane ride to the resort to finally coming face to face with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark. It was a great weekend filled with laughter, amazement, new experiences and good, clean fun!

    Anxa Steps Up

    Anxa calls on all their employees to step up as they officially launch their office Fitbug competition. A Fitbug is a USB-pedometer that connect you with your team with real time ranking and friendly competition. All team members from France and Asia are participating in the continuous event.

    Shop 'til you Drop

    Always striving to provide their members and clients with the highest quality service, has officially launched their e-commerce site to provide their communities with a complete and comprehensive experience in their coaching program of choice. In the shop they will find a vast array of products that will help in weight loss, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.

    Anxa AcCTs up on the iPhone

    The company recently released its ACCT applications for the iPhone. Clients can now access their premium coaching programs on-the-go! Some of the titles include Jean-Michel Cohen’s Savoir Maigrir and Michel Montignac’s Methode Montignac.

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    new faces

    The Community Celebrates Three Years at Montpellier (May 21, 2010)

    The Community Celebrates Three Years at Montpellier From May 22 to 24, 2010 in Montpellier, one of the larger cities in the south of France, history will be made. will be launching their yearly Rencontre Nationale (National Meeting) that weekend on the campgrounds in the city.

    Since its launch in mid-2007, has strove to enhance the online community experience. Every year, members of the team meet with members of the community, typically over dinner parties or weekend lunches. This time around, the team felt that it was time to see things on a larger scale and reach out to more members. Hence, the idea of the 1st Rencontre Nationale was born.

    These past few months, the team, alongside its members, has been hard at work planning the activities, games and workshops. Coaches and experts from’s premium coaching programs such as Jean-Michel Gurret and Sybille Montignac will also take part in the celebration.

    All the fun and activities will be in line with’s priorities of well-being, health, fitness and, of course, happiness. Great things can be expected from the event as the team hopes for it to become a milestone in history. Aiming to provide only the best service to their communities, they see this weekend as merely the beginning of the legacy they wish to leave behind, a stepping stone in the grand scheme of things.

    The members of their various communities will be given a chance to interact with the coaches whose programs they follow, become more acquainted with ways to achieve their personal goals, and have fun in a way that supports a healthy, happy lifestyle. They will also get the chance to express their thoughts and feelings on their current goals and the means by which they plan on achieving them through video testimonials and direct interaction with Fabrice Boutain, CEO of Anxa Limited and

    Surely with the goals they have and only the best interests of their communities in mind, the weekend planned by the team will prove to be a success and a vehicle for more such events and services.

    The news in France: Les membres d' font la fête à Montpellier Launches Online Boutique and Specialized Mini Stores (April 14, 2010) Launches Online Boutique and Specialized Mini Stores prides itself in being the top online portal in France for well-being amongst women. Since its establishment in 2007, they have been offering various channels for women to improve their lives such as weight loss, pregnancy, nutrition and fitness programs, health and beauty regimens and means for psychological and intellectual improvement.

    This year, has tackled a new frontier, e-commerce. In mid February of 2010, they opened their online boutique at Working alongside Anxa Limited who provided the necessary technology, was able to develop the boutique to ensure the best service for their members and clients.

    Shopping on truly is an experience. With an array of products to satisfy any health buff, diet enthusiast, scholar and expectant mother, they have truly stuck to their goal of providing topnotch services to their communities. They carry everything from books to gadgets, to supplements and food. All their products are made available to give members and clients the best experience in whatever program they might be following and help in achieving all their goals.

    The Aujourdhui online boutique carries all the products they have to offer while the mini stores have a more specific selection for clients. These mini stores can be found on the various coaching sites developed by Aujourdhui in parternship with specialists such as Michel Montignac (, Jean-Michel Cohen ( Jean-Michel Gurret ( These mini e-commerce sites offer the items included in each program, as well as supplementary products recommended by each coach. All the efforts of go into make the overall experience of well-being worthwhile for each individual.

    Expect more from the boutique in the future as they strive to continually expand their inventory while maintaining a level of service to be proud of. This is only the beginning. There are much greater things to come.

    Eat, Play, Sleep (April 8, 2010)

    Anxa now has a place where employees can sink into a plush sofa, close their eyes, and clear their mind from all their crazy ideas. The company recently launched their first ever Well-Being room, which Anxa Technology CEO Fabrice Boutain describes as a "haven of calm and relaxation... And a little fun as always!"

    In keeping with the team’s values, which put a premium on customer happiness and life balance, members brainstormed on how to put the distinct Anxa mark on the Well-Being room and really make it their own.

    For starters, they decided to make it a no-work zone. "We are not allowed to talk about work in the Well-Being room." Fabrice Boutain announced during its launch. "Refusal to comply will mean treating the whole office out." While this was mostly met with cheers, a number of the company’s avowed workaholics ran back to the sanctuary of their computer terminals.

    The team settled on a design that communicated the members’ penchant for travel, fusing Asian serenity and European flair. In keeping with the healthy living theme, the room was also stocked with delicious and all-natural snacks and refreshments. As a final touch, they added complimentary weekly massages for all the employees.

    Last March 2010, the room was officially launched with a simple, but elegant breakfast buffet of healthy finger sandwiches, fruits in mint syrup; lemongrass iced tea and freshly brewed coffee. The morning was filled with conversations and laughter.

    The launch embodied the essence and purpose of the Well-Being Room, which is to have a quiet getaway in the office. Team members are encouraged to take a few minutes out of their workday to visit the room, clear their heads and recharge. Here, they can read a book, have a snack, take a quick nap, get a massage or just sit and rest. The big idea is to give them a place to escape the work setting for a while, reenergize, and ultimately perform to the best of their abilities in the workplace. The room is also another venue for team members to get-together and bond over games and good conversations. As one employee surmised during the launch, "It’s not just a well-being room; it’s a better living room."

    Anxa Welcomes the Year of the Tiger (February 12, 2010)

    Anxa Welcomes the Year of the Tiger

    Letter from the CEO

    Fabrice BoutainIn behalf of Anxa, I would like to greet everyone a very happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger! Like the powerful cat, Anxa is roaring its way into the new year! 2009 was a challenging time for Anxa. We watched as many companies were overwhelmed by the global economic slump, and for a while it seemed as though the question was no longer if companies would take a fall, but when it would happen and how bad it was going to turn out.

    I have no doubt that we could have gone that way, had it not been for one very important thing-- and that is our people. I am so very proud that Anxa not only survived 2009, but in fact, flourished. We found out that we were the kind of company that would soar, not just when the times were good, but also when they were bad.

    First off, community has grown, and we now have nearly 400,000 subscribers to our 7 coaching programs. 300,000 are following the free coaching program, while 60,000 belong to the premium programs. Internally, we've grown our offices in France and Asia. More people are joining our Paris office and we have partnered with 5agence in Bordeaux. Our Asian office has also gotten bigger, with more people taking on the responsibilities in manning brand new divisions, such as e-commerce, mobile web, and social media.

    We also signed on 4 new personalities and their coaching programs: Dr. Yann Rougier of SlimDATA, trainer to the stars Julie Ferrez, Olivia Adriaco and her Methodes Naturelle, and a pregnancy coaching program with Cecile Neuville in partnership with 3suisses.

    2009 also saw us try our hand into two new platforms-- social media and the iPhone App Store. Facebook, of course, was the revolution in France. Anxa is right alongside the social networking site's explosive growth by garnering 1 million users for our pages and applications. As for the iPhone, it was a real treat to see our premium IQ Test application hit the top position in 12 countries. Such fantastic accomplishments for 2009 paved the way for our goals in 2010.

    For our customers, I have three things in mind: One is to provide them with relevant, real-time information; two, we have seek to break the disconnect between the web and the "real world", and lastly, we will use our extensive database of information to better serve and empower our customers.

    As for Team Anxa, the lessons we learned in 2009 made us realize how important identity and culture is to a company. Had we not incorporated our core values in the past year, we would not be where we are today. As a company, we would like to more clearly express the community within our offices. It is marked by an easy camaraderie, passion for our work, life, and well-being. This will become more apparent in the months to come as we share our experiences as a company to our partners and customers.

    I have no doubt that 2010 will become a banner year for Anxa. The year of the Tiger will see us leaping up and out and coming out on top!

    Fabrice Boutain, Chief Executive Officer

    Recent Events

    Salon du Bien Etre

    Anxa's Team was part of the Salon du bien-être held in Paris last February 4 to 8. Celebrity coaches like Julie Ferrez, Sybille Montignac, Jean-Michel Gurret, and Claude Pinault all paid a visit and mingled with their fans. Aujourdhui stalwarts such as Cecile Neuville, Anelor Dabo, and Valerie Gigquel helped man the booth alongside our very own Jean-Michel Berille (Biz Dev), Thomas Poulain (E-Commerce & Affiliation) and Delphine Michel (Nutritionist and assistant to the CEO). View the streaming videos.

    Ugly T-Shirt Friday

    Ugly T-Shirt Friday was a roaring success as Anxa's employees dredged up their rattiest, most ill-designed shirts for the occasion. Hideous florals, shoulder pads, and relics from the 80s were paraded around. Competition was tough, but the award was eventually given to Darwin Panganiban (Mobile Technical Manager), who rocked a sheer, hole-y ensemble. See more ugly shirts.


    Anxa's Christmas Party 2009

    It was a Ghetto Fabulous night for Anxa as they celebrated their annual Christmas party. Employees sashayed down a catwalk, and gave their all in the games and talent shows. As tradition, it was a night of thanksgiving as well, and everyone cheered the company's growth and good fortune despite all the challenges. A speech from CEO Fabrice Boutain sealed the night and signaled for more outrageous partying until the wee hours of the morning. Relive the fun.

    Follow Anxa

    New Faces

 Joins, Connects, and Shares with Facebook (November 1, 2009) Joins,  Connects, and Shares with Facebook, one of the leading female well-being portals in France, has integrated Facebook Connect into their platform. Similar integrations by and saw increases in membership and engagement for the sites as users flocked to use the one-step identity registration process.

    Facebook Connect allows users to bring their real identities everywhere in the web, with the assurance of the utmost security and privacy from the most trusted brands on the Internet. CEO Fabrice Boutain expounds on the process: "We decided to integrate Facebook Connect into for two reasons. The first is to give our users the convenience of joining by letting them register with just one click of a button. They no longer need to validate their emails and fill up the usual forms as these are all taken care of by the connection. Second, our users can now share their experiences in to the different networks on their Facebook!"

    Apart from the registration of new members, longtime members of now have the option of linking their accounts with their Facebook profiles. Activity on popular tools such as the blog, forum, and weight loss tracker can now be published on users' Facebook news feeds, to share with their friends on the Facebook network. Of course, members can be assured of their privacy and security at all times, as employs the same type of granular privacy settings provided by Facebook. These settings let users control the kind and amount of information they want to share.

    Fabrice Boutain notes that, "2009 has seen many developments in social media, and I'm proud to say that we are at the forefront." He adds, "As a company, innovation is part of our core values, as well as customer service. We cannot afford to do any less, as we owe it to our clients to provide them with very best of what the web has to offer at all times."

    Anxa's IQ Test Tops the Apple App Store in Europe (October 20, 2009)

    Anxa's IQ Test Tops the Apple App Store Anxa's IQ Test application hit the top spot for paid applications in the Apple App Store in France, Chile and Spain. The premium test, which calculates a user's Intelligence Quotient in a series of certified questions and problems, is the company's first foray into the Apple App Store, where over 85, 000 applications are now in existence. A few weeks after its launch, the IQ Test application shot straight up the App Store's paid Education category, reaching the number one position in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and Hong Kong.

    Anxa CEO Fabrice Boutain had this to say about the application's success: "We are extremely excited and highly encouraged with the debut of our IQ Test application in the Apple App Store. The demographic using the iPhone and iTouch are innovators when it comes to new technology and they are paving the way for the future of the Internet." He adds, "This is a sign of the other things to come from Anxa. We have a lot more dynamic products in the pipeline; collaborations with our partners will result in applications that will serve our clients' needs in the future."

    The IQ Test is now available in eight languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese) as well as French and English versions for children 8 to 14 years old.

    Anxa's IQ Test: 350, 000 people like this (October 1, 2009)

    Anxa's IQ Test: 350, 000 people like this Anxa reached a new milestone in social media when their application Votre Test de QI en 10 questions nabbed the top spot among the French language IQ test applications. Just a few weeks after it was launched in late August 2009, the free application claimed 350, 000 monthly active users. Currently, the application holds the 4th position in the Education category and is one of the top 20 most popular Facebook applications in France.

    With the success of their first Facebook application, Anxa proves once again its knack for coming up with winning concepts in varying mediums. CEO Fabrice Boutain elaborates, "For every endeavor we undertake, we focus on a single goal. For Facebook, it was about creating brand affinity and awareness. To achieve it, we started engaging our audience in a new way. We took our tried and tested ideas and tweaked them to suit the social media market." As testament to this, Anxa is now able to reach over 400, 000 Facebook users with its IQ test and other well-being applications. To this, their CEO remarks, "We are definitely more than just keeping up with the rapid pace of the web and its users."

    The company will be releasing more applications in the coming months as they aim to top the success of their IQ test application. The future applications will be optimized to to serve the company's Anxa Coaching Technology (ACT) platform. According to Fabrice Boutain, the future social media applications will contain "more exciting content and sophisticated technology."

    iPhone - iPod - iQ? (August 4, 2009)

    iPhone - iPod - iQ? Anxa's certified IQ test is now available in the iPhone and iPod touch. As Apple celebrated the first birthday of their popular App Store, Anxa has joined in the festivities by releasing their IQ test in French and English in with its "health-tertainment" priorities for this year.

    Anxa's premium personality tests have already sold over two million copies worldwide in various digital forms, including versions for the Internet, WAP, iMode, and Java applications, with the IQ test being the perennial favorite and top-seller. Users can test their logical, spatial, mathematical, and verbal intelligences and then compare their results with the rest of the population.

    "This is a new and exciting time for Anxa in almost all areas of the business but especially technologically." said Anxa's Chief Technology Officer Christophe Boutain. He added, "The iPhone and the App Store is a challenging market because it is constantly changing and innovating. Despite its relative youth, it already wields immense power and influence over the way we communicate and entertain ourselves today and in the future."

    Apple has fully tested the new Anxa applications for compatibility on the iPhone and iPod touch and is available in the App Store for only $0.99 under the Education category.

    Aujourdhui is 1 Click Away! (July 1, 2009)

    Aujourdhui is 1 Click Away! recently unveiled a brand new homepage. Sleeker, brighter, and more streamlined, the redesign showcased a cleaner and more user-friendly interface, the highlight of which is the one-click access to favorite user programs, tools, and applications.

    The homepage is now divided into five main parts. At the very top, the site focuses on the 100% free programs in well-being, weight loss, pregnancy, psychology, etc. The navigation bar was retained, along with complete list of channels with the automatic drop-down menus for easy navigation. The second area features the top premium weight loss programs and their communities in Followers of Jean-Michel Cohen, Michel Montignac, and Jean-Michel Gurret will be able to access information and interesting content on their favorite diet experts and their programs. The third part puts the spotlight on the community, a lively group of women who share their weight loss stories and connect with one another, through the many tools provided. Newbies to the site will get a sneak peek into the lives of these women who have made the community a daily habit. Below the community, one can find the very best in "health-tertainment," where featured videos, blogs, and pictures take center stage every week. This area is special as it is where recognizes the best and the brightest in the community. Lastly we have the innovative " in 1 Click" too. This tool maps out all the popular features and applications of each program so that users can have an easier and faster time accessing their favorite features in the site. CEO Fabrice Boutain states, "We’ve always envisioned as a dynamic site, one that constantly evolves to suit the needs of its core audience." He adds, "Our users were very happy with the changes. We received an overwhelmingly positive response; especially on the 'one-click' functionality." The smooth transition of the redesign is indicative of's tight technology and meticulous standards. "I am personally very happy with the redesign." one user writes in. Another one comments, "It gave us more time for what we need and want to do!" Clearly has got the pulse on what works with their market.

    Nielsen's Gives Top Ratings (June 30, 2009)

    Nielsen's Gives Top Ratings April proved to be be a very fortuitous month for, the leading well-being Internet portal in France. Not only did the site celebrate its second year anniversary, but it also surged to 1.4 million active monthly users and was rated as one of the best on total time spent by users on the site!

    From the very start, has always prided itself in providing women with entertaining, informative, and relevant content. Since its inception two years ago, the site has grown to serve almost every need and issue of women, ranging from weight loss, to pregnancy, well-being, and health. At its very core, the site has always put its "health-tertainment" service as its number one priority, and it was heartening for the site's team to see that its audience has responded, not just favorably, but with a roar of enthusiasm! According to the Mediametie Nielsen, a highly respected and accurate publisher of Internet trends,'s users increased to over 1.4 million in April 2009, an impressive score despite stiff competition from similar portals and international networking sites.

    Apart from developing consistent premium content and maintaining a vibrant community, the site has also endeavored to making all its functionalities and applications run as smoothly and as quickly as possible. This is another reason why was reported as having one of the best numbers when it came to total Time Spent. The average time spent by each user is April was 12 minutes and 40 seconds, twice that of the other leading female portals.

    "Reaching 1.4 million users was the icing on our birthday cake!" exclaimed CEO Fabrice Boutain, as the news came shortly after the site's anniversary. He added, "We're very grateful to our users of course. They are our biggest partner in making what it is today." He also extended credit to team behind the site, saying that their hard work, dedication, and desire to "always innovate" drove the company to new heights.

    There is no way to go but up of course! With a host of new premium coaching programs and more user-friendly design changes in the website, can look forward to reaching new milestones and stay on course towards its goal of being the preferred female portal in Europe!


    Launched in June 2007, is a female community portal centered on well-being. The site currently features successful channels in weight loss, food, nutrition, pregnancy, motherhood, and psychology. The site enjoys over 280,000 active members and 2 million subscribers to its newsletters. also offers several premium coaching programes, reaching out to nearly 40,000 paying subscribers. Among them is Savoir Maigrir from France’s foremost nutritionist, Jean-Michel Cohen; and a unique personal development program for brain training.

    Camera Cafe Hits's 2nd Anniversary! (June 27, 2009)

    Camera Cafe Hits's 2nd Anniversary! recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary and offered a little video gift to its millions of loyal users. Taking a cue from the hugely popular Camera Cafe, the team set up a hidden camera in the coffeemaker and eavesdropped on the team's celebration plans. Hilarity ensues as the various team members give their kooky two cents worth. In the end, they agree that what is important is not how they celebrate the occasion, but rather with whom. And who else would it be but the site's V.I.P.'s-- all 1.4 million users!

    The humorous sketch underlined's number one priority, which is, and has always been, the millions of women who have made part of their daily life. "Our service-oriented mindset has kept us on the forefront of the female well-being market." says CEO and co-founder Fabrice Boutain. He adds, "Each innovation, each new tool, functionality, and application has been developed with the needs of our customers in mind." This core value has served the company well, attracting top international weight loss and fitness coaches such as Jean-Michel Cohen, Michel Montignac, and Jean-Michel Gurret into launching their premium Internet programs with the company. also expanded its services beyond weight loss and fitness, by launching new channels that addressed the unique needs of women, such as Pregnancy and female Health. To enhance the connectivity and communication of their community members, launched the hugely popular Aujourdhui Chat, becoming the first European social network to collaborate with instant messaging giant Meebo. They also put up an online directory for the world's top diets, so that users were simply a click away from their perfect diet! These technological innovations and creative content have made one of the stickiest sites in France, with its users staying on the site almost double the time of its closest competitors.

    Having already reached amazing successes in a relatively short span of time, is looking forward to achieving even more in the future. As a sign of things to come, CEO Fabrice Boutain declares, "We always aim for number 1. Everything is going to become better, faster, and stronger."


    Launched in June 2007, is a female community portal centered on well-being. The site currently features successful channels in weight loss, food, nutrition, pregnancy, motherhood, and psychology. The site enjoys over 280,000 active members and 2 million subscribers to its newsletters. also offers several premium coaching programes, reaching out to nearly 40,000 paying subscribers. Among them is Savoir Maigrir from France’s foremost nutritionist, Jean-Michel Cohen; and a unique personal development program for brain training.

    Anxa Launches Two New Weight Loss Programs with Anxa Coaching Technology (June 5, 2009)

    Anxa Launches Two New Important Weight Loss Programs with Anxa Coaching Technology Whether people want to lose weight naturally or systematically, they know that the place to start is Anxa! May 2009 saw the online launch of two top diet and weight loss programs: SLIM-data and Methodes Naturelles. These popular programs add depth and dimension to Anxa’s roster of weight loss products and offer internet users the chance to find the weight loss method that is right for them.

    SLIM-data is the result of Yann Rougier's 25 year study on food and its impact on health. The nutrition expert has already written several best-selling books (Voulez-vous maigrir avec moi? and Prévenir et vaincre le surpoids en famille) based on his patented weight loss program, and thanks to Anxa Coaching Technology (ACT), is now able to offer a more direct and interactive approach to help people lose unwanted pounds quickly and permanently. Through exclusive videos and daily emails, Rougier takes users through the four phases of the SLIM Data method, which aims to re-educate and stabilize the metabolism.

    Developed by popular television star and well-being celebrity Olivia Adriaco together with highly-respected naturopath and best-selling author (L'alimentation intelligente and La naturopathie) Alessandra Moro Buronza, 'Methodes Naturelles' is one of the top homeopathic programs in Europe today. The online version of their alternative program takes a holistic approach to weight loss by focusing not just on the physical, but on the emotional and mental aspects as well. Using all-natural methods and products, most notably 'Les Fleurs de Bach', Methodes Naturelles offers users the chance to lose weight as nature would have intended.

    Anxa CEO Fabrice Boutain is very proud of these recent launches: "We are very happy that both SLIM-data and Methodes Naturelles have chosen our 'ACT' platform to launch the online versions of their coaching programs. Anxa's Coaching Technology offers a unique, full-function, user-friendly platform for brands wanting to expand their businesses to the Internet." He adds, "This new approach enables brands to utilize our technology and expertise at a fraction of the cost of trying to build their own. Lastly, it also allows them to focus all of their time on managing their online business.

    About Anxa

    Anxa provides interactive new media platforms in the fields of well-being, health, and personal development. Since its inception in June 2001 Anxa has developed several successful programs in weight loss, psychology, health & fitness, and pregnancy through its free community portals in Europe and Asia, and its premium Anxa Coaching Technology platform. members can now give advice & provide support to each other (April 1, 2009)

    Guide to the World’s Top 50 Diets, now on Together with popular Instant Messaging website Meebo, is proud to announce the launch of its community-based instant messaging tool. has integrated Meebo's IM Community chat or "instant messaging in a box" to its platform, the same instant messaging tool being used by other leading social networks like Facebook and MySpace. This tool lets a user’s friends list and chat boxes "pop up" from the bottom of the site’s tool bar and "pop out" into separate windows. This allows for unobtrusive and continuous chatting for users as they go from page to page in

    "We are very excited about the new experience that the IM service will bring to our members."'s CEO Fabrice Boutain remarks, "As a community site dedicated to women's well-being, this application allows our users to reach out and share more information with each other, encouraging each other to strive on with their goals."

    He adds, "Now they will be able to connect with their friends from across the country and even beyond; send links, photos, and videos at a faster rate. The level of interaction will become more intimate and relevant."

    Meebo is the IM platform of choice of some of the biggest players on the Internet, especially among websites with large communities. The US-based website provides its users with access to multiple chat clients like AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and more recently, Facebook. Approximately 80 million messages are exchanged daily via Meebo, making it one of the most used web applications. Time Magazine included it in its list of Top 50 Coolest websites and PC Magazine listed it as one of the Top 100 Best Products in 2006, 2007, and 2008.


    Launched in June 2007, is a female community portal centered on well-being. The site currently features successful channels on weight loss, food, nutrition, pregnancy, motherhood, and psychology. The site enjoys over 280,000 active members and 2 million subscribers to its newsletters. also offers several premium coaching programs, reaching out to nearly 40, 000 paying subscribers. Among them is Savoir Maigrir from France's foremost nutritionist, Jean-Michel Cohen, and a unique development program for brain training.

    Guide to the World’s Top 50 Diets, now on (March 19, 2009)

    Guide to the World’s Top 50 Diets, now on For people searching for the ideal weight loss program, either online or off, there has always been a confusing array of regimens, offers, programmes, and pseudo-medical opinion to choose from.

    How is an ordinary person supposed to decipher the good from the bad? The safe from the downright dangerous; the truly caring coach from the gouging profiteer?'s expert team of nutritionists and coaches have now assembled an easy to follow guide to the world’s 50 most popular diets. Users can now find comprehensive information for diets such as Weight Watchers, The Zone, the Hollywood Diet, the Miami Diet, and many more. The selection of diets in the guide is diverse and comprehensive, and comparative data is offered to enable people to more accurately choose a programme or diet that suits their lifestyle and weight loss needs.

    Both a search tool and diet index are provided for users to quickly locate diets by name.

    In this guide, all relevant information for each diet is clearly explained, following a specific template—origins and principles of the diet programme, long-term effects, advantages, disadvantages, and a description of a typical day and meal plan. User-generated content is also encouraged, as members of are able to leave their comments and opinions, share their personal experiences on the diets, and even suggest additional diets to be added to the guide.’s guide to the world’s top 50 diets can be found here:


    Launched in June 2007, is a female community portal centered on well-being. The site currently features successful channels in weight loss, food, nutrition, pregnancy, motherhood, and psychology. The site enjoys over 280,000 active members and 2 million subscribers to its newsletters. also offers several premium coaching programmes, reaching out to nearly 40,000 paying subscribers. Among them is Savoir Maigrir from France’s foremost nutritionist, Jean-Michel Cohen; and a unique personal development program for brain training.

    Online Survey Reveals Why Women Want to Lose Weight (February 18, 2009)

    Online Survey Reveals Why Women Want to Lose Weight A survey taken by the members of French female community reveals the number one motive for wanting to lose weight using an online fitness and weight loss program.

    Over 2,000 users of participated in the survey conducted in January of 2009. The majority of the respondents (53%), said that they wanted to lose weight simply to feel good about themselves. Other frequent responses were that they wished to gain back their formerly slim figures (21%), to improve the quality of their lives in general (18.3%), to look and feel sexy again (3.6%), and to be in shape for an upcoming important event (3.4%).

    When asked about the reason for their weight gain, 33% attributed it to unnecessary snacking, and 28.4% claimed that they were eating correctly but in huge portions. When asked whether there was a behavioural reason for their weight gain, 32.6% admitted that their eating behaviour was uncontrollable; 29.8% reasoned that their eating behaviour was affected by stress or work in general. When asked whether their weight gain coincided with a change in lifestyle, 13.4% women said that they started to gain weight after getting married.

    This weight loss survey also provided some important insights to the eating habits of the respondents. Only 4 out of 10 people suggested that they try to eat a balanced diet, but 1 out of every 5 skips at least one meal during the day. Many also admitted an addiction to junk food (17.4%) or to ready-to-eat (from restaurants or groceries) meals (17%). Finally, 1% of respondents said that they are on a vegetarian diet.

    The survey was organised and monitored by the professional nutritionists and coaches of in order to gain a better understanding of the issues most troubling women in France today.

    The valuable feedback will go a long way towards helping the team to constantly improve their service and to be certain that the advise and expertise offered is truly in tune with the needs of the users.


    Launched in June 2007, is a female community portal centered on well-being. The site currently has successful channels in weight loss, food, and psychology; and intends on expanding its reach to other areas that are essential to women. The site enjoys over 200,000 active members and 1.5 million subscribers to its newsletters. also offers many other coaching programs, including the acclaimed 'Savoir Maigrir' from France's foremost nutritionist, Jean-Michel Cohen. A unique personal development program for brain training is also featured. Developed by Anxa; the parent company of this programme is distributed throughout France by top players on the Web, including Orange, MSN, Yahoo, Alice and

    International Celebrity Nutritionist Now on (January 1, 2009)

    International Celebrity Nutritionist Now on Having already sold more than 26 million books worldwide, famed French nutritionist Michel Montignac is now taking his methods to the Internet. For the first time, the 'Montignac Diet®' will be available online in France and soon in UK, USA, and Australia too. Montignac has partnered with the well-respected Internet personal development publisher, 'Anxa' to launch his acclaimed weight loss program in partnership with

    Much more than a simple adaptation of the books, the online program offers a rich and rewarding experience for subscribers. Michel Montignac himself coaches users through daily videos and explains the main essential foods at the core of his weight loss diet. He and his team of dietitians also individually follow the progress of online users, ensuring personal attention to each individual. The Montignac Diet online features daily emails and videos. It includes varied meal plans, delicious recipes developed by Montignac and his team, printable shopping lists, weight loss tools and calculators, and a lively discussion forum. An interactive online weight loss journal is also available for users to take note of their daily progress and for Montignac's team of dietitians to review and offer advise and assistance..

    The program is simple and practical to observe daily, whether at home, at the office, or in a restaurant. Celebrities including Kylie Minogue and Hugh Grant are advocates of the Montignac Diet and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands lost 11 kilos through the Montignac method. has now become the premier weight loss community in France with a large and highly active forum of women wanting to improve their lifestyles and well being. was a natural choice for Montignac to launch his Internet presence considering the large team of Internet and technical expertise behind the project and the extensive network and reputation of Anxa.

    Fabrice Boutain, CEO of Anxa commented, "We are delighted to welcome Michel Montignac into the Anxa family of personal development and well being products and we are confident that with our combined expertise, we will be able to offer to the public a sensational weight loss experience from one of the world's most respected nutritionists at a price that is well within the reach of the average person. Despite recent economic worries, we remain very positive for the 2009 outlook and expect that our community on will continue to grow at a robust rate."

    To learn more about the Methode Montignac online please vist :

    To learn more about Anxa and for advertising opportunities, please visit

    Anxa strengthens it's relationship with MSN in Europe and the Pacific. (October 15, 2008)

    Anxa strengthens it's relationship with MSN in Europe and the Pacific. Anxa is happy to announce today that it has both broadened and strengthened its relationship with MSN in France, Australia and New Zealand.

    The Anxa 'Tests & Quizzes Channel' has made a successful move from the games section of MSN's portals to find a new home in the 'Lifestyle Section'. In addition, the channel will launch for the first time in New Zealand. This not only confirms MSN's faith in the quality and value of Anxa services but ensures that a much larger and more responsive audience will have access to this exciting content.

    Building on its already loyal base of test-takers, Anxa, over the past two years has broadened the scope of its content offer to include editorial and popular free quizzes on a range of lifestyle-related issues.

    Food and Nutrition, General Well-Being, Family Life, News and Topical Events, as well as its more traditional Intelligence and Career topics. MSN's lifestyle editors now have access to a growing catalogue of professionally-prepared content that they can use throughout the their lifestyle channels to inform and entertain the audience whilst also driving premium revenues from users who choose to subscribe to the 'Personal Development Programme'.

    Fabrice Boutain, CEO of Anxa commented, "We are very proud to be able to announce today these three important new launches with MSN. Our in-house content team has worked hard over the past years to develop the content and to build and strengthen our relationships with our partners. Our goal has not changed from the birth of the company, to be a leading player in the 'Personal Development Business.' We are confident that we will continue to be a preferred partner in this important content area and that we will soon be making further exciting announcements regarding both new partnerships and new content".

    For more information about integrating Anxa content to your portal or web site please contact us announces the launch of an important new channel. (September 1, 2008) announces the launch of an important new channel. Hard on the heels of its recent rapid growth, the team today announced the launch of an important new channel to its offering.

    In line with its firm focus on women's health and well being issues, the Pregnancy Channel will go live today.

    Developed by midwives, perinatal psychologists, and pregnancy experts, this is the first 100% free Pregnancy Coaching Programme on the Internet that allows women to follow their pregnancy day by day. The channel is designed to provide solid information and support to women who wish to get pregnant, expectant mothers, and young mothers with families. Subscribers to the service will enjoy several free tools, including:

    • 40-week pregnancy coaching program
    • Weight graph
    • Directory of baby names
    • Pregnancy progress bar
    • Birth date calculator
    • Pregnancy calendar
    • Temperature graph's director of content, Philippe Monteiro da Rocha commented, "Today is a very important day in the evolution of the Aujourdhui community. Our goal from the beginning was to use the wonderful tools that Web 2.0 technology offers to enable women of all walks of life to share and grow together. Our forums and groups are growing at an unbelievable rate, and our experts listen and participate daily in the topics and concerns that are foremost in the minds of women today.

    The addition of the Pregnancy Channel is a direct response to the needs of the community, and we are very proud to announce its launch today after many months of preparation."

    To learn more, please visit the channel at

    Anxa's 'Train Your Brain Programme' to reach 40,000 subscribers by year end. (August 1, 2008)

    Anxa's 'Train Your Brain Programme' to reach 40,000 subscribers by year end Launched across all Anxa's distribution partnerships in France in late 2007, the 'Programme d'entrainement du cerveau' or 'Train Your Brain programme' now boasts a subscriber base of over 20,000 paying monthly subscribers and is expected to top 30,000 in France alone this year.

    In addition, the programme will enjoy major launches in the UK in August with both 'Virginmedia' and 'Fox Interactive Media.' These new partnerships are expected to boost the subscriber base even more rapidly, topping 10,000 paying subscribers for the UK market by year end.

    The programme, developed by Anxa's team, offers web users the opportunity to engage their brain, increase their intellect and boost their career and life.

    For as little as €7 per month, subscribers receive a full programme of weekly exercises, tips and techniques to stimulate their mind and to put them on track to a more fulfilling life in just five to ten minutes per day.

    Anxa's Content Director Philippe Monteiro da Rocha commented. "We are delighted with the subscriber uptake and loyalty to this wonderful programme. The 1980's and 90's were tagged the 'information age' but there has been a subtle shift from the turn of the century and we have now entered the 'intelligence age'. Intelligence is the new currency and we are confident that with our now well-established place in the internet space, Anxa will continue to be the partner of choice for personal improvement and intelligence content."

    For more information on the programme, please contact the Anxa sales team. offers gifts for its first anniversary (June 1, 2008) offers two fun and free gifts to generate buzz for its first anniversary. With 200,000 members and 40,000 paying subscribers in only a year, celebrates its first anniversary by offering not one, but two fun free gifts to its members, both loyal and new.

    The first is a free PDF e-book called for Newbies, which was borne out of popular demand. It is an extensive beginner’s guide on how to use all the services offered by, designed to help those women who wish to use the weight loss program and community tools but are not yet familiar with computers. The necessity of providing a beginner’s guide underscores the high levels of interest for women to lose weight on

    The second is a hilarious music video featuring the entire team, from the interns up to the CEO, in dance and song. This strategy is intended to highlight as a Web 2.0 site and motivate the online community to post their comments and spread the word via viral marketing by embedding the video wherever they wish. The site provides users with all the necessary tools to make new friends, interact, and even meet each other face to face.

    Launched in June 2007, is a female community portal centered on well-being. The site currently has successful channels in weight loss, food, and psychology; and intends to expand its reach to other areas that are essential to women. The site enjoys over 200,000 active members and 1.5 million subscribers to its newsletters. also offers many other coaching programs, such as Savoir Maigrir from France ’s foremost nutritionist, Jean-Michel Cohen, and a unique personal development program for brain training, which is distributed by France ’s top players on the Web, such as Orange , MSN, Yahoo!, and

    Anxa heads into Virgin territory (May 26, 2008)

    Anxa heads into Virgin territory Anxa is teaming up with 'Virgin,' one of the world's most recognised and respected brands.

    Anxa has signed a deal with Virgin Media in the UK to launch a brand new channel of 'Personal Improvement' content inside the Virgin Media portal, complementing the already robust 'lifestyle' offering.

    Virgin Media is the UK's first quadruple-play media company, incorporating television, internet, mobile, and fixed line phone services. It is rapidly becoming the largest player in the broadband business with as many as 15 million visitors per month and 3,701,200 broadband subscribers (as of end of 2007).

    Part of the 'Virgin Group' founded by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Media was born out of the merger of ntl: Telewest, Virgin Mobile and Virgin Media is a brand new type of entertainment and communications company that offers a brilliant array of the latest products and technology, coupled with outstanding customer service and great value. It is now the single largest Virgin Company of the group with 13,000 employees and 10,000,000 customers.

    Fabrice Boutain, founder and CEO of Anxa commented; "We are thrilled to announce this important new relationship in the UK market. Virgin is a clear leader not only in brand recognition but in its ability to bring the best quality products and services, thereby building brand loyalty and meaningful value for its customers. We believe that there is an excellent synergy between the missions of our two businesses; not only to entertain the audience but to help users to better understand and improve themselves and their lives."

    The now, well known and equally well respected Anxa, 'Tests & Quizzes Channel' of personal improvement tests and knowledge entertainment quizzes will go live with Virgin Media this summer 2008.

    For more information please Contact Us

    Interview with Fabrice Boutain - (April 15, 2008)

    CEO Fabrice Boutain was interviewed by Thomas Owadenko for Video Agency. The two Internet entrepreneurs discussed's current activities and future plans, as well as the future of internet video and its effect on web-based businesses. Boutain had many thoughts on the concept and was largely optimistic about the video project developments at He also talked about the company's methodology and the conceptualization behind some of their recent achievements.

    Here is the transrcipt of the conversation :
    TO: I am with Fabrice Boutain in Video Camp in Paris. Welcome!

    FB: Thank you Thomas!

    TO: So could you explain to us what you are doing?

    FB: We are running a French portal called which means in English. We are going after the women's market. We have developed a social network for ladies in France where they get together to share some ideas and goals about weight-loss, psychology, food, and nutrition.

    TO: (Could you) give me a few numbers on the aujourdhui portal? Like when was it launched...

    FB: We launched six months ago and we have about 180,000 ladies losing weight right now. They have lost about 700,000 kilos.

    TO: Wow that is huge! 700,000!

    FB: More even.

    TO: You are measuring everything?

    FB: Everything is measured because every Saturday there is an email alert where you have to weigh yourself. So you're going to be checking how many kilos you've lost.

    TO: So you are helping women to feel better in France?

    FB: Yes. This is a well-being portal where ladies get together to have a better life. Our job is to get them together and to give tools. Free tools for groups, for blogging, (and) for forums. We have success stories already. I know a lady in northern France who has 112 friends (in the community) already, and she has lost 15 kilos. She just gave birth 3 months ago. She joined to lose weight after giving birth.

    TO: Does she pay you for the services?

    FB: To join the community is free. There you can enjoy all the free services and then you also have the option to join some coaching services with health celebrities (like) doctors and experts. There you're going to have pay a fee which is about one Euro per day.

    TO: So you are a mix of say, in the US you are a mix of iVillage and

    FB: Yes exactly.

    TO: So let's go inside the subject of today, about video. What are you doing in video right now?

    FB: (With the) video we started about a couple of months ago, working with the company Kewego, who is providing us with the video platform in order for our users to host their videos. That was one of the first goals, was to host the videos and to have a hosting platform. It's not our business, video, so we decided to work with an existing platform...

    TO: Kewego is that the name of the company? Could you tell me something about the company, why is it a good, what they give you?

    FB: Kewego was founded by two French guys, two friends of mine, we know them for ten years and they already have a success story in France

    TO: Michel Meyer and Olivier Heckmann! We know them very well. I sold my company to these guys in 2002...

    FB: (laughs) True Thomas.

    TO: And you too !

    TO: Yes, my company joined and they joined the group after.

    FB: So that's why I decided to work with Kewego, but I needed to have a platform and I needed it to have more content. What Kewego is offering is access to the content of all the partners. (The users) are all sharing content. We have our white label distribution on the platform and I am very happy with it. So that was one of the goals, to get access to the content and (two) to host some of the video content for our bloggers. The third was of course for us to host our own production of content.

    TO: So white label services?

    FB: Exactly.

    TO: So just tell me some numbers for video and how people can view the video on your website right now. Do you produce (your own?)

    FB: It's amazing-- things are changing every week. We are getting more and more videos from the users, on a weekly basis! Just yesterday I put on my blog, which is available on of course, a video of two ladies who met in France and became best friends. They are 55 and 57 years old and they recorded the video on their computer then shared it with the community. Each of them has lost weight. They have been doing quizzes and whatever else on the portal. They've been enjoying the services and now they are recalling and sharing their experiences. So what do I feel about the video? The people are going to share! It's already live T.V.!

    TO: OK Fabrice, we are friends, we know each other very well for about ten years right now. I know that you are real smart (about) the Internet and you know many things about it.

    FB: We try, we try.

    TO: (You are) always the first to try on key things. Obviously on SEO and VSEO, video search engine optimization. I know that you are using it, so tell us what you do with this and how you feel (about) it? What your team is doing about VSEO and what is VSEO for you?

    FB: First there is a dedicated team in our company for SEO. We are four persons (working) full-time on SEO, becoming masters of Google, following the news, whatever. Now video, as what I said earlier, people are producing videos in our community and we (too) are shooting videos everyday. We have a studio (where) we record videos. Of course it is our business and priority to position the videos within the search engine and I think that time has come that the SEO is changing.

    TO: OK so that means that you've got people in your company who upload the video everywhere, on every single hosting platform?

    FB: True, of course we start with our platform on Kewego, then we upload on, and after that we want to share. We want to share to as many platforms (as we can) like Dailymotion, Youtube, and I hope hundreds (more).

    TO: Do you feel traffic coming from the VSEO format?

    FB: I do.

    TO: Give us numbers, c'mon!

    FB: All right. We tried with a team. We tried to position a video following the success of Danny Boon 'Le Ch'tis,' 'Bienvenue chez les ch'tis,' a French (box office hit). 15 million people watched the movie and we positioned on the weight loss (section) with 'Le Ch'tis.' We have all the videos on this (topic). I think more than 5,000 people watched the video which we positioned only on Google, Daily motion and Youtube.

    TO: And that creates links on search engine result pages and gives you free traffic right?

    FB: Exactly. People watch the video but we show them that it's (from) We explain whatever we have about Le Ch'tis, about people living in the north of France, how many groups, how many users per region, statistics... Then we tell them, 'OK if you're a Ch'ti then you join. Come and join the group Le' Ch'tis on the net which are all the old ladies from the north losing weight together.' The group, the video is about this. The content is about the positioning and the key word. You know what I mean? I think video is just the extension of VSEO. I agree as well that video SEO is a dedicated specialty with, new rules, new ways of doing it, and new specialities. It's interesting to see --and I know Video Agency of course.

    TO: You know what we are doing then?

    FB: Yes, that is what we are doing together then. Because we need experts like you guys working on these kinds of areas.

    TO: OK, thanks Fabrice, thanks for everything. We are with Fabrice Boutain of which is one of the major media in the woman industry in France. You come back one day, you are located in Asia...

    FB: Yes, we are. I was talking about the French market but of course the platform is being distributed in seven countries. We have offices in Asia and in Europe, but is the name of the French portal.

    TO: OK, so look at this guy, he's good. See you!

    FB: Thanks! loses 400 tons in its first 6 months (February 21, 2008)

    As of January 2008, members of the community have lost a total of 400 tons of excess weight through the site's free online weight loss program, averaging at a loss of 4 kilos per user.

    A study at London's King's College showed that women with similar profiles (i.e: age, weight, etc.) who communicate as a group are six to seven times more likely to be successful with their weight loss goals in the long-term.

    The social network at provides a platform for women to share their experiences and goals with other women with similar profiles through the forums, blogs, and groups. To date, there are nearly 250,000 blog posts, 650,000 blog comments, 400,000 forum messages, and 200 groups, and those numbers continue to grow exponentially each day.

    Users on have the option to follow a free weekly diet and exercise program, but members can also choose to join the community even while following other diets, such as Atkins or Weight Watchers.

    "It is obvious that 2008 is the year of the 'modern digital woman," says CEO Fabrice Boutain. "Our vision here at is to enable women from all walks of life to use the power of the Internet to stay motivated and keep sight of their goals."

    For those who need a personalized and intensive weight loss approach, members can also upgrade to one of three premium programs and receive expert guidance from two of France's weight loss authorities, nutritionist Dr Jean-Michel Cohen and renowned mental trainer Jean-Michel Gurret. The company also employs a pool of experts, including 10 professional dietitians.

    100,000 users have been registered on's free weight loss program since its launch in June 2007. The site receives over 500,000 unique visitors per month.

    Currently, hosts Weight Loss and Psychology channels and offers free community tools such as blogs, forums, and groups. A new Food channel and flash-based video hosting platform are expected to be launched within the first half of 2008.

    For inquiries and advertising details, visit to offer flash-based video hosting via Kewego (December 11, 2007)

    In light of the massive popularity of video sharing sites, has reached a deal with Kewego to enable flash-based video technology to be used on the site. Visitors will be able to view, upload, share, and post videos on's upcoming video portal, which will be powered by Kewego.

    "Tens of thousands of users on are already communicating through the blogs, forums, and groups. Now, users will be able to upload their own videos on Aujourdhui, which will only build the excitement of the users further. Everyone can publish their videos directly to, or import videos from other sites, such as YouTube or DailyMotion using Kewego's technology," says CEO Fabrice Boutain.

    "I expect that this will boost user activity and traffic to the site, and will work in favour of our goal to be one of the top female community portals on the Web. We are looking forward to letting all our members use this new tool, so that they can make the most out of their experience."

    Created in 2003, Kewego now employs some 50 people who staff its offices in Paris, Grenoble, Berlin and Madrid. Kewego offers a white label video platform that is also the official video host for the esteemed sports magazine L'Équipe, the French TV station M6, and the popular Nouvelle Star TV show.

    Anxa selects Neolane as its primary CRM targeted e-mail marketing partner (December 10, 2007)

    Anxa will be implementing the enterprise marketing software Neolane to manage its latest customer centric e-mail marketing campaigns. The Neolane software will manage e-mail marketing campaigns that will be personalised to each user's profile, preferences, and interests; with the goal of retaining a more loyal customer base and higher sales conversions to Anxa's range of personal improvement products and upcoming e-commerce offerings.

    "I see CRM as a very important part of the business, which is why there are even times when I communicate with the customers directly," shares CEO Fabrice Boutain. "This new strategy will help improve our relationship with our customers, by offering them content that is suited perfectly to their wants and needs."

    Neolane is being used by some of the world's top corporations, such as Virgin, Alcatel-Lucent, and L'Oreal, among others. It is expected to be fully incorporated in's e-mail strategy for the Weight Loss and Psychology & Tests portals in the first quarter of 2008.

    Anxa Europe becomes (November 22, 2007)

    Anxa Europe's CEO Fabrice Boutain this week announced a bold move for the company. Anxa Europe will be renamed

    Anxa, already France's leading player in the Personal Development market with solid distribution partnerships throughout the country, has taken this decision based upon the unparalleled success of its recent relaunching of which it initially acquired from PTWeb in 2001 for an undisclosed figure.

    "The Internet has finally come of age," commented Fabrice. "Since the launch of Anxa in 1999, we had a clear vision of where we wanted to go. Sometimes the market and the technology were lagging behind our vision. Now, going forward into 2008, the near saturation of broadband access for European households and the emergence of WiFi and WiMAX makes it possible for people to access the Internet from almost anywhere at very fast speeds. It means that we can now deliver our unique services in a highly focused manner. Anxa has always been about the delivery of top quality personal development content in a purely online environment, and now, the latest Web 2.0 tools make our offerings even more compelling."

    With women from the ages of 18 to 49 years old becoming the fastest growing sector for this kind of content, Anxa has taken a strategic decision to expand its range of services for this exciting market segment to include:

    • weight loss and nutrition advise

    • psychology and self assessment tests and reports

    • beauty, well being and anti-aging advice

    • daily recipes

    "All of these offerings will be backed up by France's top coaches and experts in the various fields, but ultimately, the users themselves will keep the audience both loyal and growing," added Fabrice. "We have already seen that the community aspect of this type of content is enormously powerful."

    "We fully expect to be the most important and most profitable women's community destination on the Internet in France by the end of 2009.

    The name is definitely the right name and brand image to take us there."

    For further information and for sponsorship opportunities, please visit

    Anxa teams up with famous nutritionist for a unique weight loss programme (October 9, 2007)

    Anxa is proud to announce its latest collaboration with Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, the famous French nutritionist and weight loss expert.

    For over 20 years, Dr. Cohen has been a leading specialist and author on nutrition, regularly appearing on television and radio, and more recently, on the Web.

    Upon receiving his M.D. in 1981, he practised at Bichat Hospital in Paris amongst others before setting up his private practice in 1983.

    Dr. Cohen is the author of several books, such as Savoir maigrir ('Know how to lose weight'), Au bonheur de maigrir ('The joy of weight loss'), Bien manger en famille ('Eating well with family'), and Savoir manger : le guide des aliments ('how to eat: : the healthy eating guide') written in collaboration with Dr. Patrick Sérog.

    In 2004, Dr. Cohen received the French Republic's National Order of Merit from the Ministry of Health. In 2005, he created the Eating Disorder and Obesity Treatment Unit at the Montevideo Clinic outside Paris. He also created 'Curseur nutritionnel', a tool to interpret nutritional labels, which he developed with industrial food companies.

    Anxa is working hand in hand with Dr. Cohen to adapt his unique programme 'Savoir Magrir' for distribution throughout France on the internet. Anxa's technology capabilities, combined with it's reputation, huge distribution network and internet marketing expertise will revolutionise the weight loss coaching world on the Internet.

    The programme is now available at

    Anxa CEO Fabrice Boutain commented, 'This is a fantastic opportunity for Anxa to contribute to the booming weight loss market. Jean-Michel is a well-known personality in France and he has already sold over a million copies of his books. We are confident that this partnership will create significant waves not only in the weight los market but also in the media industry in general. it si the first time that such a programme has been brought to the general public in a seamless manner blending traditional book publishing with television, internet and web/mobile tv allowing users to enjoy the benefits of Dr. Cohens programmes at almost any time in almost any place.

    I believe this is the best ever coaching programme in Europe."

    The programme comprises of over 200 videos of TV shows, coaching sessions, interviews, and more. They will soon be available on a dedicated TV channel at

    Contact us for more information. reaches landmark subscribers in record time (September 1, 2007)

    September 1, 2007
    Only two months after its initial launch in June of 2007, Anxa's new, free weight loss community site,, has reached 30,000 members who are following a daily weight loss and well-being programme.

    The Web 2.0 site received over 300,000 unique visitors in August alone and generated more than 6 million valuable page views.

    Anxa CEO Fabrice Boutain commented, 'We were always confident that a free weight loss community would attract a large audience, but we are delighted that the response has been exceptional. We already have over 650,000 users registered to receive our weight loss newsletter twice a month, and the number of users joining the daily programme is growing by the thousands per day.'

    Anxa will launch three more women's communities in the coming months, on psychology, cosmetics, and anti-aging.

    Firmly in line with Anxa's motto of 'Don't wait until tomorrow to enjoy a better life!' These well-being communities will allow millions of women throughout Europe to share experiences and knowledge and learn from professionals.

    Anxa partners with top weight loss experte (July 2, 2007)

    Anxa is proud to announce it's latest collaboration with the celebrated coach and expert Jean Michel Gurret.

    Gurret, president and founder of 'Hyland' has been practising his art and science for many years and has built a considerable practice over the years.

    The partnership with Anxa will see a brand new weight loss and coaching programme lead by Gurret and distributed throughout France across the Anxa network of partners with a potential reach of some 3,000,000 internet users per month.

    Anxa CEO Fabrice Boutain commented, "Our early experiments in the weight loss business have clearly demonstrated that this is a robust and lucrative market. We put our toes into the market to test the waters in 2006 and we were immediately impressed by the uptake, retention and positive response of customers. Anxa has therefore made a strategic decision to partner with the best weight loss coaches and experts across France and Europe and put the full weight of our internet marketing expertise behind the stategy."

    This launch will be the first in a series of new coaching and personal development launches scheduled for 2007 and 2008. For partnership opportunities with Anxa, please click here.

    Anxa's latest weight loss offer ventures into the free community business model (June 1, 2007)

    Anxa, the European leader in the online personal development sector and well-known for its co-branded premium paid services with major web partners such as Orange, AOL, Yahoo and MSN, has launched its first, all free weight loss community portal, The free portal is focused primarily on the women's sector. The goal of the site, according to Philippe Monteiro da Rocha, Anxa's Content Manager, is "to provide the best possible information available on weight loss, nutrition and diet whilst building a powerful commnity of users online who can share ideas, discuss their progress and help to keep each other motivated towards their weight loss goals."

    The site is offered completely free to users but the already large and growing subscriber base offers excellent opportunities for advertisers to promote their targetted products and services in an environment that will garner the best possible results for the advertiser. will not run the typical melange of banners and promotions from different advertisers but will offer "sponsorship" opportunities to one advertiser at a time.

    Several major international brands have already taken advantage of the opportunity and the experience has been nothing but highly positive for all concerned.

    To learn more about or for sponsorship opportunities on the site please click here.

    Anxa Launches Online Train Your Brain Programme (May 17, 2007)

    May 17, 2007 saw the official launch of Anxa's new flagship product in its Personal Improvement Catalogue.

    The "Programme d'entrainement du cerveau" or Train Your Brain Programme offers web users the opportunity to engage their brain, increase their intellect and boost their career and life. For as little as €6 per month, subscribers will receive a full programme of weekly exercises, tips and techniques to stimulate their mind and to put them on track to a more fulfilling life in just five to ten minutes per day.

    The entire programme has been developed by the experienced Anxa team and has been initially launched with AOL in France. It will debut with AOL in the UK by the autumn of this year. Anxa is predicting 10,000 subscribers by year end.

    Anxa's CEO Fabrice Boutain commented, "This is a major step forward for Anxa in the personal development sector. Our goal has always been to bring the highest possible quality products to our users at the lowest possible prices. We believe that the timing of a brain training programme is perfect right now and this product is designed to build a large community of users, who are eager to improve their lives and their situation for themselves and their famillies. We are very proud of this new launch and expect to bring the mobile web version very soon to complement the service."

    For more information, please visit

    Happy Chinese New Year from Fabrice A. Boutain (February 6, 2007)

    Watch Anxa CEO's video for the coming Year of the Pig!

    Once again, I am pleased to wish you a happy and successful Chinese New Year. As you know, 2007 is the year of the pig and I’m especially excited because I, myself, was born in the year of the pig, some 36 years ago.

    2007 is said to be a great year for start-up companies, especially in IT. That is why I am so convinced that this year will be the best ever for Anxa's online self-improvement services for mental and physical health.

    I am looking forward to seeing you at the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona starting 12 of February. You will find us at Hall 2, Booth 2F49 under the French Pavilion. We will be demonstrating our latest Video on Demand Mobile services as well as our new Web coaching platform.

    In 2006, we saw a major growth in our coaching services and videos. Over 1 million users have now purchased products from our Intelligence, Career, and Knowledge catalog. This year, we want to offer MORE to our clients ! We want them to benefit from our new programs regarding Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss & Fitness Management.

    There are at least 50 million people looking for a better & healthier life style in Europe. In France alone, 20 million people are overweight, including 6 million who are obese. Anxa will provide more online tools and relevant programs to improve both their mental and physical health.

    I want to thank all our partners for the very successful year we had in 2006. And now, I wish you a fantastic Year of the Pig in 2007!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai...

    Anxa to attend the 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona (February 1, 2007)

    Anxa Digital Entertainment will again be present at this year's 3GSM World Congress from February 12th through 15th in Barcelona.

    The 3GSM has become the world’s foremost mobile and 3G show, attracting thousands of industry professionals and top executives from around the globe. The four-day show will feature over 1,300 companies: mobile operators, mobile phone makers, content providers, technical providers and a wealth of related services.

    Each year sees a new crop of ‘big announcements’ and hundreds of exciting product launches from some of the world’s biggest names in the industry, creating an enormous media buzz around the event. Over 60,000 visitors are expected at the Fira de Barcelona, where the exhibitions and congress will take place.

    This year, Anxa is joining forces with 3G Factory to highlight its latest on demand video services for web and mobile.

    The Anxa team will be available throughout the show at booth 2F49, in hall 2 at the French Pavilion.

    Meeting schedules at the event are hectic and limited, so please contact Anxa in advance for an appointment if you would like to discuss the latest developments and services.

    3G Factory and Anxa Digital Entertainment agree on technical partnership (January 10, 2007)

    Paris - Following a year of rapid growth and expansion of new services. Anxa has agreed a new technical partnership with 3G Factory, supplier of the well known VISIO services for the 3G market.

    Created in 2005, 3G FACTORY designs, hosts, and utilises multimedia services for mobile and residential telephones 3G ( UMTS) by a VISIO/VIDEO call simply on mobile handsets. 3G FACTORY is the first 3G VIDEO CALLING SERVICE PROVIDER in the French market and one of the first among actors on the European scene, anticipating demand and promotion of mobile VISIO/VIDEO services by operators.

    Anxa's CEO, Fabrice Boutain, commented, "3G FACTORY is a complimentary company relevant to our activity. We searched for a partner to develop our Video On-Demand offer on mobile. In 2006, we experienced an explosion of our coaching services in video on the Internet. We decided to ‘plug’ the VISIO offer of 3G FACTORY to our mobile platform to save time and to offer a maximum convergence between the Web and mobile. Internet customers will thus have the possibility of reaching our video services via their mobile phones. They will also be able to take in part in the forums and discussions by sending their videos. We will present our offer on Health and Weight Loss with 3G FACTORY at the coming 3GSM in Barcelona."

    3G FACTORY co-founder, Jean François Hugot, adds, "Our technical team has great expertise in media services and ASP platforms. The development and applicable modules of our VISIODIOTEL are useful to reduce the time we spend in setting up. We are also on time in assisting our distant clients."

    Both companies anticipate an explosion of demand for video on web and mobile in 2007 and beyond.

    Anxa to launch Full Suite of Personal Improvement Products with AOL UK (October 18, 2006)

    AOL UK, a unit of Time Warner Inc. has reached a landmark agreement with Anxa Ltd. to offer a new channel called ‘Quizzes and Tests’ to its growing UK audience.

    AOL has recently taken some strategic decisions to offer many new free services to the general internet audience including ‘free e-mail’, ‘5 gigabytes of free storage’ and its award winning browser and security software.

    The newly launched AOL Portals now open up the wealth of AOL content to all internet users anywhere.

    In line with this ‘audience centric’ strategy, AOL has identified Anxa as a strategic partner to provide a constant flow of fresh, engaging and entertaining content to its audience with a view to both building audience loyalty on the AOL property, and driving revenues for ‘Paid Services’ a new division within AOL UK.

    ‘Quizzes and Tests’ will offer a spectrum of "Free and Fun Quizzes", along with "Premium Personality Tests" and "Personal Coaching" products.

    The new channel will be live in the UK beginning November 7th 2006.

    First TV Ad Goes Live with Closer Magazine (October 6, 2006)

    From October 1st to 3rd, millions of French television viewers saw Anxa's first advertisement sponsored by Closer Magazine. In it was announced the promotional event involving an interactive weight loss program. Closer Magazine readers were offered free "Health & Fitness" profiles and the first 3 days of the coaching program.

    Tf1, France2, M6, and Paris Première heavily promoted Valérie Orsoni Vauthey, official Closer TV fitness coach and coach to the Hollywood stars.

    Advertisement clip available here, hosted by Kewego

    Anxa Signs Deal With UK's Largest Newspaper Publisher (September 27, 2006)

    Anxa has inked a deal with Trinity Mirror Plc. in the UK.

    Trinity Mirror is the UK's biggest newspaper publisher with over 250 titles. In the span of one week, around 20 million people, 42% of the UK adult population, read at least one Trinity Mirror newspaper.

    With this deal, Anxa will be offering its line of premium tests and tutorials to readers of the online versions of Trinity Mirror's top national titles: The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The Daily Record, The People, and The Sunday Mail. Free fun content, such as quiz teasers, feature articles, and brain teasers will also be available across these websites.

    Anxa's ever growing catalogue of tests, tutorials, and coaching programs are already available on with four additional Mirror Group properties to go live in October 2006.

    The quality of the content offered by Anxa was a determining factor for the Mirror Group in selecting ANXA as a key content partner. Neil Kleiner, Head of Mirror’s ‘Digital Content’ strategy is particularly interested to use the engaging test and quizzes to build stickiness and audience loyalty on the Mirror properties and to build qualified databases of regular Mirror users.

    Success of Anxa’s WEB / PRESS Convergence Strategy (September 17, 2006)

    Anxa Ltd. and European press and media leader Mondadory Digital who recently acquired EMW France (the publisher of more than 40 magazines titles including FHM, Top Santé, Closer, etc.), launched a new interactive weight loss program last June 1st, 2006.

    This 28-day program is now available at .

    Valérie Orsoni-Vauthey, famous coach to the stars in Hollywood, has now become a regular weekly feature and official Closer Magazine coach on TV Closer Closer TV.

    On October 1st, a nationwide campaign on Closer Magazine was successfully released in France and showed the important potential of Anxa's convergence strategy between WEB and PRESS players: 1 of every 4 people who read the article eventually visited the interactive service and took a free "Health & Fitness" test.

    O2 Ireland Launches Anxa’s Mobile Quizzes and Tests for iMode (August 31, 2006)

    After its successful launch of Quiz Me UK on O2 UK’s iMode service in October of 2005. O2 Ireland has now requested Anxa to provide a similar service for its own iMode service.

    The new channel to be named IQ Ireland, will feature hundreds of fun personality tests and engaging stories to keep iMode users entertained and informed. Anxa’s ‘Knowledge Entertainment’ catalogue, is aimed at a broad user demographic and as its name suggests; is designed to both inform and entertain at the same time.

    The service will be offered on a subscription basis costing just Euro 1.50 per month. The uptake so far has been strong and users typically return to the service an average of 9.8 times per month, and spending upwards of an average of 76 minutes online.

    The same service is already available on iMode in Australia , Singapore, France, UK and now Ireland.

    Anxa Signs Landmark Deal with One of the UK’s Leading Media Companies (August 1, 2006)

    On August 1st, Anxa signed a landmark agreement with Northern and Shell, one of the UK ’s leading media companies with holdings in print and television.

    Northern and Shell owns recognized national newspapers the Daily Express and the Daily Star. According to the company's website, the Daily Express reaches 2.2 million readers, while the Daily Star reaches 1.97 million daily. Northern and Shell also publishes several important magazine publications including the popular celebrity magazine OK!

    This deal will see Anxa providing its products to the UK public via Northern & Shell’s various high profile daily and weekly publications The Daily Express, The Daily Star and OK magazine.

    Readers will be able to access engaging and informative online tests and quizzes and benefit from online coaching programs from some of the world’s top personal coaches in five categories: intelligence, self growth, dating and relationships, career and business, health and weight loss.

    Both the Express and the Star will feature a full suite of Premium Tests from each of the five different categories.

    Anxa to Exhibit at the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona (December 2005)

    Nokia, the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer (with sales reaching 800 million phones worldwide), has invited Anxa to display a booth at the 3GSM Congress in February 2006 to be held in Barcelona, Spain. This is a prestigious invitation as only 15 developers from around the world each year are selected to showcase their latest developments.

    Anxa will be exhibiting a wide range of Knowledge Entertainment products available on both JAVA and WAP.

    Anxa Attends the Ad Tech Congress in New York (November 25, 2005)

    Anxa executives recently attended the Ad Tech Congress held in New York, NY. The focus was placed on the current trends utilized by Internet giants like Google and Yahoo!. These include the CPC and Co-registration models wherein, users are given the opportunity to gain free access to services which are entirely ad supported. Anxa executives also had the opportunity to meet with the key players in the CPA and CPC industries, namely Aptimus, PrimeQ, Coreg Media, Azoogle and MIVA.

    QQ Co-branded Site Introduced to the Chinese Market (October 25, 2005)

    A full version of Anxa’s Tests & Quizzes services, co-branded with Chinatests, was launched with TenCent QQ. It is China's number one online communication tool with more than 80 million users on different platforms such as the Internet, mobile phones and landlines.

    Founded in November 1998 in Shenzhen, China, TenCent is a leading and award-winning service provider. It focuses on stabilizing the use of IM or internet messaging system through different platforms such as the Internet, mobile phones and landlines.

    Anxa Unveils the New AOL Tests & Quizzes Channel in France (October 14, 2005)

    A channel dedicated to Personal Improvement and Knowledge Entertainment was launched at AOL France. It showcases features such as weekly quizzes with categories on entertainment, knowledge and sports. Users have a wide range of topics to choose from, whether it’s an article of interest, a Premium Test and lots more. To date, an estimated audience of 30,000 to 35,000 visitors use these services every week.

    Anxa Launches VSNL Co-branded Site in India. (September 9, 2005)

    Anxa has launched its Personal Improvement services in India through Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL), India's top Internet Service Provider. TataIndicom, India’s major telecommunications company is managing the services.

    Anxa to launch I-mode services in Australia, Singapore and the UK. (August - September, 2005)

    Anxa to launch I-mode services in Australia, Singapore and the UK. Three agreements were signed with Telstra Australia, StarHub Singapore and O2 UK; to launch Anxa's Classic 'IQ test' and 'FHM SexySports' products.

    ANXA provides the IQ test for "Ça m'intéresse" (August 31, 2005)

    ANXA provides the IQ test for "Ça m'intéresse", the mainstream science magazine of Prisma Press Group.

    Agreement signed with Sun Cellular Philippines (August 29, 2005)

    Agreement signed with Sun Cellular Philippines for the launch of FHM and Cosmopolitan branded JAVA and WAP applications.

    ANXA is selected among the top 10 winners for its Flash Application (August 8, 2005)

    ANXA is selected among the top 10 winners for its Flash Application "Are you Funny", as part of the "Nokia Flash Hunt" Contest sponsored by Forum Nokia Pro.

    Top French champion joins the Anxa Mobile Team (July 11, 2005)

    Jean-Michel Berille, the current French billiard vice-champion, joined the Anxa Mobile team to develop Mobile sports entertainment catalogues through various media outlets (Press, TV, Radio and the Internet).

    The ANXA games include knowledge entertainment services which are available on WAP, i-Mode and Java supports. A monthly championship will be held between users who will compete for their region or country. Anxa feels that Jean-Michel Berille's professional sporting experience will also provide a closer relationship with the media and other top athletes.

    Star Wars game available on 100 phones in four languages (June 22, 2005)

    Anxa Digital Entertainment’s resounding success in the mobile gaming business scored another goal due to a contract with THQ, the global Star Wars licenser. Anxa agreed to develop a game that would both test Star Wars fans of their knowledge of the movie as well as compete against each other. The game will be initially distributed by Orange, a leading mobile telecom.

    This highly entertaining and interactive game is available on 100 phones in four languages. Enthusiasts can now access the Star Wars game via Orange in France & the UK; soon in Australia, Spain, Germany, Poland and in other countries covered by Orange.

    ANXA manages the WEB platform of a second show (June 13, 2005)

    ANXA manages the WEB platform of a second show, "France Le Grand Test" with TV channel M6

    Anxa races ahead in Europe and Asia-Pacific! (May 10, 2005)

    ANXA Digital Entertainment has just made giant strides by signing a series of significant contracts in Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region!

    In France, effective immediately, ANXA ensures Internet coverage of a variety of TV tests, scheduled during select evenings by the M6 national channel, beginning with a special April 11th telecast of "The Great IQ Test". That first program turned out to be quite a hit, with a viewer-ship of over 4 million. Anxa will now distribute all M6 tests via its French network of major portals & ISPs. ANXA has simultaneously announced the European launch of its personal development catalog (IQ, EQ, Job tests and many others) in partnership with Tiscali in UK, and Terra, Yahoo and in Spain.

    Thanks to the amazing success of the wireless version of the FremantleMedia-licensed game "Question pour un champion" that was launched by ANXA back in September 2004, the company has been approached by EMW, the wireless mobile arm of EMAP France, to develop mobile services for the well-known men's magazine, FHM. Java applications, such as FHM football, have already been launched with major French operators, including SFR VODAFONE. In addition, online services on WAP and i-MODE are expected to begin towards the end of spring!

    ANXA, whose primary development center is located in Southeast Asia, has also planned an aggressive conquest of the Asia-Pacific zone. A series of mobile applications, co-produced with Cosmopolitan magazine, have been launched with resounding success in two of the most mobile-hungry markets in the world, the Philippines and Indonesia! In Australia, wireless services with Anxa will soon be available through Telstra on i-MODE, and with Orange Australia on WAP.

    ANXA manages the WEB platform of the TV show (April 13, 2005)

    ANXA manages the WEB platform of the TV show, "Test the Nation" (QI Le Grand Test) together with French channel M6. The show is a hit with 3.8 millions viewers.

    First Mobile Phone Applications in Asia Pacific (April 1, 2005)

    Five ANXA games under the Cosmo brand will now be distributed by Globe Telecom following six months of groundwork and testing.

    This is ANXA's first product launch in the Asia-Pacific region for its mobile phone platform. The deal is a partnership with Summit Publishing, the Philippines' leading magazine publisher in both number of titles and circulation per category, and Globe Telecom, the country's leading telecommunication company.

    The five Mobile phone games are CosmoTarot, a card game that predicts the user's future; CosmoPalm, a game that foretells the user's future through the lines of his/her palm; CosmoFashion, a short quiz that reveals the user's fashion consciousness; CosmoChallenge, an engaging game that rates the user's mental ability; and CosmoIQ, which determines the user's IQ level.

    The cross-marketing activities of Summit Publishing, together with Globe Telecom's support, are essential for the success of these mobile applications, all of which were developed by ANXA Digital Entertainment, renowned for its successful European track record.

    ANXA at the 3GSM Congress (February 14-17, 2005)

    One of the three business units of Anxa, JAVA (the two others are WEB and WAP), will be formally launched at the 3GSM Congress scheduled for February 14-17, 2005. The exhibit will showcase interactive games and tests on Personal Improvement and Knowledge Entertainment.

    Visit us and experience for yourself our interactive games at booth CZ23 (Hall 5) of Le Palais des Festivals et des Congres, La Croisette, Cannes, France.


    China Telecom Deal (January 7, 2005)

    2005 started with a big bang for ANXA! China Telecom, the biggest Telecom company in China, and ANXA Digital Entertainment joined forces to enable the Chinese community to take advantage of Personal Improvement and Knowledge Entertainment products via the Internet.

    ANXA's Value-Added Services were successfully launched under ChinaVNet, one of China Telecom's brands. By utilizing China Telecom's platform and payment solution, Internet users can now access various tests to evaluate their intelligence and emotional quotient. In addition, they can also avail themselves of tutorials to further progress in their chosen discipline.


    ANXA acquires license to use world-renowned brands (December 6, 2004)

    As part of Anxa's marketing strategy, Anxa partnered with world-renowned brands such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and FHM to co-brand Anxa's tests, tutorials and games.

    Magazine enthusiasts can now use their mobile phones to take advantage of various Personal Improvement and Knowledge Entertainment content with the magazine of their choice.

    Anxa's tests and tutorials now at Gamania China (November 29, 2004)

    Gamania China, a recognized video gaming supplier, has designated a special channel for Anxa's tests and tutorials. Avid customers of Gamania can now take advantage of PhD-certified tests to evaluate their intelligence and personality as well as to improve themselves by means of tutorials developed by specialists.

    » was launched on November 29, 2004.

    WAP products launched in the French market (November 15, 2004)

    Anxa, through one of its business units, WAP, reaped another success.

    WAP was launched in mid-November with Orange Gallery under the brand Francetests. In just 2 weeks time, 2,000 customers subscribed to our service. This validates Anxa's WAP business model.

    Anxa joins Nokia 2004 Congress in Phuket, Thailand (November 3, 2004)

    Nokia has selected Anxa to be one of its TOP 20 preferred partners in ASIA.

    Anxa has officially launched its 3 mobile catalogs during the Nokia 2004 Congress for Asian Markets. The catalogs have been unanimously acclaimed by APAC operators. ANXAtests, which consist of catalogues for men and women will soon be available for download in most Asian countries.

    Anxa signs first Asia Pacific media deal (October 26, 2004)

    Anxa is now boosting its mobile strategy in Asia Pacific with operators and a media company.

    Anxa signed a deal with Summit Media in Manila, the Philippines.

    Summit Media is the leading consumer magazine publisher in the Philippines in both number of titles and circulation per category. They have the license for international brands such as FHM, Cosmopolitan, Top Gear and Disney Princess.

    The deal paves the way for Anxa to introduce its mobile applications using American and European brands. The branded applications will be launched during the mobile summit meeting in Thailand in November 2004.

    This deal with Summit Media is Anxa's first in the Asia-Pacific region for mobile applications.

    More deals are expected to be signed in the following APAC countries: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India.

    Anxa opens 2 new European markets (October 15, 2004)

    Two new laurels were added to Anxa with the launching of its products in Spain and Germany. Internet users in Spain can now access Personal Improvement and Knowledge Entertainment contents such as the Intelligence Quotient Test, the Emotional Quotient Test and the Job Test at, while Internet users in Germany can access these valuable products at

    Anxa is set to achieve its mission of providing Personal Improvement and Knowledge Entertainment content to the general public with its continuous efforts in opening new markets worldwide. More markets will be opened before year-end.

    Anxa introduces mobile version of France’s top TV quiz show (September 1, 2004)

    Anxa, the world’s major developer and distributor of Web and mobile-based Knowledge Entertainment, has today launched the mobile version of France’s most popular TV quiz show, "Going for Gold" (Questions Pour un Champion). The game, a French TV staple for more than 15 years, is available from multiple sources and can be downloaded, played and its game scores verified in an easy and highly entertaining manner.

    Anxa today announced that it has secured the copyrights to the world’s most commonly used mobile technologies: WAP, IMODE and JAVA. The deal, reached with one of the largest TV format production houses, Fremantle Media, firmly positions Anxa as the leader in mobile Knowledge Entertainment technology distribution.

    Anxa launches India services through (August 22, 2004)

    Anxa has today begun its India operations, launching the company’s Knowledge Entertainment, including its full-range of tests, games and self-help methods, through its Web and mobile Internet site, To head the effort, Anxa announces the addition of MBA graduate, Mr. Aditya Chopra, an Indian, to its Business Development Team. India, which will grow to 1.5 billion people by 2007 and has been identified as one of Anxa’s top priority markets over the next 5 years, will have an astounding 100% increase in mobile users by 2005, reaching a total of 70 million Indian subscribers.

    Anxa signs distribution agreement with CerNet, China’s largest education network (July 28, 2004)

    CerNet China, the country’s leading educational network, has become Anxa’s 27th world-wide Web and mobile operator following the signing today of a distribution agreement with the latter’s Business Development Team. Li Pin, Anxa’s sales manager for China, while proudly announcing the deal, called it an important step for Anxa in China. "CerNet, a proprietary network partly owned by the Chinese government, comprises 80 million internet (mainly student) users. CerNet consumers will now have the opportunity to buy Anxa content, including its many Chinese-language tests, quizzes and self-help methods, in order to assess and compare intelligence, personality and generally to improve themselves."

    Anxa releases Spanish version of its Interactive Personal Entertainment (July 14, 2004)

    Anxa took the occasion of today’s France national day to release its Knowledge Entertainment Spanish version ( The offerings, which include the company’s complete range of tests, games and self-help methods, can be accessed both on the Web and through mobile connection.

    Anxa also announces the company’s implementation of its full European (eastern and western) strategy by the end of 2004. Distribution contracts have been or are presently being signed for Spain, Italy and Germany, and deals are being finalized as well for Poland and Russia.

    Anxa reaches one million paying customers world-wide (June 2, 2004)

    Anxa proudly announces its one millionth paying customer, Mr. Liu Zu Chan of Hebei Province in China. Anxa will reward Mr. Liu, a citizen of Hebei city, for this landmark purchase of its Interactive Personal Entertainment (IPE) content.

    Anxa can also now announce the preparation of a soon-to-be-released subscription-based business model that will allow users to gain unlimited access to its entire catalog of Knowledge Entertainment tests, games and self-help methods.

    Anxa releases its Version 4 (V4) Platform technology on its European network (April 11, 2004)

    Anxa proudly announces the release of its V4 Platform technology on its European network. Wanadoo, Europe’s largest internet portal, is Anxa’s first partner to introduce this latest AnxaML client technology tool. The Platform will provide Anxa’s partners more flexibility as well as unlimited storage tools for its users.

    Anxa signs TV show license agreement with FreemantleMedia (March 15, 2004)

    Anxa, determined to show it can be a major partner in new technologies, has entered into a TV show license agreement with FremantleMedia, a major world-wide media organization and the largest television production company in Europe. FremantleMedia produces more than 260 programs in over 39 countries and territories a year, including the UK, the US, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal as well as Scandinavia and countries in both Latin America and Asia.

    Zinedine Zidane top bills Anxa’s new Star N'Play mobile game series (February 28, 2004)

    Orange France and Anxa announced that they have jointly entered into a license agreement to develop a Zinedine Zidane mobile game under the famous French soccer player’s own brand. The game will allow users to both practice the sport, penalties and all, as well as know more about Zidane through the quizzes.

    Anxa signs distribution agreement with Orange France (January 16, 2004)

    Orange, the no. 1 telecommunications operator in France with more than 23 million subscribers, will be distributing Anxa’s full range of mobile applications. Five JAVA games are to be launched this month, with 1 or 2 applications to be integrated every month under the Orange brand. The target: a total of 15 applications within 2004.

    Anxa to reveal its proprietary language, AnXaML (September 21, 2003)

    The Anxa Resources and Technology Department has introduced a new coding language, named AnxaML, to improve information delivery regardless of the receiving medium. Database management and content delivery through all communication devices (whether the PC, mobile phone, PDA or television) have become an increasingly complex issue since such devices, using specific technologies, began multiplying a few years ago.

    All user and content databases have therefore been merged in order to generate ready-to-compile AnXaML files that fit all device specifications with no need for additional customization.

    AnXaML is identified as an advanced form of XML. These AnXaML files now make all content instantly available and readable for all languages, including Java, ASP, JSP, WML and cHTML. Anxa’s CTO, Christophe Boutain, declared that this introduction will "cut launching process delays in half for any new Anxa services in the future".

    Anxa to launch services in China (April 11, 2003)

    Even prior to anticipated deals with major local ISP and mobile operators, Anxa last month launched its new web and mobile platform in China, available on its website. To ensure maximum impact, most of the services have been launched free of charge for users. The result: more than 80,000 Chinese users took the IQ test in the first week alone, an indication of this audience's strong interest in self-evaluation and self-development products. Projections made for the Chinese market indicate that Anxa's crossed platform, between mobile and web, should generate as much revenue as the total European market by December 2003.

    Anxa reaches 400,000 users (March 16, 2003)

    Anxa, the self-development online and mobile solutions provider based in Hong Kong, has just exceeded 400,000 users. Anxa's best-sellers include two tests, "Calculate your IQ" and "What's the right job for you?", and two E-books, "Improve your memory" and "Increase your self-confidence". More top-selling evaluation tests are on the way, including personality, sexuality and health self-evaluation tests. The success of Anxa's services is linked to the seriousness of its content - all products are supervised by renowned professionals in different fields - as well as to their entertainment appeal: all products are carefully tested prior to their launch to ensure their attractiveness.

    Anxa appoints Francis Oudart as Financial Director (December 22, 2002)

    Hong Kong-based mobile and web service provider Anxa appointed Francis Oudart, 50, to head all its financial operations. Mr. Oudart, an experienced senior accounting consultant, has been brought on as a result of his broad expertise in Chinese, Asian and European markets. With his own company, he developed Asia-based production processes in the luxury goods market, including such brands as Vuitton, Dior and Chanel. Mr. Oudart will also be in charge of exploring various opportunities for company merger as well as acquisition deals.

    Anxa to relocate its product development to the Philippines (July 19, 2002)

    Hong-Kong-based mobile and web service provider Anxa has decided to base its production unit in Alabang, the Philippines, one of the leading creative hi-tech development zones in Asia. In a country where the average SMS usage reaches 70 messages per week (a per user rate second only to South Korea in the world), the local mobile services industry, led by local players The Globe and Smart, has opened its doors to a new generation of Java, WAP and I-Mode developers that are more focussed on mobile software than on traditional Web-based applications. According to projections made by the company, this new competitive environment will allow the organization to both recruit more experienced staff as well as keep its leading edge in mobile services.

    Anxa launches its IPE platform, a new e-commerce solution (September 1, 2001)

    Entered on-line in beta version on August 15, 2001, the service offers IPE (Interactive Personal Entertainment) content. It acts as a high value-added interactive service that makes it possible for users to evaluate themselves in various fields. Access to the content is charged. Similar to buying a movie ticket by phone, the user must gain site access by calling a surtaxed telephone number (Paybytel solution), or pay by credit card if he wants numerous accesses and discounts.

    Anxa has at present already concluded about fifteen major partnerships on the French market. These will be announced in an official press release in October. An English language version, developed within the framework of an alliance with a North American company, is planned for December.


    Anxa signs with Buongiorno, the European leader in interactive personal services (March 29, 2001)

    Anxa launches Mailmoi, an innovative service that makes it possible for the user to manage, on a central platform, newsletter subscriptions that he receives by email. Registration with the service is entirely free. Mailmoi delivers more than one million electronic messages each month on various themes: astrology, news, humor, finance, games, etc.

    Mailmoi also provides relevant direct marketing solutions for companies which exploit on-line services. By integrating advertising spaces into the messages that it sends, Mailmoi offers powerful and appropriate targeting (or 'message targeting') that, at the same time, guarantees user satisfaction and ensures an above-average market return (clickthrough rate).

    To market these spaces, Mailmoi has worked exclusively with European mail-marketing leader Buongiorno since March, 2001.

    Anxa joins with Pearson for E-learning products (February 25, 2001)

    Anxa joins Pearson Education France to produce on-line multi-media training. These 45-minute training sessions are illustrated and wired for sound. They will be available for Internet users on the site. The price of each is fixed at 9,99 € including tax. Two titles have already been announced for 2001 release: The essentials of referencing and The essentials of viral marketing.


    Anxa purchases (February 7, 2001)

    The very young Anxa company, created last month by the ex-PageFrance/Spray/Lycos team of Christophe and Fabrice Boutain and Philippe Monteiro, has just purchased the entertainment portal of PTWeb, put into liquidation in December, 2000. The companies agreed not to reveal the amount of the transaction.

    Launched in February, 1998,, which attracted more than 300,000 unique visitors per month by the end of 1999, saw its audience decline in 2000 due to a lack of communication and abandonment by strategic partners. Anxa's ambition is to now revitalize the site by appointing a dedicated editorial team and relaunching mail services, in particular the daily humor list which generated's success.

    Anxa thus supplements its arsenal of on-line general public sites, which include the astrological forecaster and the humor sites. The company intends to carry out new acquisitions this year, seeking in particular a football site and a general directory.